Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 7 Now Coming with USB-C Charging Cable



Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 7 will no longer come with the traditional USB-A cable but instead go for an updated cord using USB-C. This is something that makes total sense for Apple, especially because the company has been transitioning to USB-C in the last few years, though on the other hand, it’s not the migration that many people expected. In other words, no, Apple isn’t embracing USB-C by bringing this port to iPhones but only by using it for the other end of charging cables. So as it turns out, both the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch Series SE will now ship with such a USB-C cable, though the faster charging wouldn’t be available on the latter despite using the same cord. Faster charging on the Series 7 One of the highlights of the new Apple Watch Series 7 is the improved charging times, with Apple claiming the device charges no less than 33 percent faster than the model it replaces. “Apple Watch Series 7 provides all-day 18-h...

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