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The Hollywood Ripper

Part 1: Four young women attacked, only one survivor. "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher has been on the trail of serial killer Michael Gargiulo for more than a decade. How "48 Hours" helped crack one of the..
CBS News - Published

The Hollywood Ripper: How "48 Hours" helped crack the case

Four young women attacked, only one survivor — inside the investigation and trial of the serial, sexual thrill killer
CBS News - Published

Inside the mind of the Hollywood Ripper

Forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie explains what drives serial killers like Michael Gargiulo.
CBS News - Published

Did the "Hollywood Ripper" kill for the thrill of it?

Prosecutors say serial killer Michael Gargiulo lived near his victims and spied on them.
CBS News - Published

"Hollywood Ripper" trial: Man accused of stabbing deaths of 3 women

The trial of an alleged serial killer known as the "Hollywood Ripper" is underway in Los Angeles. Prosecutors say Michael Gargiulo attacked four women with a knife, killing three of them. "48 Hours"..
CBS News - Published

"Hollywood Ripper," convicted of two murders, could face the death penalty

The man known as the Hollywood Ripper could now face the death penalty after being convicted in two Los Angeles-area murders. On Thursday a jury found 43-year-old Michael Gargiulo guilty of stabbing..
CBS News - Published

“I just don’t think anyone thought it would take 11 years.” “48 Hours” revisits “Hollywood Ripper” case

In August, Michael Gargiulo – the serial killer known as the “Hollywood Ripper” -- was convicted of the murders of two women and the attempted murder of a third. In October, a Los Angeles jury..
CBS News - Published

"48 Hours" goes inside the investigation of infamous "Hollywood Ripper" serial killer

In October, jurors in Los Angeles will consider whether to give the serial killer known as the "Hollywood Ripper" the death penalty. Michael Gargiulo was convicted of committing a string of brutal..
CBS News - Published

'Hollywood Ripper' Michael Gargiulo should get the death penalty, jury says

A Los Angeles jury recommended the death penalty Friday for the serial killer convicted of fatally stabbing two women -- one of whom was actor Ashton Kutcher's friend -- and attempting to kill a.. - Published

Jury recommends death penalty for "The Hollywood Ripper"

A Los Angeles jury recommended the death penalty Friday for Michael Gargiulo, 43
CBS News - Published

The Chilling Details of the Murder of Ashley Ellerin and the "Hollywood Ripper" Trial

UPDATE: On Oct. 18, 2019, a jury recommended that Michael Gargiulo be sentenced to death for the murders of Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno. Sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 28,...
E! Online - Published

"Hollywood Ripper" Found Guilty of Murder After Ashton Kutcher Testimony

UPDATE: A jury has recommended that Michael Gargiulo be sentenced to death for murdering two women and attempting to murder another one, a decision that they came to in a mere seven hours. He...
E! Online - Published

Hollywood Ripper Convicted of Killing Ashton Kutcher's Grammy Date Is Found Sane

Los Angeles Superior Court jury will determine whether Michael Gargiulo should be sentenced to death or life in prison after quickly agreeing on his mental state in time of murders.
AceShowbiz - Published

Hollywood Ripper serial killer murdered Ashton Kutcher's date in her home

hollywood ripper serial killer murdered ashton kutcher's date in her home
Kutcher admitted he "freaked out" after his fingerprints were found on a door after Michael Gargiulo murdered Ashley Ellerin.
Daily Record - Published

'Hollywood Ripper' Michael Gargiulo found guilty of killing Ashton Kutcher's date

'hollywood ripper' michael gargiulo found guilty of killing ashton kutcher's date
The jury also found Michael Gargiulo guilty of the attempted murder of a woman who fought back and sent him fleeing, leading to his arrest
Tamworth Herald - Published

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