The Mandalorian’s latest episode recasts Star Wars’ heroes in new light

The Verge


Image: Lucasfilm

In Star Wars, good and evil are usually pretty clear-cut. The heroic Rebel Alliance are the good guys, the Galactic Empire with its legion of Stormtroopers, are the bad guys. Likewise, for the Jedi and Sith. For most of the movies, none of this is really designed to be subtle. (Pro tip: anyone who builds a spaceship called “The Death Star” is probably not a good guy.)

In The Mandalorian, things are a little grayer. Part of that is because our hero — a bounty hunter who already lives and works in some morally questionable areas — is a little less clean-cut than the almost painfully earnest Luke Skywalker or Rey of films past.

But part of that is because the New Republic itself, as a governing body, is already a very different...

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