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Nick Viall slams 'Bachelorette' contestant Jed Wyatt for allegedly having a girlfriend while filming

Nick Viall isn't happy with the rumors that current "Bachelorette" contestant, Jed Wyatt, allegedly had a girlfriend at home while he appeared on the show. - Published

The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron Defends Hannah Brown After Being Shamed for "Dry Humping" Contestants

Tyler Cameron may deserves a rose after this exchange. As Hannah Brown continues to face headlines for her season as The Bachelorette, one potential suitor is coming to her...
E! Online - Published

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'Bachelorette' Recap: Frontrunners, Villains, and Final Four Wishlists | THR News [Video]'Bachelorette' Recap: Frontrunners, Villains, and Final Four Wishlists | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter's Neha Joy and Evan Real sit down to discuss this season of ABC's 'The Bachelorette.'

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter     Duration: 06:46Published

Dr. Phil spoils a wedding, “The Bachelorette” goes naked bungee jumping, and more in What’s Poppin’ [Video]Dr. Phil spoils a wedding, “The Bachelorette” goes naked bungee jumping, and more in What’s Poppin’

Topics in today’s What’s Poppin’:

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KYPublished

The Jonas brothers meet for cruise with lovers [Video]The Jonas brothers meet for cruise with lovers

SWNYbros By Isolde Walters - New York office - [email protected] - +1 646 873 7565 Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas joined Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas for a romantic Paris cruise ahead of Sophie..

Credit: SWNS STUDIO     Duration: 00:23Published

Jed Sneaks Away to Serenade Hannah In the Night [Video]Jed Sneaks Away to Serenade Hannah In the Night

Jed's tired of seeing other guys get 1-on-1 time with Hannah, so he makes his own 1-on-1 date with her in Latvia: He sneaks away from the group and serenades her in the streets of Riga. From Week 7 of..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:48Published

Week 8 Sneak Peek: Romance Burns, Luke Explodes [Video]Week 8 Sneak Peek: Romance Burns, Luke Explodes

As the guys fall deeper in love with Hannah, tensions flare and tempers get lost in this first look at Week 8 of The Bachelorette. Watch The Bachelorette MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC, streaming and on demand.

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:05Published

Hannah Wants to Know Why Her Relationship with Luke P. Has Been So Hard [Video]Hannah Wants to Know Why Her Relationship with Luke P. Has Been So Hard

Hannah confronts Luke about his comments regarding her naked bungee jumping. Among other things, Luke said he'd stick up for her even when she makes 'boneheaded mistakes,' but she doesn't think it was..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 02:47Published

Hannah and Garrett Go Naked Bungee Jumping in Latvia [Video]Hannah and Garrett Go Naked Bungee Jumping in Latvia

Hannah and Garrett show up to go bungee jumping in Latvia, and find out that a local custom is to do it naked. So they figure they'll give it a shot -- even though it's snowing -- and have themselves a..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 02:09Published

Sneak Peek: Jed Serenades Hannah in Latvia [Video]Sneak Peek: Jed Serenades Hannah in Latvia

Jed is tired of hearing about other guys' 1-on-1 dates with Hannah, and decides to take matters into his own hands. He makes his way to Hannah's place and serenades her in the streets of Riga, Latvia..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:09Published

‘The Bachelorette’ Interrupts Itself For A Recap [Video]‘The Bachelorette’ Interrupts Itself For A Recap

The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” just want to get to know you. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray revisit the standout moments of this week’s episode-cum-recap. In her frustration at this week’s..

Credit: ICYMI by HuffPost     Duration: 07:29Published

Hannah Named Her Pimple 'Marcus' [Video]Hannah Named Her Pimple 'Marcus'

Hannah is well known for being real and showing her true self -- flaws and all. So it's not a complete surprise that she was upfront about showing the world her pimple, whom she named Marcus. And then..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:48Published

Hannah Tells the Group to Stop Making Excuses [Video]Hannah Tells the Group to Stop Making Excuses

While the men bicker about who told Hannah what and when, Hannah overhears the whole thing -- and she's not pleased. Hannah downs her drink, then stomps into the room to tell them they need to be..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:45Published

Luke P. Gets Sent Home, Immediately Comes Back [Video]Luke P. Gets Sent Home, Immediately Comes Back

After Hannah sends home Luke P., the jilted bachelor almost immediately returns to plead his case to Hannah. She's still frustrated. Can he convince her to take him back? From Week 6 of The..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 03:27Published

The Bachelorette 2019 Mid-Season Trailer [Video]The Bachelorette 2019 Mid-Season Trailer

See what's in store for Hannah and the rest of her bachelors as Season 15 continues. Love is in the air, but when notions of sex and purity arise, things gets complicated for Hannah. From romance to..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 03:21Published

Hannah Tells the Guys She's 'So Mad' [Video]Hannah Tells the Guys She's 'So Mad'

After the Rose Ceremony, instead of a celebratory toast, Hannah tells the guys they need to get it together because right now, she is 'so mad' that she feels 'defeated' by all of this. She's not even..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:09Published

Sneak Peek: Luke Pleads His Case [Video]Sneak Peek: Luke Pleads His Case

After being denied the rose on his 1-on-1 date with Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Luke P. is realizing how much he really cares about Hannah. He never considered the possibility of going home because he..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:10Published

Sophie Turner Throws Bachelorette Party in Europe | Billboard News [Video]Sophie Turner Throws Bachelorette Party in Europe | Billboard News

While at Joe Jonas' bachelor party, the cops got called three times, Sophie Turner is taking the fun to the next level.

Credit: Billboard     Duration: 01:14Published

Celebrity Summer Haircuts [Video]Celebrity Summer Haircuts

Celebs are cutting their hair for the summer and we have some feelings.

Credit: BUILD Series Brunch [AOL BUILD]     Duration: 06:47Published

Kris Vs. Kylie: Billionaire Feud [Video]Kris Vs. Kylie: Billionaire Feud

Kris & Kylies recent feud on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has us thinking about our relationship with our own parents.

Credit: BUILD Series Brunch [AOL BUILD]     Duration: 02:16Published

Michael Schulson Joins The Table [Video]Michael Schulson Joins The Table

Michael Schulson joins the table to talk about the restaurant biz.

Credit: BUILD Series Brunch [AOL BUILD]     Duration: 09:38Published

'Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner Hosts Bachelorette Party In Spain [Video]'Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner Hosts Bachelorette Party In Spain

"Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner let loose in Spain this past weekend with her closest friends.

Credit: Rumble     Duration: 00:42Published

Deleted Scene: Hannah Chats with Jared and Ashley I. [Video]Deleted Scene: Hannah Chats with Jared and Ashley I.

When Hannah and the boys visit Newport, RI, Hannah takes some time to chat with Bachelor Nation faves Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti. The pair -- who will be getting married this fall in Rhode..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 02:06Published

Is It Over for Luke P. and Hannah? [Video]Is It Over for Luke P. and Hannah?

Hannah wouldn't give Luke P. a rose on their 1-on-1 date last week -- is he headed home? And if so, will he actually leave? Watch The Bachelorette MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC, streaming and on demand.

Credit: ABC     Duration: 00:30Published

Sophie Turner's European bachelorette party [Video]Sophie Turner's European bachelorette party

Sophie Turner and her friends have been partying in Benidorm, Prague and Berlin for her bachelorette party.

Credit: Bang Media     Duration: 00:40Published

Dreamboats & ‘Douche Canoes’: The ‘Bachelorette’ Boys Take Scotland [Video]Dreamboats & ‘Douche Canoes’: The ‘Bachelorette’ Boys Take Scotland

We know you can see yourself starting to fall in love with the hosts of “Here To Make Friends.” Claire Fallon and Emma Gray take stock of this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” steamiest..

Credit: ICYMI by HuffPost     Duration: 06:01Published

Hannah Vents Her Frustrations to the Producers [Video]Hannah Vents Her Frustrations to the Producers

Hannah gets up in the middle of her 1-on-1 with Luke P. to talk to the producers: It seems she wants to vent about Luke's approach to emotional conversations. Hannah feels like she's not getting..

Credit: ABC     Duration: 01:25Published


Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron Fires Back at Former Bachelor Nation Star Over His Hannah Brown 'Dry Hump' Comment

Tyler Cameron is one of the favorites on Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette, and people are loving how he just responded to a former Bachelor Nation star, James Taylor, who competed on JoJo..
Just Jared - Published

Ratings: ‘Big Brother’ Premiere Gives CBS a Big Boost, But Not Nearly Enough to Topple ‘AGT’

ratings: ‘big brother’ premiere gives cbs a big boost, but not nearly enough to topple ‘agt’
Good news, bad news, CBS. First, the good: “Big Brother” is back! Unfortunately, Tuesday’s season premiere was not nearly enough to take on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” ABC and Fox..
The Wrap - Published

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown Hits Back: "I Refuse to Feel Shame"

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown has a simple message: You don't own me. The reality star took to Instagram to thank supporters and announce, "I refuse to feel shame." On...
E! Online - Published

'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown would be 'miserable' dating Luke P., alum Rachel Lindsay says

"Bachelorette" alum Rachel Lindsay got honest about what she thinks of this season's villain, Luke P.: star Hannah Brown would be miserable with him. - Published

Nick Viall Slams 'The Bachelorette' Star Jed Wyatt

Nick Viall has some opinions on Jed Wyatt, who is one of the frontunners on Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette. If you don’t remember, Nick has been on several seasons of the Bachelor Nation..
Just Jared - Published

Logan Henderson Joins Demi Lovato & Her Mom for 'The Bachelorette' Viewing Party!

It looks like Demi Lovato and Logan Henderson could be rekindling their relationship, nearly seven years after they were rumored to be dating. The 26-year-old singer invited Logan, 29, over for a The..
Just Jared Jr - Published

Demi Lovato Watches 'The Bachelorette' with Logan Henderson!

Demi Lovato and Logan Henderson are spending time together again, years after they were once rumored to be a couple! The 26-year-old singer and the 29-year-old Big Time Rush star were once linked as a..
Just Jared - Published

Samsung 65-inch 4K smart TV now just $597 at Walmart

*TL;DR:* Save on the entry-level, 65-inch Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV for just $597.99 at Walmart.  -------------------- You don't still watch all of your shows on your laptop or tiny..
Mashable - Published

'Bachelorette' contestant Jedd Wyatt's ex says she 'lost it' over his solo date with Hannah Brown

"The Bachelorette" contestant Jed Wyatt's ex-girlfriend is speaking out once more about him joining the show despite being in a relationship. - Published

Ratings: ‘The Bachelorette’ Hits Season High in Viewers, Dumps ‘American Ninja Warrior’

ratings: ‘the bachelorette’ hits season high in viewers, dumps ‘american ninja warrior’
“The Bachelorette” beat up on its broadcast competition Monday when the ABC dating series hit a season high in total viewers. As a direct result, ABC won primetime outright. Led by “American..
The Wrap - Published

Hannah Brown Cries "I'm Scared" After The Bachelorette Men Continue to Fight

Love is in the Netherlands air for The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown. Love and...fear?! In a sneak peek of what's to come on The Bachelorette, Hannah admits she's "falling...
E! Online - Published

'The Bachelorette' star defends premarital sex in latest episode: ‘Jesus still loves me’

Sex at the center of "The Bachelorette" is no shock, but contestants talking about it through the lens of their faith is a bit more surprising. - Published

'Bachelorette' Recap: Hannah Brown Calls Out Luke for Thinking He Owns Her Body

In the episode of the ABC dating reality show, Hannah and Garrett go to do bungee jumping in a Latvia way for their one-on-one date which means that they do it with no clothes on.
AceShowbiz - Published

The Bachelorette Went Naked Bungee Jumping and Guess Who's Mad About It

Apparently, in Latvia, they like to bungee jump naked. We did google this and apparently it is actually a thing in Latvia, or at least it was in a video from 2014, and tonight, we saw...
E! Online - Published

'The Bachelorette': Naked bungee-jumping, Luke offers to forgive 'boneheaded mistake'

This week's episode of "The Bachelorette" brings us back to Riga, Latvia — and back to the same tired Luke drama. - Published

Who Went Home on 'The Bachelorette' 2019? Week 7 Spoilers!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on The Bachelorette! Hannah Brown had to send home two men during tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette! TOP 7 REVEALED:..
Just Jared - Published

'The Bachelorette' 2019: Top 7 for Hannah B.'s Season Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on The Bachelorette! The Bachelorette just wrapped up week seven and Hannah Brown had to narrow down the contestants to just..
Just Jared - Published

Why We Should Give The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown a Break for Keeping Luke P. Around

Relationships are messy, and few more so than those on The Bachelorette. At this point on screen, Hannah Brown is currently dating nine men, several of whom seem like great guys, and one...
E! Online - Published

Will Jed's Romantic Serenade Sweep Hannah Off Her Feet on The Bachelorette?

Jed Wyatt's got somebody on his mind: Hannah Brown. In the above exclusive sneak peek of The Bachelorette, Jed takes matters into his own hands to get some time with...
E! Online - Published

Nicole Faria's hot bachelorette party

IndiaTimes - Published

'The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown Throws First Pitch at Dodgers Game!

Hannah Brown is giving it her best shot on the baseball field! The 24-year-old Bachelorette star threw out the first pitch during the Dodgers’ game on Thursday evening (June 20) at Dodger Stadium in..
Just Jared - Published

Ex-Girlfriend Of ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Opens Up About Boyfriend Being On The Show

The ex-girlfriend of “Bachelorette” contestant Jed Wyatt opened up about her claim Jed was in a relationship with her pre-show. Haley Stevens, claimed Jed had every intention of staying in their..
Daily Caller - Published

Read the Love Letter The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt Allegedly Wrote His Girlfriend Before Show

A woman who says she was dating The Bachelorette star Jed Wyatt when he left to star on the show has now provided a receipt. This week, singer-songwriter Haley Stevens, 26, told the press...
E! Online - Published

The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Why She Came Forward With Cheating Claim

It's safe to say that Bachelorette contestant Jed has some explaining to do. This week, it was revealed that the man vying for Hannah Brown's affections might not be the person...
E! Online - Published

‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Reportedly Had A Girlfriend While On The Show

‘I love you, and I’ll call you when I get back'
Daily Caller - Published

Who Is Haley Stevens? Wiki and Facts to Know about Jed Wyatt’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend

Jed Wyatt is one of the frontrunners on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. But he’s not without controversy. After coming under fire for saying he initially came on the show to further his..
Earn The Necklace - Published

'Bachelorette' contestant allegedly had girlfriend while filming show, said he joined 'for his career': report

A contestant on this season of "The Bachelorette" seemingly wasn't in it for the right reasons. - Published

'Bachelorette' star Jed Wyatt was in a serious relationship during the show, his ex claims

Singer/songwriter Jed Wyatt is vying for Hannah Brown's love on "The Bachelorette," but it appears she's not the only woman who has his heart. - Published

'Bachelorette' Star Jed Wyatt Was Allegedly Already in a Relationship Before Joining the Cast

Jed Wyatt was already four months into a relationship before he left to join the cast of The Bachelorette, according to his alleged ex, Nashville musician Haley Stevens. “We spent the night together..
Just Jared - Published

‘Bachelorette’ Hits Season High In Viewers After Hannah Brown Threatens To Quit Show

What do you think?
Daily Caller - Published

‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Buys Hannah B. An Engagement Ring Weeks Before End Of Show

This is getting a little ridiculous
Daily Caller - Published

Bachelorette snaps at the men, gives viewers a glimpse of 'Hannah Beast'

"The Bachelorette" took the "most dramatic season yet" to a new level. Hannah Brown snapped at the men after drama consumed another cocktail party. - Published

'Bachelor in Paradise': Blake Horstmann and Hannah G. Among the Cast of Season 6

Kevin Fortenberry from Hannah Brown's current 'The Bachelorette' will make his debut on 'Bachelor in Paradise' alongside fellow 'BiP' first-timers Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Katie Morton.
AceShowbiz - Published

Let's Break Down That Steamy, Action-Packed The Bachelorette Trailer

Sometimes, the best part of the Bachelor franchise is the promos. The one that we were blessed with at the end of Monday's episode of The Bachelorette was truly one to remember from...
E! Online - Published

'Bachelorette' Recap: Hannah Brown Breaks Down in Tears Due to Constant Fighting Between the Guys

Even after Hannah expresses her frustation, the situation doesn't change for the better as the guys keep arguing among each other, prompting Hannah to return and give them ultimatum.
AceShowbiz - Published

'The Bachelorette': A Man Buys Hannah Brown an Engagement Ring on His Own: 'He's Ready to Propose'

In a reflective episode, Luke P. found Jesus and tried to crawl his way back into Hannah's heart.
Entertainment Tonight - Published

'The Bachelorette' recap: Hannah snaps at men, declares 'I don't want to do this'

If you wanted to see Luke finally leave the show, today is not your lucky day. It's your Luke-y day. - Published

'Bachelorette's Chris Harrison on why Hannah, Luke 'just can't get away from each other'

Now we know: Luke is sticking around for the foreseeable future on "The Bachelorette" − and so is all his drama. So what's the deal with their bond? - Published

Bow Down to Hannah Brown After Her Epic Bachelorette Speech

WOW. Just when we were sitting here still trying to figure out why Hannah has kept Luke P. on The Bachelorette through all this madness, she finally explained it and called...
E! Online - Published

Hannah Brown's About to Hit "a Low Point": Inside The Bachelorette's Tumultuous Journey to Come

Tonight's episode of The Bachelorette is taking a step back. We've seen in previews that Hannah loses her cool a little bit in the wake of Luke P.'s general state of being,...
E! Online - Published

'Bachelor in Paradise' 2019 Contestants - See Which Bachelor Nation Stars Are Returning!

Some of the contestants competing on Bachelor in Paradise have been revealed! This season, the cast will be headed to Mexico to find love with fellow members of Bachelor Nation. There are several fan..
Just Jared - Published

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Cast Revealed

There's a new crop of Bachelor and Bachelorette veterans heading to Paradise. Several cast members of Bachelor in Paradise season six were revealed on Good Morning America. Bachelor...
E! Online - Published

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