Newsmax Is ‘Reviewing’ Anchor Greg Kelly’s Now-Deleted Tweets About White ‘Morale’ in the US Military

Newsmax Is ‘Reviewing’ Anchor Greg Kelly’s Now-Deleted Tweets About White ‘Morale’ in the US Military

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Newsmax is “reviewing the matter” after host Greg Kelly tweeted and deleted statements about improved military “morale” under white leadership.

In his Sunday tweets, which were screen-captured before their deletion, the “Greg Kelly Reports” host wrote, “Military life had its Perks, but it was also a major pain. I will tell you what too ‘the sting out of it’ — that when I was flying around the Pacific Ocean off of ships, I knew there was a Secretary of Defense who was white, just like me! Made a big difference with ‘morale.’ SO that’s the USS America aircraft carrier that I’m ‘fixin” to land on. Just knowing that President Clinton, who was in office at the time, was a Caucasian male made it ‘all worthwile’ — ask any white male officer who served under him. So appreciative of his Race were we.”

“We understand a series of tweets were posted by Mr. Kelly that, in their totality, indicated his opposition to racism. We at Newsmax never countenance the posting of racist views or views that appeal to racists. We are currently reviewing the matter,” a representative for the conservative commentary network told TheWrap.

A tweet from the series does remain on Kelly’s often controversial account: “Now the TRUTH: being a MARINE had nothing to do with RACE. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t ‘a thing’—the EXPERIENCE brought us together, no matter what we were. The late Mayor David Dinkens, a WWII Marine, and hence, my brother. Below in 1991, and officiating my wedding in 2017.”

The tweets included photos Kelly alongside Dinkens, who is Black.

Kelly’s Twitter musings often draw attention, but usually because they are written in an unconventional style that includes Trumpian arbitrary capitalization. He’s been know to tweet about weed (“aka GRASS”), McDonald’s (“there was no MCFISH on the menu”) and his taste for $1400 Balmain trousers (“the most prestigious brand in PANTS”).

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