Yaber V12: This Netflix-licensed budget projector is packed with features [Video]

Yaber V12: This Netflix-licensed budget projector is packed with features [Video]



Affordable portable projectors can have their limitations but Yaber is addressing those with its new feature-packed V12 Projector. With Netflix licensing, WiFi6 and a bright 1080p image, it’s a perfect companion for summer movie nights. And, right now, it’s available for just $288.89 with the on-page coupon on Amazon. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 


Yaber isn’t new to the projector market – it has a variety of projectors with 4K images, auto-focus and auto-keystone correction, and even a pocket-sized pico projector.

With the V12, Yaber aims to deliver an easy-to-use projector with everything necessary for a seamless viewing experience. It has autofocus and auto-keystone, Netflix licensing, and a variety of onboard inputs to make it versatile. 

Additionally, the V12 has a large carry handle on top and a wide pivoting base to make it easy to place anywhere, anytime. The base can also be removed when its not needed. V12 isn’t battery-powered, but it is the perfect companion for a battery pack like the Growatt Infinity 1300 we recently featured. 

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*Ins and Outs*

Despite its affordable price, the Yaber V12 features an ethernet port, dual USB-A ports, dual HDMI ports, and a headphone out. It also features Bluetooth 5.2 and can be used as a speaker. 

Besides physical inputs, the Yaber V12 uses a Linux system with over 7000 apps. From YouTube to Amazon Prime and, of course, Netflix, V12 also supports mobile phone screen sharing. 


Though the Yaber V12 is very affordable, it still packs a bright, detailed image. Yaber claims 700 ANSI lumens with a 1920x1080p resolution. It looks great in my office with the lights off and outside for movie nights. It can zoom in and fit screens up to 200” in size—a truly movie-theater-life experience. 


The Yaber V12 also delivers up to 20W of powerful sound with Dolby Audio. It can easily fill a room or even act as a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker. 


Throughout my time with the Yaber V12 I’ve been amazed by how responsive and easy-to-use it is. With dedicated buttons on the remote for Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video, its easy to access some of our most-used streaming platforms. 

The auto-keystone and autofocus also make the V12 almost effortless to use. It detects when the projector is moved and will instantly begin the process of delivering a sharp, perfectly aligned image. 

*Final thoughts*

Yaber is delivering some of the best performance I’ve seen at this surprisingly low limited-time price point. At just $289.89 it’s an incredibly easy-to-use smart projector. Native Netflix support alone is a rare commodity among budget projectors. Combine that with convenient features likes auto focus and auto-keystone, and the Yaber V12 is an easy way to make movie nights more fun this summer. 

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