iPhone 14 Sales to Be Fueled by Installment Plans



Apple is getting ready to announce the new-generation iPhone, with the company’s typical event scheduled to take place on September 7. The date means Apple wants to launch its new iPhones earlier than usual, and people familiar with the matter indicated that the strategy makes sense, especially as the company is afraid of the rising inflation and tries to prevent a possible recession from hitting its sales. The debut of the iPhone 14 is therefore expected to be followed by strong demand for the entire lineup, and according to BofA analysts, the sales are very likely to be in line with the ones of the iPhone 13 generation. Apple will continue to bet big on installment plans, especially as the upcoming iPhone generation is expected to be more expensive than the current models, with people familiar with the matter pointing to a price increase between $50 and $100 per each model. “iPhone pricing is the main focus item for investors followed by timing and cadence of t...

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