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A Mission To Mars In Netflix's 'Away'; Mando Season 2 Drops In October | Digital Trends Live 9.2.20 [Video]

A Mission To Mars In Netflix's 'Away'; Mando Season 2 Drops In October | Digital Trends Live 9.2.20

On Digital Trends Live today: We're joined by actor Ato Essandoh from Netflix's 'Away' which premieres on Sept. 4; Computing Editor Luke Larsen breaks down all the new Nvidia RTX GPUs and what they..

Credit: Digital TrendsPublished
A TikTok Sale Is Likely Imminent; Strap Into A Racing Mech For $2K | Digital Trends Live 8.31.20 [Video]

A TikTok Sale Is Likely Imminent; Strap Into A Racing Mech For $2K | Digital Trends Live 8.31.20

On Digital Trends Live today: Reports indicate that TikTok parent company ByteDance has accepted terms of a deal, with an announcement coming as early as tomorrow; Twitter is labeling misinformation..

Credit: Digital TrendsPublished

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CONFIRMED: Twitter’s Manipulated Media Rules Don’t Apply To Joe Biden

Twitter has refused to label previous videos from Biden as manipulated
Daily Caller - Published

Trump fuels spread of altered Biden video, tweeting it twice

A video altered to make it appear as though Democratic president candidate Joe Biden played a song disparaging the police was viewed more than 4.5 million times on Twitter by Wednesday afternoon, its.. - Published

Twitter declines Trump campaign request to mark Biden coronavirus ad as manipulated media

The Trump campaign on Tuesday asked Twitter to label a video posted by Joe Biden's campaign as manipulated media over a clip that they say takes President Trump's words out of context. - Published

Twitter tags Trump tweets about Joe Biden 'manipulated media'

twitter tags trump tweets about joe biden 'manipulated media'
US President Donald Trump is stamped with another fake news warning from Twitter after his account retweeted a doctored video of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. ......
WorldNews - Published Also reported by • | Twitter labels video of Biden shared by Trump 'manipulated media'

Twitter Inc on Wednesday labeled a video shared by US President Donald Trump of Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden as "manipulated media".
News24 - Published Also reported by •NPR

Donald Trump posts faked video of Biden playing anti-police song

In the video, which Twitter later marked as "manipulated media," Biden stands at a podium, takes out his cell phone and tells the audience, "I have just one thing to say." He then appears to play..
IndiaTimes - Published

Trump Tweets Manipulated Biden Video That Replaces ‘Despacito’ With ‘F– tha Police’

trump tweets manipulated biden video that replaces ‘despacito’ with ‘f– tha police’
President Donald Trump retweeted a fake video of Democratic nominee Joe Biden blasting N.W.A.’s “F— tha Police” Tuesday night. Twitter added a “manipulated media” tag to the tweet to inform..
The Wrap - Published

Trump Shares ‘Manipulated’ Fake Video of Biden Playing ‘F*ck the Police’ on His iPhone (It Was Despacito)

President Donald Trump shared a fake video of Joe Biden playing the hit N.W.A. song "Fuck the Police" on his iPhone, a video which has earned a "Manipulated Media" warning from Twitter.
Mediaite - Published

Haim Saban’s Hollywood Fundraiser for Joe Biden Raises $4.5 Million

haim saban’s hollywood fundraiser for joe biden raises $4.5 million
Haim Saban’s fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised $4.5 million, a person with knowledge of the event told TheWrap. The proceeds from the event will go to the Biden..
The Wrap - Published

Another Trump Tweet About Voting Twice Slapped With Warning Label by Twitter

another trump tweet about voting twice slapped with warning label by twitter
Donald Trump has once again suggested voting twice, and Twitter yet again tagged his misguided tweet with a warning label for violating rules “about civic and election integrity.” “To make..
The Wrap - Published

Twitter to Label and Delete ‘False or Misleading’ Election Information

twitter to label and delete ‘false or misleading’ election information
Twitter will start labeling or deleting more tweets that share “false or misleading” information on the 2020 election. The expanded policy, which will go into effect next week, will target tweets..
The Wrap - Published

'Manipulated' Video of 'Disoriented' Trump Goes Viral on Twitter

A video of President Donald Trump walking across the White House lawn toward a helicopter that purportedly shows "his degenerative neurological disease," has been viewed millions of times despite..
Newsmax - Published

Twitter Slaps ‘Manipulated Media’ Label on Lincoln Project’s Response to Trump Campaign’s Manipulated Video

twitter slaps ‘manipulated media’ label on lincoln project’s response to trump campaign’s manipulated video
Twitter hit the anti-Trump Lincoln Project with a "Manipulated Media" tag for a video that was, itself, a self-evident response to a "manipulated" video from the presidential campaign of President..
Mediaite - Published

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, NBC News’ Kristen Welker Among Presidential Debate Moderators

fox news’ chris wallace, nbc news’ kristen welker among presidential debate moderators
The moderators for the presidential debates between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Republican incumbent President Donald Trump, as well as the debate between their running mates, have been locked..
The Wrap - Published

Kenosha Business Owner Says Trump Replaced Him With Former Owner For Photo Op

kenosha business owner says trump replaced him with former owner for photo op
A Kenosha business owner says he declined the White House’s request to be a part of President Donald Trump’s tour of damaged businesses Tuesday — so the president replaced him with his shop’s..
The Wrap - Published

Trump Calls Upon MSNBC to Fire Joy Reid After She Compares His Supporters to ‘Muslims’

trump calls upon msnbc to fire joy reid after she compares his supporters to ‘muslims’
President Trump has called upon MSNBC to fire “ReidOut” host Joy Reid for comparing his supporters to radicalized “Muslims.” “Like Fredo at Fake News @CNN, the very untalented Joy Reid..
The Wrap - Published

Here’s How to Get Those Biden-Harris Campaign Lawn Signs in ‘Animal Crossing’

here’s how to get those biden-harris campaign lawn signs in ‘animal crossing’
Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is like any other campaign utilizing lawn signs. But unlike other campaigns, some of those signs are appearing in players’ yards on “Animal Crossing:..
The Wrap - Published

How PBS’ ‘The Open Mind’ Plans to Thwart Disinformation Ahead of Election: ‘There Are Not Two Sets of Facts’

“The Open Mind,” PBS’ longest-running series, kicked off its latest season Monday, and host Alexander Heffner explained to TheWrap how the 64-year-old show is working not to let any person or..
The Wrap - Published

Eddy Grant Sues Trump Campaign Over ‘Electric Avenue’ Use

Eddy Grant became the latest artist to sue President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign over unauthorized use of a song. Grant filed the suit in New York Tuesday after the campaign used..
The Wrap - Published

Microsoft will identify manipulated media with a confidence score

The pandemic and upcoming US presidential election have made misinformation even more dangerous than usual. So, as part of its Defending Democracy Program, Microsoft is rolling out new tools to combat..
engadget - Published

Twitter Flags Trump Campaign Anti-Biden As Manipulated Media Violation

The Trump campaign had a tweet of a clip of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden flagged on Monday after Twitter considered it "manipulated media."...
Newsmax - Published Also reported by •

Fake Biden Video Shared by Trump Adviser Labeled ‘Manipulated Media’ by Twitter

fake biden video shared by trump adviser labeled ‘manipulated media’ by twitter
Doctored video to make it appear that Joe Biden fell asleep during a TV interview that was then shared by a White House adviser was slapped with a Twitter “manipulated media” label Sunday. It..
The Wrap - Published

Twitter Labels Trump Team Video ‘Manipulated Media’ After People Call Out ‘Childish’ Biden Edit

twitter labels trump team video ‘manipulated media’ after people call out ‘childish’ biden edit
The Trump War Room Twitter account posted a video going after *Joe Biden* that got labeled "manipulated media" by Twitter.
Mediaite - Published

Twitter Issues ‘Manipulated Media’ Tag On Steve Scalise’s Biden Video

The original video shows that Barkan did not say 'for police'
Daily Caller - Published

Twitter Labels Rep. Scalise Post With 'Manipulated Media' Tag

Twitter on Sunday flagged a clip posted by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise as "manipulated media" because it changes a question an activist asks Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, The Hill..
Newsmax - Published

Twitter flags Republican leader’s video as ‘manipulated’ for altering disabled activist’s words

Twitter flagged an inflammatory video by House Republican Whip Steve Scalise on Sunday for altering footage of a conversation between progressive activist Ady Barkan and Joe Biden. The video is now..
TechCrunch - Published

Twitter Flags Steve Scalise Video as ‘Manipulated Media’ for Edited Footage of Biden Interview

Twitter stamped a "manipulated media" warning onto a video House Minority Whip *Steve Scalise* circulated on Sunday, which contains falsified footage of a disabled activist as part of an attack on..
Mediaite - Published

Republican leader shares faked video of disabled activist on Twitter

republican leader shares faked video of disabled activist on twitter
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge A Sunday tweet from Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) showing a video of activist Ady Barkan got a “manipulated media” label from Twitter. Barkan has ALS and..
The Verge - Published

Syracuse University Researchers Using Artificial Intelligence to Combat Fake News

Two faculty members at the Newhouse School of Communications are developing technology to detect manipulated media and combat the spread of fake news Syracuse, Aug. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's..
GlobeNewswire - Published

Debating The Ethics Of Deepfakes – Analysis

debating the ethics of deepfakes – analysis
By Ashish Jaiman Imagine a few days before an election, a video of a candidate is released showing them using hate speech, racial slurs and epithets that undercut their image as being pro..
Eurasia Review - Published

A doctored video that makes Nancy Pelosi appear drunk went viral on Facebook — again (FB)

a doctored video that makes nancy pelosi appear drunk went viral on facebook — again (fb)
· A video of Nancy Pelosi that has been manipulated to make her appear intoxicated went viral on Facebook over the weekend. · Facebook declined to remove the video, but attached a fact-check label..
Business Insider - Published

India Confronted With ‘Infodemic’ – OpEd

india confronted with ‘infodemic’ – oped
By Usha M Rodrigues India is now the third most impacted country by COVID-19, with cases nearing 900,000 and deaths surpassing 23,000 as of  July 13. India is also one of the leading nations when..
Eurasia Review - Published

All of the companies no longer advertising on Facebook due to the platform's lack of hate-speech moderation

all of the companies no longer advertising on facebook due to the platform's lack of hate-speech moderation
· Civil rights organizations including NAACP, Color of Change, and Anti-Defamation League asked advertisers to stop paying for advertisements on Facebook in the wake of George Floyd's death at the..
Business Insider - Published

Top Trump officials and Republicans are encouraging followers to migrate to Parler, an alternative social network beloved by far-right agitators kicked off Facebook and Twitter

top trump officials and republicans are encouraging followers to migrate to parler, an alternative social network beloved by far-right agitators kicked off facebook and twitter
· Dozens of Republican politicians, conservative pundits, and Trump campaign officials have recently shared posts and voiced support for a social platform called Parler. · Parler, similar to social..
Business Insider - Published

Twitter bans pro-Trump meme maker for copyright violations

A conservative social media user whose far-right memes have been praised and reposted by President Donald Trump has been kicked off Twitter for repeated copyright violations. Logan Cook, a Kansas.. - Published

Trump's feud with Facebook and Twitter has created a 'code red' for his campaign as Election Day nears

trump's feud with facebook and twitter has created a 'code red' for his campaign as election day nears
· The Trump campaign has accused major social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, of censorship in recent weeks after they've taken action against some of the president's policy-violating..
Business Insider - Published

Twitter flags another Trump tweet for violating their policy against abusive behavior

twitter flags another trump tweet for violating their policy against abusive behavior
· Twitter flagged and restricted another tweet from President Trump as "violating their policy against abusive behavior" on Tuesday.  · "There will never be an 'Autonomous Zone' in Washington,..
Business Insider - Published

Trump's 'Racist Baby' Post Removed by Twitter for Containing 'Manipulated Media,' Parent Enraged

The president reposts on Twitter and Facebook a video of a black boy being chased by a white boy with a fake CNN text that reads, 'Terrified todler [sic] runs from racist baby.'
AceShowbiz - Published

Twitter hid Trump's tweet that mocked CNN, citing copyright, after the social media platform marked it 'manipulated media'

twitter hid trump's tweet that mocked cnn, citing copyright, after the social media platform marked it 'manipulated media'
· On Friday, Twitter hid a doctored video Donald Trump posted on the social media platform. The video was doctored CNN footage that suggested racism is a fabricated problem meant to cause public..
Business Insider - Published

Facebook, Twitter Delete Trump’s ‘Racist Baby’ Video Over Copyright Claim

facebook, twitter delete trump’s ‘racist baby’ video over copyright claim
Both Twitter and Facebook on Friday deleted a parody video posted by President Trump, altered to make it look like CNN had aired a story about a white toddler chasing a Black toddler, after the two..
The Wrap - Published

Trump video post that earned Twitter warning is removed for breaching copyright

The "racist baby" video shared by Donald Trump that received a "manipulated media" label has been removed from both Twitter and Facebook over a copyright complaint.
Independent - Published

Facebook has now removed the Trump post featuring doctored video of a Black toddler and fake CNN graphics

facebook has now removed the trump post featuring doctored video of a black toddler and fake cnn graphics
· Facebook has removed a post by President Trump that featured a doctored video of two toddlers. · A Facebook spokesman told Business Insider on Friday a copyright complaint about the video prompted..
Business Insider - Published

Facebook Takes Down Trump’s Post Sharing Doctored Video of Two Toddlers

facebook takes down trump’s post sharing doctored video of two toddlers
Facebook has taken down a Thursday post from Donald Trump, in which he shared a doctored video of two toddlers, after receiving a copyright complaint from the rights owner of the original footage, a..
The Wrap - Published

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