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Maya Moore's Help to Win Jonathan Irons's Freedom Shows Women Leading Change

Largely outside of the limelight, athletes like Maya Moore, who helped win the freedom of Jonathan Irons in a questionable conviction, have led the charge for social change. - Published

Inmate helped by basketball star freed from prison

A Missouri district attorney says he won't retry a man freed from prison, saying he didn't have enough evidence to prove the original charges. WNBA star Maya Moore spent years helping Jonathan Irons.. - Published

Jonathan Irons Walks as a Freeman After More Than 20 Years in Jail Through Maya Moore's Help

jonathan irons walks as a freeman after more than 20 years in jail through maya moore's help
After serving more than two decades in jails out of his supposed 50-year sentence, Jonathan Irons walked out a freeman on Wednesday. This is all thanks to the help and persistence of WNBA’s Maya..
HNGN - Published

WNBA player helps secure release of man wrongfully convicted

Jonathan Irons, 40, was behind bars for 20 years for a crime that occurred when he was just 16.
BBC News - Published

Opinion: Like Muhammad Ali, Maya Moore was willing to sacrifice her career for what's right

Jonathan Irons was 18 when he was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a burglary and shooting. He served more than 22 years before conviction vacated - Published

How WNBA star Maya Moore helped get inmate Jonathan Irons released from Missouri prison

Irons was convicted in 1998 and was 22 years into a 50-year sentence
CBS Sports - Published

With the help of WNBA star Maya Moore, Missouri man finally goes free

With WNBA star Maya Moore's help, Jonathan Irons, now 40, has been released from prison after being jailed since he was 16 years old. His conviction was overturned in March.
CBS News - Published Also reported by •Seattle Times

WNBA star helps free wrongfully convicted man who spent 22 years in prison

A Missouri man who served 22 years in prison is free after a WNBA star put her lucrative career on hold to argue that he was wrongfully convicted. Maya Moore took a season off to advocate for Jonathan..
CBS News - Published

Jonathan Irons, helped by WNBA star Maya Moore, freed from prison

Jonathan Irons, whose bid for freedom from a 50-year prison sentence was embraced and pushed by WNBA star Maya Moore, walked out of a Missouri penitentiary Wednesday, nearly four months after a judge..
bizjournals - Published Also reported by •

Missouri man freed from prison with help from WNBA star Maya Moore

Jonathan Irons was freed from prison Wednesday after a county prosecutor declined to retry his case, punctuating years of work by WNBA star Maya Moore and other supporters who argued he was falsely.. - Published Also reported by •Seattle Times

Inmate backed by WNBA's Moore gains release

WNBA star Maya Moore was among those greeting Jonathan Irons when he was released from a Missouri correctional facility on Wednesday. Moore put her career on hold while working to get Irons' conviction..
ESPN - Published

WNBA star Maya Moore shares video of wrongly convicted Missouri man's release from prison

Jonathan Irons, who was wrongly convicted for a 1998 burglary, was released from prison, thanks in part to campaign by Minnesota Lynx star Maya Moore. - Published

W.N.B.A. Star Maya Moore Helped Overturn His Conviction. ‘She Saved My Life.’

A judge in Missouri overturned the ruling against Jonathan Irons, who Moore and others said was wrongfully sent to prison for burglary and assault. - Published

Minnesota Lynx star Maya Moore helps overturn conviction for innocent Missouri man

Moore has put her WNBA career on hold to fight for the release of Jonathan Irons
CBS Sports - Published

Helpful hiatus: Moore aids in overturned ruling

Jonathan Irons, whose legal cause was aided by Maya Moore, has had his initial conviction overturned. Moore did not play in the WNBA last year and said she wouldn't play this year, in part, to help..
ESPN - Published

Maya Moore to sit out 2nd WNBA season in row

Maya Moore told the New York Times she will sit out a second straight season and will skip the Olympics so she can push for the release from prison of Jonathan Irons, who she believes is innocent of..
ESPN - Published

W.N.B.A.’s Maya Moore to Skip Another Season to Focus on Prisoner's Case

The Minnesota Lynx star said she does not plan to retire yet, but the case of Jonathan Irons, a man she believes was wrongfully convicted, has consumed her. - Published

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the best-selling video game of every year, from 1995 to 2019
· From the early days of arcades, video games have grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. · The most popular video games, like "Tetris" and "Minecraft," have sold more than 100 million copies..
Business Insider - Published

Maya Moore dedicating WNBA hiatus to criminal justice reform

NEW YORK (AP) — Maya Moore shocked the basketball world when she stepped away from the WNBA earlier this year before the season began. She’s spent a lot of her time away from the game trying to..
Seattle Times - Published