Michael Cohen Jailed; Blames 'Dirty Deeds' of Trump

One News Page Staff Thursday, 13 December 2018
Michael Cohen Jailed; Blames 'Dirty Deeds' of Trumpby 👨‍💻 Adam Yardley

In a landmark moment for the ongoing controversy encircling US President Donald Trump and alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 US General Election, Michael Cohen has been sentenced to 36 months in jail. Trump’s former lawyer walked free from court but will be required to report to Otisville Prison, New York, as of March next year.

Cohen admitted under oath that he had not only committed tax evasion, but that he has also lied to Congress, and that he had violated a number of Election campaign regulations, according to CNN. As the first high-profile name of Trump’s team to be sentenced to prison, the news continues to build on top of what continues to be a tense period for the White House. Trump himself reportedly ignored calls for comment, and Cohen avoided journalists upon leaving his sentencing.

Cohen, previously allied to Trump, publicly and outwardly blamed his digressions on the US President. Feeling that he was following a ‘path of darkness rather than light’, and that he ‘felt it was (his) duty to cover up (Trump’s) dirty deeds’, the attorney was also forced to pay $2 million in fees, along with an additional two months in prison for lying to Congress about a Russia-based Trump Tower project.

Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison
Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison [video]

Cohen’s imprisonment may be the first of its kind to befall the ongoing Trump saga, but it is the latest in a long line of controversies which have continued to build up over the past year as a result of the ongoing Mueller probe into alleged Russian meddling. The lawyer had previously offered up information with regard to such matters as the Stormy Daniels scandal, which revolved around President Trump allegedly offering an adult film star hush money with regard to a supposed affair. In return for this information, Cohen received what is perceived to be a lesser sentence than what he could have been offered.

Trump continues to refer to the Mueller probe as a ‘witch-hunt’, and to Cohen as ‘weak’ and ‘not very smart’. Others implicated thus far in the Russia allegations include Paul Manafort, an ex-campaign chief of Trump’s who has already been convicted of fraud, and Michael Flynn, who had previously worked with the President as National Security Adviser. Flynn had, reportedly, admitted lying to the FBI regarding discussions with Russia – he has, however, provided information to authorities himself in return for leniency.

Michael Flynn's Lawyers Ask Judge to Spare Him From Prison
Michael Flynn's Lawyers Ask Judge to Spare Him From Prison [video]


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