Phantom Abyss Preview (PC)



I drop and then roll up to a medium chest then search for the next point I can whip up to. This one sits high, allowing me to see the steps I need to take to make it to the other side of a big chasm. I need to jump down, carefully timing my move to avoid some spikes. Once I do this two times I need to deal with some platforms, which should be easy. I think a disappearing floor is also set between me and the key I need to get. Planning is easy. It’s the execution that often kills me in Phantom Abyss. The game is developed by Team WIBY and published by the always surprising Devolver, currently in Early Access on Steam. This is a complex action platformer with some rogue elements, focused on procedurally generated locations. The story, although it offers hints of a bigger world, is focused on the need to gather relics that will allow a demon and the player to escape their current underground situation. The god is immobile so gamers need to move through levels, avoidin...

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