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Former Arizona Coyotes draft pick Mitchell Miller no longer on North Dakota hockey team

Mitchell Miller, the NHL draft pick who the Arizona Coyotes cut ties with Thursday, is no longer part of the University of North Dakota hockey team. - Published Also reported by •

University of North Dakota hockey cuts ties with Coyotes pick Mitchell Miller

The University of North Dakota said Friday that Arizona Coyotes top draft pick Mitchell Miller is no longer on the school's hockey team. - Published

Arizona Coyotes Let Go of Draftee Convicted in Bullying Case

The Arizona Coyotes knew that the player, Mitchell Miller, had been convicted of abusing a Black classmate. On Friday, Miller’s college team dropped him, too. - Published

NHL team cuts ties with top draft pick who bullied Black classmate

The team said they learned more about Mitchell Miller bullying of a Black classmate with developmental disabilities.
CBS News - Published

NHL's Coyotes sever ties with top draft pick who admitted to bullying Black classmate with disabilities

The Arizona Coyotes announced Thursday that they have renounced their rights to their 2020 top NHL draft pick Mitchell Miller after a...
Upworthy - Published

Sylvania native Mitchell Miller released by Arizona Coyotes due to bullying incident in junior high

The Arizona Coyotes announced on Thursday that the NHL franchise has renounced the rights to Sylvania native Mitchell Miller after a...
Upworthy - Published

Phoenix Coyotes Cut Ties With 2020 Draft Pick Mitchell Miller Over Bullying Past

The Phoenix Coyotes have severed ties with their 4th-round draft pick ... punting Mitchell Miller out of their organization over his bullying past. The 'Yotes' selection in the 2020 NHL Draft has been.. - Published

Mitchell Miller dropped by Coyotes over bullying scandal - Insider

The Coyotes said while they were aware of Mitchell Miller's bullying incidents, after learning more, they decided to part ways with Miller.
Upworthy - Published

Arizona Coyotes make correct move by moving on from Mitchell Miller

Better to admit a mistake right away rather than strengthen your ties to it. So good for the Coyotes, who renounced their rights to Mitchell Miller. - Published

Arizona Coyotes cut ties with controversial draft pick Mitchell Miller

The selection of Mitchell Miller was widely criticized after Arizona Republic report detailed his bullying and racist taunting of a Black youth. - Published Also reported by •

Coyotes renounce rights to 2020 draft pick Mitchell Miller after past racist incidents emerge

Mitchell Miller reportedly physically bullied a Black classmate with a developmental disability
CBS Sports - Published Also reported by •Upworthy

Coyotes renounce rights to controversial pick

The Arizona Coyotes are renouncing the rights to draft pick Mitchell Miller after his history of assault and racism as a juvenile were spotlighted in a newspaper investigation.
ESPN - Published

Opinion: Coyotes created another problem for themselves by drafting Mitchell Miller

The Arizona Coyotes seem to enjoy challenges because they create them for themselves all the time; drafting Mitchell Miller is the the latest example. - Published Also reported by •

Coyotes drafting Mitchell Miller is latest proof that NHL's anti-racism initiatives are ringing hollow

Miller was convicted of bullying a developmentally disabled, Black classmate four years ago in high school
CBS Sports - Published

Coyotes to educate prospect after report he bullied Black schoolmate

The Arizona Coyotes said they are working to educate draft pick Mitchell Miller about diversity and inclusion after a report surfaced that he bullied a Black schoolmate beginning in junior high school. - Published

Coyotes' top draft pick, Mitchell Miller, was convicted for bullying Black, mentally disabled teen four years ago

The top draft pick for the Arizona Coyotes, whose CEO is in a NHL group to stop racism, was convicted of bullying a Black disabled kid four years ago. - Published