Netflix’s Irregulars imagines a sinister Sherlock who steals credit for supernatural sleuthing

The Verge


Image: Netflix

Netflix’s next Sherlock Holmes project, The Irregulars, just got a new teaser highlighting the dark, supernatural adventures yet to come on the eight-part series. The Irregulars, set to start streaming on March 26th, follows a group of “troubled street teens” who are “manipulated into solving crimes” by the “sinister Doctor Watson,” according to Netflix.

The Irregulars is based in part on the Baker Street Irregulars, a group of street urchins in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes novels that helped Watson and the famous consulting detective gain a street-level view on London and handle some of the busy work of solving mysteries. Netflix’s version, created by Tom Bidwell, seems to take things in a far moodier and spookier...

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