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Fake News Costume

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News video: Fake News CostumeFake News Costume

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Fake News Costume

in a chicken route rut, today an easy chicken curry. it all starts right now on good things utah. >> good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us for good things utah, we're in a full on curry discussion. >> we were. >> as the show started. >> why do i love curry. >> a, because everybody cooks chicken. >> it is our week of chicken good thing are you here, chicken recipes everyday on the show because i know you have it in your freezer. >> i've been jonessing for chicken curry, i ate it this weakened. i love it because -- is making a chicken curry. >> this is supposed to be pretty simple. >> if food makes you sweat are you burning calories while you are eating. >> why do i like it. >> absolutely, why not. >> do you? >> i do in doses. not a ton but i can handle and i like it, just here and there. >> our friend brian-- are you a spicey girl. >> she became a spicey girl. our friend brian introduced me to a little bit more spicey. and it's funny because you will be eating it, and my neck actually starts to turn red. >> you sweat a little. >> i start sweating and my neck turns red but then i can't stop. i want more of it. >> does it become less spicey each time you eat it? >> yes. >> can you handle it more. >> yes, yeah. >> so i like if, if it doesn't have enough kick, i fell like-- ally, this is who i each lunch with all the time, she passed me and now we can't share the same dish because she's hot right now. are you heating it up. >> i like it. >> i said it burns calories and that might be fake news because it's probably not true am but if you are into fake news you can now have that halloween costume this year. did you see this. >> i saw this. >> that's cute. >> cracked me up. of course pop culture will find its way into halloween costumes an this one found it's way in pretty quickly thisser yoo. of course it's sexy, right, because a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, everyone has to be sexy. the online retailer that offers a sexy variation of every costume you can think of now has come out with this, a newspaper print frock, it is 55 dollars, the product destruction reads read all the alternative facts and this exclusive fake news costume. >> i love that you called it a frock. >> just a little frock. a white tank dress with scoop income line, thicket shoulder straps and all over news paper, fake across the bust. >> i. >> put that on. >> it's kol. i mean, no. >> i know. >> fox news, all their anchors be wearing that. it says it's very tame compared to what they have done in the past but they knew everybody was talking about it so had to get it out before halloween. have you thought of your costume. >> no, have we thought of our custom once what day is halloween. >> what is it? >> is it on a weekday, are you going to be here. >> on a tuesday, i'm here. >> christopher, what are we-- brian, do you have any ideas for us this year. >> i am thinking it is a really big thing, that may be a possibility. >> clowns. >> right. >> there is that. >> remember it became illegal to become a clown last area. >> it did? >> that crazy clown thing, it was really scary. >> people were being arrested because they were freaking kids out so they became banned. there was this crazy craze all across the u.s. last year. >> crazy craze. >> but how do you ban being a clown? >> because you don't know if that person is a bad person or is it a kid's costume or what is it, so police departments were saying just don't because it is putting a strain on a department. >> what are you going to do, sprang them? >> scared they could have been pedestrian o files or scary people, dressing up as clowns and then-- i don't remember if there was a movie that came out last year. there was a reason. >> what if you really wanted to be a clown, you had are you getting in trouble. what are they going to do. >> what else is hot this area. >> fake news is definitely in there. >> but we can't all do that. >> wonder woman. >> for sure. >> that netflix series, stranger things. >> but what do we dress up. >> as that girl who has the blade nose. >> 11. >> i love that show. >> that was a popular one, shaving our heads? are we all-- are we the kids. >> we could go game of throans on everybody. >> game of throans. >> huh? >> you just got someone's attention. we could-- . >> there, i remember you guys because is with interning and were those guys without. >> disney princesses. >> duck dynasty, i didn't-- like the camo and the beard. >> i did not recognize me, i was justin bieber one year and i got flirted with at har machines later. i really did. >> kate was upset. you cannot wear that costume, i hate it, you are embarrassing me. >> i was the class mom, and she met me at the door and said i couldn't come in. >> all the rest of the girls are like justin bieber ask here. >> who flirted with you at the grocery store. >> some some person walked over to me in the candy aisle and said hey, do you come to harmons a lot. i had my underwear hanging out the back like the biebs, i was low riding. >> that was a good luck look for you. >> all right. we might need makeup. >> we might need makeup. so korean beauty is something you talked about before. and it's become kind of a big thing here in the u.s. and in new york city they just last week opened the first big superstore of all of the korean beauty products you could ever want. it's in union square and it's 1700 square feet, sells exclusively its own products made that 80% naturally derived ingredients, responsible from that island of biju. >> of course. >> what is it in korean that we want? what is. >> and why do they have it according to beauty experts before everybody else. they get the latest trends, start the latest trends and it makes its way slowly to this market. >> i want to know why i look at korean beauty. >> they have to many things that we haven't thought of yet. >> they have the zit thing. >> oh yeah. >> sure, that you put it on and it sucks the zit out, you take it off. >> did it work. >> i felt like it worked. >> you are welcome. >> do you need a zit disk? they're great. >> so that is in new york city if you are going there, the best part of it though is the store itself they say feels like-- they have a 21 foot wall with plants and music playing and it just kind of zennish. >> that would be fun. when are we going to new york. >> beauty insiders swear by korean beauty products. they say they work, if you haven't tried them you should. usually can only get them online and now there is a store. speaking of qulon line shopping did you hear that toi tois declared bankruptcy. >> what happened. >> oh my gosh. >> how will that affect your christmas shopping. a lot of insiders say this is the way it's going for those stores that you can't buy a lot online, this is what happens. >> amazon is killing it. >> amazon is doing well. iconic toy seller not the only one struggling, mattel and hasbro stock also falling a lot of percentages on the news that this bankruptcy, millenial parnlts according to insiders shop online more than again x, more than baby boomers. they are not walking too toys r us looking for christmas gifts. they are actually going to even more than they would walk into toys are us. also kids want different things. they don't want toys as much as they want electronics. that has hurt toi tois. >> i am sitting here feeling like depressed that we're talking about christmas. >> i know. i jumped from halloween to christmas pretty quickly. >> thanksgiving always gets the shaft. >> it really does. >> ef reyear. >> do you love christmas. >> who doesn't love christmas. >> i don't love christmas. >> why are you grouchy. >> because i feel like there's so much pressure, so much, i get overwhelmed at christmas. i feel like it's not good enough. everything i'm doing isn't right. i didn't get the rate thing. did i get enough presents, who am i buying for. who am i disappointing. >> i am opposite. i start put christmas into it, like right now. >> not now but after halloween. >> costco has christmas ribbon out. >> they have had it for months. >> costco is leak, it's time. you know what my mom is doing to not be stressed, she is 81 years old, instead of buying all the gifts she's taking everyone to a nice restaurant and saying merry christmas. >> i love that. >> we are like love you. let's go to lunch. >> i love that. >> yeah, christmas is stressful to me. >> and i'm lake right in the middle. i may lean a little more your way. it stresses me out. but toi toi says don't stress if that is where you shop. they're going to be open, just restructuring it opening hoping they can save the company from going under by filing for bankruptcy. >> you will still shop, go shop but we will see what happens in the next little bit. >> i read this morning and i thought this was an interesting study by the international journal for obesity, and they did this study with two groups of people trying to lose weight. so they said we're going to do this for 16 weeks. and this group, you're dieting for 16 weeks. this group, you are going to diet for two weeks, not diet for two weeks. go back on for two weeks, go back off. the group that took a break from dieting and did it every two weeks, they lost more weight. like lots more powbds than the people who stick. >> because it is hard to stay on. >> something to look forward to. >> exactly. they said just taking that little break, because it's really hard to stay consistent. taking that little break helps people refocus and get to where they can get back on it again. so i just thought that was good news for people. >> like the cheat day, the cheat week. >> especially going into the holidays. the holidays are, it is so, people go well let's try to lose a couple pounds before we go into all the candy. then spice lattes. >> oh my gosh, this pumpkin spice scone at starbucks. >> you are not a fan. >> no. >> i know. >> we hear so much about pumpkin spice latte this, that. >> have you had the scone. >> have you had the starbucks scone with the frosting on it. >> i haven't either. >> i have to get it for the crew. >> and bring it in. >> did you hear a voice doing a. >> he goes no. he what change his mind, it is so good. >> i'm sure i won't. >> brian and martha stewart hate pumpkin spice. >> who knew hi something in common with martha stewart. >> they did an interview and they said do you like pumpkin spice and she was like. >> why don't you want to drink it. >> because it's too much. >> it tastes like fall. >> it's just too much for me though. i want my regular coffee. >> a cupcake. >> the pumpkin spice scone. >> the actual scone or the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. >> those are so good.

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