British MPs Vote Against 'No Deal' - What Now for Brexit?

One News Page Staff Thursday, 14 March 2019
British MPs Vote Against 'No Deal' - What Now for Brexit?by 👨‍💻 Simon Baxendale

In what is continuing to be a dramatic week as far as Brexit voting is concerned, British Parliament has narrowly voted against the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit occurring. The motion was carried by 312 votes to 308. This, on the face of things, means that MPs have effectively decided that, whatever happens, the UK will not be leaving Europe without a deal. However, with MPs having voted against the latest deal proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May this week, it’s perhaps not as cut-and-dried as that.

In what continues to be one of the most voting-packed weeks in recent times, MPs will now vote on whether or not Article 50 – which holds the impending divorce between the UK and the European Union together – should be extended. If MPs vote in favor of an extension, May will need to return to Brussels once more to request an extension to meet a deal. This will mean, effectively, that the EU and its member states would need to make a governing decision.

Brexit vote: UK parliament rejects 'no-deal' option
Brexit vote: UK parliament rejects 'no-deal' option [video]

There are now a number of ways that Brexit could proceed. Despite MPs voting against ‘no deal’ to protect against it occurring, it may still come to pass. If an extension is agreed to by the EU – and if the UK wants an extension at all – this won’t mean that a deal will necessarily be reached.

Another course of action could be for MPs to vote once again on May’s deal. It’s thought that a deal may be attempted once more in the coming days as March 29th – the Brexit deadline – approaches. It could also mean, too, that there is further negotiation as far as Brexit is concerned. The EU, however, has remained fairly steadfast on this matter – in that ‘negotiation has ceased’.

Beyond this, another referendum on Brexit could be launched. The idea of Brexit 2 has been floated for some time. However, it could still become a reality – especially as the Brexit process continues to grow longer and ever more entangled. Of course, there is also the possibility of another General Election being called – which could give May a mandate for her deal.

At the time of writing, while the no deal votedown may give some UK citizens something to feel relieved about, things are still far from being clear. Where will Brexit end? Let’s wait and see.

Theresa May: Threat of no-deal Brexit remains if no agreement is reached
Theresa May: Threat of no-deal Brexit remains if no agreement is reached [video]


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