Meghan McCain: On Trump’s Last Day in Office, Washington DC ‘Might as Well Be Baghdad’ (Video)

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January 19, 2021 marks Donald Trump’s very last day in office as president of the United States.

Tomorrow on inauguration day for his successor, Joe Biden, Whoopi Goldberg pointed out on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” that “you-know-who is going to be out of a job, out of the White House.”

She added that Trump “plans on skipping Biden’s inauguration and escaping to Florida with a military sendoff, which is ironic since he’s leaving D.C. looking like occupied territory.”

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It’s a sentiment shared by fellow “View” co-host and lone Republican voice Meghan McCain, who may disagree with her co-hosts on just about every other political viewpoint except that Trump needs to go.

“Look, D.C., it is not an exaggeration or hubris to say this looks like a war zone. It might as well be Baghdad,” McCain said of the nation’s capital, comparing it to the capital of Iraq. “There are more U.S. troops present here than Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria combined, so if this is anyone’s definition of making America great, I don’t know who they are.

“I will say, President Trump is leaving office with the lowest approval ratings of any modern president in history. Worse than President Nixon or President Carter — Trump is at 29%, Carter was at 33% when he left. So by all accounts and anyone’s metric, he is leaving as a failure in a lot of ways,” she continued. “Historically, we will look back at this administration with deeply harsh eyes. I just think of some words that my dad used to say: ‘God may have mercy on his soul, but I don’t know if the American public will.'”

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There was also some discussion of soon-to-be-former First Lady Melania Trump and what legacy she will leave behind.

Joy Behar pointed out that Melania will likely be remembered for her famous “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket that she wore after her visit to an ICE detention center. Oh, and also for “destroying the rose garden.”

“I hope that Jill Biden gets a florist to help her,” Behar said. “That’s what people are going to remember her about — that she had a jacket that said “I don’t really care, do you?’ And that it looked as if she was talking about separating children from their parents. It’s pretty bad.”

Goldberg quipped: “Well, it may last as long as Marie Antoinette’s quote, ‘let them eat cake,’ right? Isn’t that the same thing?”

Watch The View clip below.

TRUMP’S FINAL DAY IN OFFICE: Ahead of Pres.-elect Biden’s inauguration Wednesday, a National Guard force of over 21,000 are seen around the U.S. Capitol and the streets of Washington, D.C with security on high alert — the co-hosts discuss.

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