Resident Evil 4 Remake Review (PS5)



It’s good to be back! Actually it can be terrifying, everything tries to kill you, you do not have enough inventory to carry an entire arsenal and your knife brakes every 5 minutes, but yet it is so good to be back once again in my favorite Resident Evil game, once more stumbling around in the boots of Leon Kennedy trying to save the president’s one and only daughter! But what does this remake offer beyond nostalgia? The shorts answer is plenty! Capcom is on a roll lately after the second and third parts delivering an even better remake for the fourth episode of the franchise. Resident Evil 4 was not only a major reason for my purchase of PS2 back in the day, but it also had a major impact not just on the entire series, but on the industry as well. The precise controls and the third person camera that didn’t join the list of in game opponents became a milestone that made from RE4 arguably one of the best games in the series – that aged much better than the previous...

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