Deer Poacher Forced to Watch 'Bambi' as Part of Jail Sentence

One News Page Staff Wednesday, 26 December 2018
Deer Poacher Forced to Watch 'Bambi' as Part of Jail Sentenceby 👩‍💻 Stephanie Boyd

In the US, illegal hunting of a variety of animals still carries strong penal punishment and sentencing. While hunting for meat is seen as commonplace across the world, poaching is seen as particularly heinous, and as such, it continues to lead to the mass killing of multiple species without just cause. It occurs all over the world, sadly – though one such case has taken the internet’s interest in recent times not only due to the nature of the crime, but also due to what’s involved in the sentencing.

David Berry Jr was sentenced to a year behind bars for illegally hunting hundreds of deer, having reportedly taken trophies and leaving carcasses behind. His arrest came in August this year and it appears that as well as having to serve a custodial sentence in jail, the poacher will also be required to pay attention to one of cinema’s most famous animated standards. Fittingly, Judge Robert George presiding has requested that Berry Jr be forced to watch Bambi at least once a month during his time in jail, starting as of December 23rd.

The movie is of course famous for depicting one of the most devastating moments in animation history, where the young deer Bambi is forced to witness the death of his mother at the hands of a hunter, not unlike the poacher taken to task for illegal hunting recently.

Berry Jr pleaded guilty to charges and was sentenced to a year behind bars at Lawrence County jail, following his arrest alongside his brother and father. The poacher will also be required to serve 120 days in Barton County jail for violating a probation order with regard to firearms, following his hunting privilege having previously been revoked by the Missouri Conservation Commission.

Deer Poacher David Berry Jr. Forced To Watch ‘Bambi’ In Jail
Deer Poacher David Berry Jr. Forced To Watch ‘Bambi’ In Jail [video]

Forcing a hunter to watch Bambi as part of a jail sentence is particularly creative, and in a way, a genius move. Can this type of sentencing and punishment be expected in more criminal cases in future? While the lay of the land may not allow all judges to be so creative when it comes to serving up jail time for criminals, it is always interesting when such cases come forward. Bambi may be cute and fluffy for the most part, but the death of the deer’s mother is still harrowing to many adults!


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