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How Joe Biden’s Tax Plan Can Help or Hurt Small Businesses [Video]

How Joe Biden’s Tax Plan Can Help or Hurt Small Businesses

Here’s what you need to know about Joe Biden’s federal tax plans before November 3.

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Lil Pump Endorses Donald Trump Over Joe Biden's Tax Plan [Video]

Lil Pump Endorses Donald Trump Over Joe Biden's Tax Plan

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Charlamagne Tha God Voices His Opinion On 50 Cent Endorsing Trump | Billboard News [Video]

Charlamagne Tha God Voices His Opinion On 50 Cent Endorsing Trump | Billboard News

Charlamagne tha God is sharing his thoughts on 50 Cent endorsing Donald Trump after seeing Joe Biden's tax plan and not wanting his taxes to be raised.

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Biden Tax Plan Would Kill Growth, Hurt Low Income Americans

Joe Biden captured the Democratic nomination with strong support from party elders earned by running as a moderate. Once nominated, he embraced more radical ideas from rivals like Bernie Sanders to..
Newsmax - Published

Bella Hadid Mocks 'Loser' Lil Pump for Saying He Will Leave U.S. If Donald Trump Is Not Re-Elected

The former Victoria's Secret model calls the 'Gucci Gang' rapper an irresponsible loser as he endorses POTUS' re-election because of Joe Biden's tax plan.
AceShowbiz - Published

Eric Trump: 'Math Doesn't Work Out' on Biden Tax Plan

The "math doesn't work out" with Democrat nominee Joe Biden's campaign to end President Donald Trump's tax cuts, the president's son Eric Trump commented Monday. "Biden killed every industry in this..
Newsmax - Published

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week

A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked.. - Published

Comparing Trump's and Biden's tax plans

President Trump has taken aim at Joe Biden's tax plan in the run-up to the election, but the former vice president is sticking by his proposal and condemning Trump's policies. Matthew Gardner, a senior..
CBS News - Published

50 Cent says 'F--k Donald Trump' one week after expressing support for president

Chelsea Handler has been outspoken about 50 Cent's support for Donald Trump in opposition to Joe Biden's tax plan - Published

50 Cent Is Now Cursing Out Trump After Saying He's Voting for Him & Chelsea Handler Is In His Mentions Again!

It seems like 50 Cent might be changing his tune about Donald Trump!? If you missed it, last week, 50 Cent said he is voting for Trump after concern for Joe Biden‘s tax plan on those who make over..
Just Jared - Published

Joe Biden’s tax plan

Former Vice President Biden lays out how he will pay for several trillion dollars of new spending over the next decade
CBS News - Published

50 Cent Does a 180, Says He ‘Never Liked’ Trump After Chelsea Handler Chews Him Out

After throwing his support behind Donald Trump in the 2020 election because of Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson...
Upworthy - Published

Famed investor Mike Novogratz says 'liquidity tsunami' from stimulus will drive investors to buy any dips from Biden's tax plan

"I had been bearish on one point, and I finally had to wave the white flag. The liquidity tsunami is just too big," Novogratz said.
Business Insider - Published

Ken Langone: Biden's Tax Plan Will 'Punish' Middle Class

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone warned that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's tax plan will harm the middle class much more than wealthy Americans.
Newsmax - Published

Analyst: Biden tax plan would have modest bank impact

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has proposed an increase in the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%, restoring hal -More- 
SmartBrief - Published

Chelsea Handler says she'll pay 50 Cent's taxes if he drops Trump support

Chelsea Handler offered to pay 50 Cent's taxes if he'd reconsider supporting former Vice President Joe Biden, whose tax plan the rapper expressed disbelief over. - Published

Biden’s Tax Plan Would Make America More Equal – OpEd

biden’s tax plan would make america more equal – oped
Want to know where the 2020 presidential election is heading? Don’t obsess about the polls. Pay attention to tax lawyers and accountants. These experts in reducing rich people’s tax bills..
Eurasia Review - Published

Charlamagne Tha God Talks 50 Cent's Support for Trump: 'I Can’t Pick Racism & Bigotry'

Charlamagne tha God is sharing his thoughts on 50 Cent endorsing Donald Trump after seeing Joe Biden's tax plan.
Upworthy - Published

Paul Tudor Jones: Stocks, Bonds to 'Suffer a Great Deal' Under Biden Tax Plan

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones said Thursday morning that a Democratic sweep in the 2020 elections may result in an initial pop in equity markets, but warned that stocks and bonds..
Newsmax - Published

Sen. Grassley Urges 'Skepticism' on Empty Biden Tax Vows

Rejecting Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's tax plan, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said voters should be "skeptical" of Biden's vow to not raise taxes on those who..
Newsmax - Published

Chelsea Handler says 50 Cent is no longer her 'favorite ex-boyfriend' after star voices support for Trump

50 Cent recently voiced support for President Trump in light of former Vice President Joe Biden's tax plan, prompting Chelsea Handler to say he's no longer her "favorite ex-boyfriend." - Published

‘The Middle Class Will Be In Peril’: Home Depot Co-Founder Criticizes Biden’s Tax Plan

'We will have a bad recession'
Daily Caller - Published

‘I Don’t Want To Be 20cent’: Rapper 50 Cent Says He Doesn’t Care If Trump Hates Black People, Cites Biden’s Tax Plan

'62% is a very, very, bad idea'
Daily Caller - Published

50 Cent Reacts To His Ex Not Feeling Joe Biden Comments

50 cent reacts to his ex not feeling joe biden comments
New York rapper 50 Cent is feeling the wrath of friends, foes and former loved ones. The hip-hop heavyweight has come forward to react to shade shot his way following his recent trolling of Democratic..
SOHH - Published

50 Cent doubles down on opposition to Joe Biden's tax plan: 'I don’t want to be 20cent'

Rapper 50 Cent said Joe Biden's plan to tax some New York City residents at 62% was 'a very, very bad idea' - Published

What you need to know about Joe Biden's tax plan

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has put forth several proposals that would change the tax code.
Upworthy - Published

Biden's K-shaped tax plan: Earners under $400,000 could see tax cuts, but rates could spike to as high as 62% for richer Californians and New Yorkers

"The all-in federal rates would be the highest since 1981," according to a new study from the Tax Foundation.
Business Insider - Published

50 Cent Urges Followers To ‘Vote For Trump’ After Seeing Biden’s Tax Plan

50 Cent has one thing on his mind — and that is how to make a lot more than 50 cents. The 45-year-old rapper took to social media in a frenzy and urged his followers to vote for Donald Trump after..
OK! Magazine - Published

Kudlow explains how Biden's health care plan could increase taxes

Joe Biden's tax plan will lead to 'stagnation, decline, recession' and 'pessimism,' National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow...
Upworthy - Published

The Countdown: Mic dropped, 50 Cent and the Twitch Among Us vote

Hopes that Twitch will bring out the youth vote and 50 Cent has problems with Joe Biden's tax plan.
BBC News - Published

50 Cent Ridiculed for Endorsing Donald Trump Because of Joe Biden's Alleged Tax Plans

Making fun of his stage name, one person says, '*50 Cent* voting for Trump bc with Biden's tax plan he'd be 32 Cent and that just doesn't have the same ring to it.'
AceShowbiz - Published

50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump After Sharing Image of Biden Tax Plan

"I don't care Trump doesn't like black people," 50 Cent said while urging his fans to vote for President Donald Trump because of...
Upworthy - Published Also reported by •Daily Caller

Rapper 50 Cent on Biden Tax Plan: 'What the F? I'm Out'

Rapper 50 Cent on Monday appeared to endorse President Donald Trump, citing Joe Biden's proposed tax plan.
Newsmax - Published

50 Cent says ‘vote for Trump’ in light of Biden's tax plan: 'IM OUT'

Rapper 50 Cent urged fans to vote for Trump after learning about Biden's tax proposals.
Upworthy - Published Also reported by •

50 Cent Endorses Trump Because of Biden's Tax Plan, Which Only Affects Wealthy People

50 Cent is telling his fans to vote for Donald Trump and it’s all because he doesn’t want to pay more taxes. The 45-year-old rapper shared a screencap of a news report that showed what the top tax..
Just Jared - Published

50 Cent Says 'Vote For Trump' After Seeing Joe Biden's Tax Plan: 'I Don't Care Trump Doesn't Like Black People'

The multi-millionaire television mogul wasn't happy about a proposed 62 percent tax rate.
HipHopDX - Published

CNBC: Under Biden Plan, Top Tax Rate 62%

Under Joe Biden's tax plan, the top earners will pay a combined state and federal tax rate of 62% in California and New York City, CNBC reported.
Newsmax - Published

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's falsehoods on virus, taxes and Bidens

WASHINGTON (AP) — Back fully campaigning after COVID-19 sidelined him, President Donald Trump returned to familiar form, spreading a litany of falsehoods. Over the weekend, he asserted yet again.. - Published

Biden Tax Plan Could Force Companies to Cut Retirement Benefits

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden plans to upend the traditional tax preferences of retirement accounts like 401(k) plans could force some small companies to cut those benefits, industry..
Newsmax - Published

Biden's Tax Plan Would Raise Just $2.4 Trillion, Report Says

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's proposals would increase taxes by $2.4 trillion over a decade -- about $1.6 trillion less than previously estimated partly because of the pandemic's impact,..
Newsmax - Published

Biden's tax plan would barely dent growth, conservative group finds

Washington Post - Published

Biden's tax plan won't raise many Americans' taxes, unless you're rich

Biden doesn't plan a tax increase on "middle-class families, small businesses, and seniors," as ads run by Trump's reelection campaign claim.
Business Insider - Published

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