Google Chrome 96 Launches with Good News for Windows 11 Users



Google has released another major version of Google Chrome for all supported platforms, and this time, those whose devices have already been updated to Windows 11 are getting a special update. The new Google Chrome 96 doesn’t include too many new features, and this makes total sense, as Google has already embraced a 4-week release schedule for the browser. This means the company is focusing less on new capabilities and more on essential polishing and security patches that can keep Google Chrome up-to-date. But there’s one important change in Google Chrome 96, and it’s specifically aimed at Windows 11 users. Windows 11-style menus As spotted on reddit, Google Chrome 96 allows users to enable Windows 11-style menus with a special flag in the Experiments screen. More specifically, Google has added a new Windows 11 Style M...

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