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Midmorning With Aundrea (Part 1) - November 10, 2017

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News video: Midmorning With Aundrea (Part 1) - November 10, 2017Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

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Midmorning With Aundrea (Part 1) - November 10, 2017

?ad news. coping with it. when to step away. we talk to a counselor just ahead. and, going to college from your computer. a look at distance learning. plus, travel tips with kelly mckellar. midmorning starts right now. you were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass i see you in the morning staring through the looking glass you whisper down through history and echo through these halls but i hate to tell you, love's gonna conquer all ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh that's maren morris singing "dear hate," tribute to the victims of the las vegas shooting. social media, television news - there are days when it is difficult to cope with the all the bad stuff. and, even if we don't know the people involved, negativity can bring us down in our daily lives. leslie fye is a licensed counselor and the director of starkville counseling associates. marcel pilate >> things have just been going on this talk first of all about we hit what happened in las vegas and it was many many miles away and some people may know someone who was affected by most of us may not mind we feel so connected to it and why does it affect the way the because is the and i think of the people the pay taps into rises is our place where we all are human we all have shared experiences in your experiences can sugar mass. i knew exactly what was talking about is okay too stiff for a firm i think that we can really ... we're all in the coverage and all of the news about the test the almost become a ticket to it is almost important to step away from the computer to step away from the videogame to step away from it argument is definitely important to compliment step away from the tv how much is too much to date i think that is probably different for each person i think you find yourself in normal because you are being interrupt it at the find ourselves our heart vendors there from their are some that and being pushed inside of us is time to step away i think one of the ways we get ourselves so consumed in social media we have social media and on top of every battle you have a one specific topic to give us the thing that how do we manage that consumption of information through social media that is a really great question i don't know if i can answer that question directly i think what we have to learn is to focus on this information to about was right and what's wrong to focus more on relationship focus more on the song dear hey there hoping the message is still love conquers all you can get so wrapped up into negativity any argument and debate that we can quit seeing each other as human beings so i think the best solution for a fierce debate is to begin to develop a relationship with someone thinks differently than you ... to return back things that connect us to hold and bring union in love again that you think also that no matter what is way to here is the affordable care act crazy with the president said honey feeling a political issue also should issue you are not going to change anybody my probably if you're debating about it on facebook and twitter absolutely a debate may strengthen someone opinion already but it is rally going to change it is rally going to change it in your probably want to gravitate to those people and ideas that line up what you think the social media is designed for us to do that it is going to bring news pc income meant now more in line with what you think to point of sharing social media in other platforms how do you do it responsibly tries to provide sales i think if you're sharing on social menu possibly sharing your passion but sharing of passion without judgment which is not easy to do to share your judgment the wrong and this is why you're wrong with an interest in what i believe in ny believing these is okay to disagree with this how you feel about something what they stand for stress test things for this talk to your moral fiber in most cases i think you can disagree with someone asked him and go have coffee with absolutely i have a friend of mine who is a legislature will send down assignment things that we had to do with unions on no leslie everybody that in the print government does have a evil mustache up enough to these people are human beings and a oblate what they're doing it come from our hearts and face and that really resonated with me we need to remembered as a human being sent on the other side of the argument have actually both have children and this one the places i tried to protect my daughter from she really knows nothing about facebook but this is where a lot of it is all shared to things to ugliness that children can get how do we try to protect them from it without keeping guarded you keep them guarded what we have to do is pants ... look at what they are looking at my children always knew that if your friend are posting stuff that i don't want you to be reading they wont be your friends on social media anymore did not inc. sometimes can't manage what they see if we are not pan attention to what they see can have a conversation we had to keep having conversations about what it is they see what they're exposed to a load you said and you can't protect them from everything ...when we come back, working toward a traditional degree in a non- traditional way. you can do it. mid morning will be right back. your college degree may be a click away. that's right. as close as your computer. students have options as they pursue degrees. and the option that offers the most flexibility for your life may just be the distance learning program. dr. susan seal is the executive director for the msu center for distance education. david garraway is the director of the msu television center. he is also a graduate of the distance mba program. bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees online? approximately 1/3 of msu graduate students are distance student website: distance.msstate .edu to see if you will just talk to us about that program is to thereby graduate students are distant students you have best of programs massive program documents programs talk about the way people working into their lives it really is not as bad as you might see sophistication despite the beauty of it quite often people find himself the definitive best they started working has some great programs and they can go back finished a business degree masses quite often if you're in organizational and business in weapon organization is really helpful to have the schedule degrees this fits into their lifestyle named mike and go with him friday and apply bacon before they go to work right and keith and they are distant learning concepts and started consider heart said ... disco to a new if you understand it we had this education 400 years you can't it correspondence courses ... we have so much technology will engage this is more like the program that we had a missing state i got my mba also campus deployment and distant light years of the same faculty member in some of the same teaches was to become a get into a lot of things because i can do it david had much of present experience there with that same time the most important thing for me is flexibility have worked a television in the present time be on predictable housing and to challenge me academically and challenge me the time to the head available for that challenge this would distant programs they really came through the credentials of the faculty to strengthen the curriculum like in the class is that assemblies programs a lot of if independent work there is the opportunity to engage with the class members in the process of these cases is that absolutely and he had access to member in japan in germany was on mr. insulin in california now and have the gap have to figure out with them give us because it would circumvent this time is in a distant learning program myself if only is the discipline of genocide today i don't get it right every day sometimes and that's the key is in be everyone is sleeping i'm in the role of the mayor and one the things that david was talk to you the engagement with some of the courses he may be video lecture that you are watching our case studies house articulated the other day she also had a group member that was in japan what a great learning experience to be able to learn and collaborate and work together are were the last maldives to be a nose or reverence situations how do how do we do it is how do we collaborate now with professors in the country but also what each other to obtain without choosing discipline and program when a minor crime and was a had to be close enough black ago in la crosse estates you come to campus to graduate like everyone else in the really unique thing is we have a graduation reception fly distance students there are seven students five very first time to walk a missing state campus on her graduation day i saw for students and around talking and visiting a state do we know each other we been the group doing word for the past several semester this is off first time ... that you have some noses finishes excellence graduate assessment for committees with my coworkers for my mba commission was there should've been canceled for but i have give her a tour to social start menu and then a traditional degree at an online degree he doesn't feel any different and you walk across the station to president they can get that, cover it says that same agreement everyone you give us some contact information for peabody made one get some more information go ahead and erode the easiest ways to go to our website this is not a discharge from programs that we have their memory and i sure i not want to do something different according can cut a walking today your welfare but this wayholiday travel is sooner than you think. thanksgiving and christmas will be here before you know it. our travel agent kelly mckellar is here if you are thinking about travel, the best advice is to pre- plan your adventure. our travel agent kelly mckellar with magical moments vacations is always on the go. and, this morning kelly is here with her top ten travel tips. 10. pack a broke 10 things here is a sitdown and started thinking where the most important names you need to know for travel list.with number 10 safe pack a battery for your phone from the 17 year phone is involved in the technology so much for travel to be sure to have a better backup that backup the phone is nicer the night article number nine check just tell you provided if your child out of the country you want to mention cindy received phone calls and takes think that they would achieve this area provided for going on should have in this knife because the you see a little amending and taking it to people this difficult so do all of them before you leave the one ahead of trouble for you to return to our passport makes you passport that expire within a year of travel outside the united states is his goods had a buffer of a year on to pay for my one cycle per month and integrated into the travel next year i had to go hit update is my reminder with authority done whether how do you plan for whether sometimes you just have to do it a bad day logo on the nature of this apparent for if you want to because the going to rain is this is cool to have your personal bed now wishes, television station people do that anyway this is fine because it will the vacation you technology using technology your phone there after things that need to have your phone tastes i didn't is heavier at the integrated elevation being familiar with the two pair relatively long trip in terms of my financial institutions wanted to let them know to alert them in case any charter that you are unaware of ineptly a car that will affect your sheet to educate a car companies know that you will be the culture ... is good to know that you have and the security ... this of travel protection learned loosely all these hurricanes is good to have chosen to travel even you're not going to fly especially if you want to buy i never get it it is a good to do espresso on a cruise it is anything always take child protection keep that in my you said that the key is your part of the planning that the majority planning to that them have fun been involved to take ownership of the vacation they just have more fun like predicting every single thing that happens that would have a hand in it and it would be like those things are important to their parents i know we all set our daughter have this cannot ship she is a teenager going to disney december associate before the planning process to also to say numbers to play simply plan ahead faster have a playlist file is can that it doesn't always happen something tennis for the moment tend the does have a specific cause that i think 1 use a travel agent your dad just in case you are a travel agent it really does take some shares of the other nine things i had a client before i came home and identified her reservation she received cherokee's comments to i don't know what should i take care i got out straight issue. you know some things that when we come back, a thatclassroom full of love and learning. mid morning will be

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