Elon Musk wanted to call his new tequila ‘Teslaquila’ but Mexico said no

The Verge


Image: Tesla

When it first appeared, Tesla’s tequila was an April Fools’ joke on Elon Musk’s Twitter account. It was also called “Teslaquila.” But that name, ultimately, wouldn’t make it to the final product — which was very, very real.

See, “Teslaquila” isn’t possible due to tequila industry regulations. The word “tequila” is a designation of origin; it means the rights of using this word belong only to the tequila agribusiness. That also means no one can register the word as their property.

"Because “Teslaquila” evokes the word tequila, it cannot be registered as a brand"

The problem with the branding is “Teslaquila’’ is too similar to the word tequila, according to the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), the entity responsible for regulating and...

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