Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review: A little bit of everything

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review: A little bit of everything

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Priced at just $199.99, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are worthy options for Samsung-focused Android users who want a little bit of everything packed into their wireless earbuds, whether it’s attractive audio performance, excellent waterproofing, a comfortable fit, or active noise cancellation. With their unique voice detection feature and impressive waterproofing, they even manage to come out ahead of other earbuds aimed at a similarly wide market. Unfortunately, you’ll need to be fully committed to the Samsung ecosystem if you want to get the most out of them, but their versatility makes them a solid choice for anyone with an Android device.

-The right look-

They certainly look good. Elements of both the Galaxy Buds Plus and the Galaxy Buds Live reveal themselves in the design, and I consistently found myself admiring the glossy exterior. But I most appreciate them for the many times when I barely noticed them at all. They don’t protrude from my ears as much as Samsung’s previous efforts, and I was able to find a perfect fit among the three silicone tips that come in the box.

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