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Rammstein Clears Up Reports About Till Lindemann Battling Coronavirus

The rock band's frontman has been reportedly hospitalized for symptoms including a high fever and pneumonia, but a representative insists that he tested negative for COVID-19.
AceShowbiz - Published

Rammstein's Till Lindemann Tests Negative for COVID-19 - Statement

RIA Nov. - Published

Rammstein singer Lindemann in hospital — is it coronavirus?

The frontman or the successful German rock band Rammstein, Till Lindemann, has been taken to an intensive care unit at a Berlin hospital. Has the 57-year-old singer contracted the novel coronavirus?
Deutsche Welle - Published Also reported by •Just Jared

Du Hast...COVID-19: Rammstein Singer Till Lindemann Tests Positive for Coronavirus - Reports

RIA Nov. - Published

Till Lindemann on tour — without Rammstein

Rammstein singer Till Lindemann is on tour without his old band. Instead, he and Swedish metal god Peter Tägtgren are showcasing their new Lindemann album 'F & M' throughout a seven-week Europe tour..
Deutsche Welle - Published

Rammstein singer Till Lindemann's second solo album

Following the stadium tour of his band Rammstein, Till Lindemann is releasing his new 'Lindemann' album 'F & M' together with Swedish metal god Peter Tägtgren. Next spring, fans can hear the two live..
Deutsche Welle - Published

Rammstein: Just what's in those lyrics?

Rammstein has a militant look and texts that break taboos. Really? The word most often growled by frontman Till Lindemann is "Liebe" (Love), and the lyrics are inspired by classical poets like Goethe.
Deutsche Welle - Published

Rammstein: Sons of East German punk

Till Lindemann and his five colleagues weren't inactive before founding their band Rammstein. They all grew up in the GDR's punk and underground scene — a subversive tradition that still influences..
Deutsche Welle - Published

Rammstein singer Till Lindemann under investigation for assault

The heavy metal front man is accused of beating a 54-year-old man from Hamburg in a hotel bar. Witnesses have said that the man was insulting him before the physical altercation began.
Deutsche Welle - Published