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Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/10/17

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News video: Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/10/17Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/10/17

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Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/10/17

[?] >> kelly: >> joy: hi, everybody. happy friday! welcome to "ozarks live!"! >> kelly: delayed reaction. it is friday. >> joy: it is. i know. i know. >> tom: you know it's friday. >> kelly: yes, it's friday. >> tom: you're ready to go home and take a nap. >> jeremy: well, we've had very busy days, be it shooting, editing, running around crazy. >> kelly: that's right. >> jeremy: again, you see us from 3:00 to 4:00. but there's so much that goes on during the day! >> kelly: i've had people say you just work from 3:00 to 4:00, right? no. no. >> joy: there's a little more to it than that. >> kelly: we've been busy. >> tom: i don't. what? >> kelly: you just work 3:00 to 4:00? >> tom: yeah, the other is fun. >> joy: that's true. we'll tell your audience, tom and i literally walked in the door web five minutes ago. >> tom: maybe. maybe. >> joy: we've been at work all day. but we haven't been here all day. get it? of course you do. it's perfectly good nonsense. >> kelly: what's happening this weekend. >> joy: i have family coming over. i haven't gotten together with my tribe for awhile. >> kelly: are you going to do cooking? >> joy: absolutely. i'll be all over that kitchen. what are you all doing? >> jeremy: i'll be on commercial street tomorrow for a veterans day event. that will explain more on the show coming up, katie lappin from commercial street. there will be an amazing day full of bands saluting your veterans. >> joy: good deal. >> tom: what about you, kelly? >> kelly: i'm going to get together with a friend tomorrow. i'm going to cut her hair. she's got a wig or two. >> jeremy: you're going to cut her wig? >> tom: it will never grow back. >> kelly: she doesn't like it as it is. so i'm going to fix it for her. and we're going to hangs out. >> joy: something i never said i was going to do on the weekend. but good for you. tom, anything exciting? >> tom: i'm going to a dinner tomorrow night for nixa for the athletics program. >> kelly: save a seat for me, because i'll be there. >> jeremy: are you going on a date? >> kelly: don't start rumors. >> joy: those two, can't keep them apart. [laughter] >> joy: give them something to talk about. >> tom: i will! [laughter] >> joy: at bonnie raitt would way! >> kelly: that's right. >> jeremy: we have a busy weekend. and next week will be busy. we're excited all the things we have planned for our viewers, though through november and december. >> joy: part of the reason we're busy is the big christmas extravaganza is coming up. and part of our job is to go all over the ozarks. and show everybody in the audience what to shop for. >> kelly: some of the coolest things are out there to shop for. >> jeremy: the first airing is thanksgiving day for the christmas extravaganza. other than that, i can't remember. does anybody remember? >> tom: not off the top of my head. probably the thanksgiving day. >> jeremy: we went to great businesses. and we have great gift ideas. >> tom: we'll have the information monday. how is that? >> jeremy: that's a good idea. >> tom: you've got another episode. >> jeremy: we premiered how to build a deck part one yesterday. next thursday will be part two. the because it's such a lengthy process to build a deck, it's actually a three part series. so by the third part, you will see the finished deck. and i have to say, i have finished it. and i have shot it. it's finished. i have to edit it. but i'm so happy with the way it turned out. i'm so proud. >> tom: i know you do all the work yourself. nobody comes in and does it for him. but i really want to question where your house is. because i've dug holes in the ozarks. and never have i been able to put a shovel in and throw dirt on it. never, not once every! >> jeremy: what was funny, we were doing the episode yesterday and we had lee our general manager in here and everybody is going where do you live! we've never see that. but luckily my home is an old farmhouse. and we have 16 to 20 inches of topsoil. >> tom: the only place in the ozarks. >> kelly: i live on a slope. and i think i said yesterday, if you dug, you would find nothing but rock. i can barely find topsoil. >> jeremy: i'm fortunate. i enjoy digging in my yard. >> tom: try to dig in mine and see how you feel about digging then. >> kelly: like we side, it's friday. it's style and leisure friday, right. that means blue raven is here with another adorable outfit. today, the beautiful lori will give you an edgily, casual spin on your fall wardrobe. check out the reversible olive green bomber jacket, paired perfectly with a stylish graphic t. you will love the medium wash jeans from the dear john denim line. and a super cute fashion tennis shoe that will have you walking around with a new found confidence. to pull all of this together is a next lass -- necklace with the choker, earrings and rings. you look marvelous! thank you, darling! we love them. we love her. >> jeremy: she's so cute. >> joy: she has the cutest haircut i've seen. [laughter] >> joy: the shoes make me happy. i want a pair of the shoes! >> jeremy: i like the bomber jacket. >> tom: we've got a great show lined up for you today. we'll tell you how the ozarks is honoring veterans this weekend. and what music to check out. before we get to that, however, here's what's on the radar. >> jeremy: okay. i'm going to start things off. today, i was searching for something, and i realized i have not done a trivia with you guys for a long type. i did one with kelly one time when you guys were gone. and we did summer ones. thanksgiving is around the corner. so i'm going to test you three and our home audience on thanksgiving trivia. okay. question number one, keep score at home: the very first thanksgiving was in 1621. how long did the first thanksgiving last? how long did it last? >> kelly: three days. >> tom: i'm going to say one week. seven days. >> joy: i was going to say a week. six days. >> jeremy: the correct answer is three days! [laughter] i would not have guessed that. i don't know. >> tom: well, it was over a weekend. they all had to go back to work on monday. >> jeremy: i wrote the answers here for me. okay. the next one is: under which president did thanksgiving become a national holiday? under which president? >> tom: fdr. >> jeremy: fdr. >> kelly: i don't know. >> jeremy: take a guess at one of the presidents. joy? >> joy: oh, my goodness. >> kelly: it was before ah -- it's been awhile. who would it be. >> tom: calvin coolidge. >> kelly: no. >> jeremy: i need an answer. >> kelly: okay. john adams. i can't think of anybody. >> joy: teddy roosevelt. >> jeremy: abe lincoln! >> tom: that's right. i remember that. >> joy: why didn't i think of abe lincoln. >> jeremy: now we're getting more to the present day. well, not really present day. what decade did the macy's thanksgiving day parade start. just give me the decade. >> kelly: the '80s. >> tom: '50s. >> joy: i was going to say '50s. darn it. >> jeremy: the 1920s! >> tom: wait a minute. you're saying present day and then you drop us back 100 years? >> jeremy: i wanted to say -- sorry. [laughter] >> kelly: you did mess us up with that. >> jeremy: i did. i'm sorry. >> kelly: that's terrible. >> jeremy: here's a great one. which president was the first to give a turkey the presidential pardon? which president? the president pardon for the thanksgiving turkey. >> joy: john kennedy. >> jeremy: kennedy. >> kelly: i don't know. >> jeremy: take a guess. >> kelly: reagan. >> tom: eisenhower. >> jeremy: ronald reagan. >> kelly: wow! [laughter] >> joy: ronald reagan? >> jeremy: gave the very first pardon. >> tom: the others would eat the turkey. they were smart about it. >> joy: you don't really pardon that turkey, come on! >> jeremy: two more that i love. okay. what state raises the most turkeys of the 50 states? >> joy: arkansas. >> kelly: kentucky. >> tom: missouri. >> jeremy: minnesota. i never would have guessed minnesota for turkey. what year did the green bean casserole become a staple across america on all thanksgiving day table. it became the staple in this year, the green bean casserole. >> kelly: 1975. >> joy: '64. >> kelly: '75. >> tom: . it's not a staple.

'57. >> jeremy: tom is the closest. 1955, it was considered a staple. and green bean casserole is one of my favorite side dishes. >> tom: it is? with the crumbles on it? >> kelly: the onions. >> jeremy: you don't like it? >> tom: no. it's okay. but it wasn't always a staple. sometimes it is the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows. >> kelly: it's been a staple since i've been alive. >> jeremy: we always have had at my thanksgiving. >> tom: that was the one you always volunteer to bring first. >> jeremy: because it's easy. >> kelly: and inexpensive. >> joy: with extra onion thingies that are made here and you can smell when you drive by there. >> jeremy: you're making me hungry. >> kelly: and hold the marshmallows on the other casserole. >> jeremy: on the sweet potato? >> kelly: yes! >> jeremy: bring it. who is in favor of marshmallows on a sweet potato? >> joy: i'm fine with that. >> tom: who doesn't like it? >> jeremy: i prefer brown sugar and butter. >> joy: that is better. >> kelly: okay. now that we've decided. >> joy: i'm not going to not eat it. >> tom: mashed potatoes rather than sweet potatoes. >> jeremy: remind me next week to tell you one of my favorite thanksgiving dishes that is considered so tacky. but i'm not going to go into it now. >> joy: come on! what is it? >> tom: just say it. >> jeremy: have you ever been to walmart and in the frozen section you have the realtor -- real turkeys, to the mold, like a meat loaf. do you like turkey loaf? >> tom: you put cheese food on top of it. >> jeremy: and it comes in its own gravy, and gravy! >> kelly: i've never heard of a turkey loaf. >> tom: that thing will pop right out of the off develop. >> joy: we're wound up! >> kelly: on this style and lesser friday, let's talk about style for your walking partner. in brooklyn, new york, there's something called membership dog park. have you heard of it? >> joy: no. >> kelly: it looks like this. it's a safe house for your dog when you're out walking and you want to go indoor to a restaurant, where fido is not welcomed. it's temperature-controlled, webcam-monitored and self-sanitizing. you'll have your even key that is unique to to you. you'll use it to unlock. you'll download the app from app store or google play. the once it's downloaded, you can reserve the spot for your dog 15 minutes ahead of time. you can find these all over the city. it's a little like a dog sitting service. >> joy: that is brilliant. >> kelly: it beats tieing them to a pole. >> jeremy: brilliant. >> tom: so it's temperature-controlled. it locks. it's self-sanitizing! i can stay in there. >> joy: that's where we'll put tom! >> kelly: just take your pillow. >> tom: you go eat marshmallowy things and i'll go. >> jeremy: i want one of these for my house. i'm saying, if you kennel them, put it in your house. self-sanitizing. >> tom: that's what i mean. >> jeremy: that's amazing! >> tom: and your dogs have a fun. they can work the apps, can't they? >> jeremy: i'm sure they could. and i can put a tv in there. >> joy: your dogs are such little babies. >> jeremy: don't you leave your t.v. on for chico? >> joy: no. but i put on npr. >> jeremy: i leave on the t.v. usually "ozarks live!" or hdtv. >> kelly: and it calms everybody in sutherlands to hear your voice, too. >> jeremy: they hate me. man, we're wild up

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