Remembering George Herbert Walker Bush

One News Page Staff Sunday, 2 December 2018
Remembering George Herbert Walker Bushby 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

George HW Bush – the 41st President of the USA, and the statesman who helped to end the Cold War with the USSR – has recently passed away at the age of 94. Bush is survived by an incredible legacy in US politics, and is being remembered as one of the most positive Republican Presidents of recent times.

Having served for eight years as Vice President to Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr was the first for 150 years to take the post of Commander in Chief from such a position. Interestingly, he was also still the most recent VP to be elected as President. Bush’s single political term particularly surrounded foreign policy, having famously agreed with the USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev to end the Cold War between the USA and Russia. That agreement, in fact, took place this week back in 1989.

A US Navy volunteer, Bush fought in World War II as a flying officer in battles against Japan, where he survived having been shot down shortly before the end of the conflicts. Following an honourable discharge, Bush then graduated from Yale and became involved in the US oil game – where the future President would earn his fortune.

Bush had been appointed by then-President Richard Nixon as US ambassador via the United Nations at the start of the 1970s, before later taking charge of the CIA under the Presidency of Gerald Ford. To say that Bush had a balanced insight into several major workings of US politics is putting things lightly – many agree that he was, both on paper and in person, the ideal man for the job.

While Bush only ever served one term of his own after Reagan completed his second run at the top – he would be ousted by the Democrats and Bill Clinton – he will not only be remembered as one of the US’ leading Commanders in Chief, but also as a humble man, oriented on family. His son George W would of course become President himself, succeeding Clinton – and Bushes Sr and Jr would affectionately refer to each other as 41 and 43 respectively, with regard to their Presidential numbers. Perhaps unlike many other modern politicians, Bush Sr was a statesman who believed in being clear-spoken and in kindness crossing party lines. “Because you run against each other, that doesn’t mean you’re enemies – politics doesn’t have to be uncivil and nasty.”

In a political climate growing ever-heated by the day, George HW Bush’s words should perhaps be heeded more so now than ever before. He will be missed across party lines and politics.

Remembering 41: George H.W. Bush Loved By Many As 41st President Of US
Remembering 41: George H.W. Bush Loved By Many As 41st President Of US [video]


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