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One north georgia city is cracking down on littering.

And if you're caught, it's going to cost you big time.

We'll have the details.

And... you'll need the right kind of pumpkin, to help you carve one like a pro.

We'll tell you which kind is the best one to get the job done, in this week's mom to mom segment.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening..

I'm john mercer..

And i'm emily cassulo.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

A hamilton county corrections officer, accused of having drugs, is now facing more charges tonight.

That's right.

The sheriff's office says corrections corporal kaquience williams was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday afternoon for having drug paraphernalia.

Williams now faces two more charges of possession of a controlled substance.

In an affidavit, deputies say they found meth and cocaine in her car.

Williams was booked last night and later released on bond.

She is currently on administrative leave.

A former whitfield county firefighter will spend five years in prison on child molestation charges.

William white was sentenced yesterday, after pleading guilty to three charges, as part of a plea deal.

He got 20 years, with 15 of them on probation.

White was originally charged with multiple counts of child molestation involving a child younger than 16 last year.

A federal judge says georgia election officials must stop rejecting absentee ballots, because of a mismatched signature.

They now have to give voters a chance to fix the problem.

In the governor's race, this voting issue and others like pending voter registration, have been topics of discussion.

In catoosa county, election officials say they had to reject 15 absentee ballots.

They say one problem is people forget to sign their ballot all together.

"we actually pull the registration card up, we look at it and make sure the signatures match.

And normally that is what happens, people just don't follow instructions."

The federal judge says election officials will have until noon on thursday to comment if they think her absentee ballot order is confusing or unworkable.

Some cleveland, tennessee business owners are campaigning to bring package stores to their town.

Right now they're banned, but there's a new campaign to change that, with the slogan to "vote yes 4 cleveland."

No everyone is thrilled with allowing package stores in a strong church town, but john sheehan says the money spent on liquor can either go to cleveland and bradley county, or it can go to a neighboring county, as customers will spend it anyway.

Sheehan says even polk county has package stores.

And i didn't even know that they did, and then when i looked at the prices they were charging, i said to myself, well this is an inconvenience tax, this is ridiculous for the people in polk county, and of course, i drink spirits, and i typically would go to hamilton county, and it made me start saying, this is crazy.

If polk county has it, mcminn county now has it, 'cause they got it a couple of years ago, and hamilton's always had it, we should have it.

So that's why i decided to go ahead and try and get it on the referundum.

That referundum is november sixth.

If you litter in the city of dalton, it's going to cost you.

The city is cracking down on violators, by slapping them with some big fines.

News 12's dorothy sherman joins us now live from dalton with the details.

Dalton police say they will no longer give warnings to litter violators, now they'll just go ahead and cite them.

I am told in 20-17 200-thousand pounds of litter was removed from dalton and whitfield county roadways and high traffic roadways are where they are seeing problems. a citation is not cheap finds range from 200 to one-thousand dollars.

I'll have more on this effort to keep the area clean tonight at 11.

Live in dalton dorothy sherman news 12 now part of a busy red bank road will be closed down until december.

The city closed a portion of ashland terrace starting today, to fix a drainage culvert running underneath the street.

It's blocked off from dayton boulevard to tacoma avenue, and detours have drivers going through residential streets.

Some folks are worried about drivers speeding through their neigborhoods.

Others tell news 12 the detours aren't that big of a deal.

It's no problem, i just have to go around the block.

Its not bothering me that much...just be careful be safe, be slow, and remember we're here.

The city of red bank was not available for comment on why the construction project will take so long to complete.

You can see a full map of detour routes on our website, wdef dot com.

Moses road will also be closed for most of tomorrow, so crews can install drain tiles.

It's all happening from nine to four.

Detours will be posted, and the road reopened as soon as the work is complete.

Another person is joining the billionaire club.

Someone in south carolina bought the winning ticket for last night's record breaking mega millions jackpot.

Now they'll be one-point-six billion dollars richer.

It's the largest lottery jackpot ever.

The chances were very in about 302 million.

You'd have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

If you didn't win, there's always tonight's powerball drawing, which is up to 620 million dollars.

A cereal linked to a salmonella outbreak, will be back on store shelves soon.

Yes, honey smacks are coming back.

The cereal was recalled , after the c-d-c says it sickened more than 100 people between march and july.

Honey smacks will return to stores in limited quantities starting next month.

There's a lot to consider when buying a new car, and customers are often looking for one that's not going to have constant problems. kenneth craig went to consumer reports to find the most reliable brands.

Jonathan linkov tests cars for a living.

He's in the driver's seat for consumer reports..

Determining which automakers are the most reliable.

15:07 "and how critical is reliability to an automaker's long term success or a model's success."

"realibilty is the key thing that is going to keep a customer coming back" consumer reports annual reliability survey collected data on everything from the engine and transmission to the doors and electronics.

29 automakers were ranked and u-s companies didn't fair well.

Ford was the top american brand at number 18.

Asian manufacturers did the best.

Toyota came in second.

And lexus, which is owned by toyota, took the number one spot.

We took a spin in a lexus rx-350.

"consistently toyota and lexus have been our top two brands in our brand report card."

Problems with infotainment systems tripped up other automakers including volvo..

Which landed at the bottom of the list.

12:04 "their large infotainment system has caused problems, it's crashed, it's hung, it's had to reset on owners."

Tesla dropped six spots to 27th this year.

"if you look at the gee whiz factor" linkov had problems getting the wing doors to open on the model x s-u-v, which scored poorly.

"that's a big problem that we've seen, they're not always working they are not latching they are not opening up all the way."

Linkov says reliability is just one consideration when purchasing a new car.

Performance and price should also factor into the final decision.

Kenneth craig, cbs news, colchester, connecticut.

You have another item to choose from on mcdonald's breakfast menu.

The fast food chain has added its first new breakfast sandwich in five years-- triple breakfast stacks.

The sandwich has two slices of american cheese, two sausage patties, bacon and an egg.

That all comes on your choice of a mc-muffin, biscuit or mc- griddle.

Mcdonald's also added one dollar coffee and one dollar egg mcmuffins to its menu at some locations.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera on brainerd road from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Looking nice out there through your evening with some high clouds on our epb fiberoptic weather cam network, courtesy of our eyear optical camera from brainerd road..

Titan radar is dry with a few high clouds passing through but is about it.

Temperatures are now starting to cool down with many areas in the upper 50's to low 60's at the 7 o'clock hour.

Your right now forecast through the night time will show fair skies and cool weather through the night time with readings near 50 by the midnight hour, so keep warm if staying out for awhile.

More on an unsettled forecast which will stay cool as well for awhile coming up later, but more prime news @ 7 coming right up!

"prime news at 7 continues now."

The university of tennessee at chattanooga has signed a new member to the cross county and track teams. however, there's something extra special about this athlete.

News 12's angela moryan joins us now live in the digital studio with the heart-warming story.


In 2013 at the age of 2, levi smith was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy -- a terminal disease with no cure.

This means levi can't play sports.

However, that's stopping him from being a part of a team, as far as the utc running mocs are concerned.

7-year-old levi smith's muscular dystrophy diagnosis hasn't slowed his love of sports.

Tuesday, he repped the power c as he became an official member of the utc cross county and track and field teams. andy meyer/xc coach: "just to see the joy that that family received from just a simple action, it was great.

Great for the kids to see.

Great for the coaches and ads present, for everyone to see that."

Tuesday, the mocs held a draft day style signing ceremony for levi and his family.

Mark wharton: "he kept saying, i'm shy, but then he would talk.

I think it meant a lot to him with all the cameras and asking questions about what he liked most about track and field.

And seeing the athletes.

You could see on his face that it made a big difference for him."

Levi's mother katie says this is a dream come true for her son.

Katie smith: "a lot of people don't realize the kids that won't have an opportunity to do this in their lives.

And so this is a reality that we are making for him."

But levi isn't the only one being impacted by this.

Meyer: "levi and his family as far as the team they're going to be able to teach us more about life than we are going to be able to give them back in joy.

I think at this age for college kids, they need to be exposed to that, they need to see that.

Because it's a great life lesson that they'll be able to carry with them through the rest of their lives."

Levi and his family will be a part of the team's weekly practices and cheer on the mocs at some meets this year.

Katie smith: "say go mocs."

Levi smith: "go mocs!"

Laughter levi is the third team impact member to wear the power c, and wharton hopes more will be in utc's future.

Reporting live in the digital studio, angela moryan, news 12 now.

Coming up next on prime news at seven... which kind of pumpkin is the best one for carving?

We'll tell you, in this week's mom to mom segment.

But's patrick with another look at your forecast.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera in soddy daisy from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Some high clouds and very nice as night is upon us over walden's ridge at the 7 o'clock hour, courtesy of chi memorial camera from thrasher pike.

Currently, it is still fair with some high clouds at the 7 o'clock hour with readings near 60 with a breeze out of the north and low humidity.

Futurecast shows fair skies through the night time with temperatures not chilly as the last couple of nights.

Morning readings will settle into the mid 40's aong with some more clouds.

Clouds will thicken through the day and it will be cooler with most ares staying in the upper 50's., a little cooler for the mountains.

Your forecast for chattanooga is looking cloudy, but mainly dry for your thursday.

After a cool start in the 40's, highs will stay in the upper 50's to near 60 with a late shower possible.

Your hullco weather window is looking very nice with a look at the hunter full moon from last night sent in by connie simmerley.

Thanks connie for sending it in.

That's our hullco weather window, nightly on prime news at 7 and news 12 in the morning.

"you're watching prime news at 7.

Your news now."

Halloween is almost here, and that means pumpkin carving for many folks.

But which type of pumpkin is easiest to work with?

In this week's mom to mom segment, we'll get some tips on how to pick out the best one.

Sarah pannell: it's pumpkin picking time, and we're going to help you pick the best pumpkin in the patch.

Hey, moms. we're here at one of my favorite places, the pumpkin patch.

I've got kevin evans here.

Kevin, my kids love picking out pumpkins.

I don't know what i'm looking for in a pumpkin.

What should you look for?

What should you not look for?

Kevin evans: if you get a pumpkin that's got a nice color to it and a nice, good, stiff, dark green handle is what you kind of look for, your ideal thing.

That's kind of what you're after.

This one here, it's got a lot of bug damage.

The insects ate on them where we didn't spray at the very end.

This last one here, you see, compared to these, it's a lighter color, the stem's all wiry, and that's what you really want to avoid.

You're after this nice, hard shell.

If you got a nice, dark stem that's solid, even if it's faded out some, if it's solid, that gives you a good idea the insides are pretty good yet.

Sarah pannell: it all boils down to firmness here and firmness here.

Kevin evans: and a little luck.

Sarah pannell: these pumpkins are your carving pumpkins?

Kevin evans: yes.

Sarah pannell: you don't make pies out of these pumpkins?

Kevin evans: 99% of them are for carving.

Sarah pannell: gotcha.

Kevin evans: they're a soft shell, so they're not a hard shell.

As far as cooking, we use a lot of the pie pumpkins, but these are mostly carving.

Sarah pannell: all right, kevin.

Thank you so much for joining us.

You've given us some great tips.

Kevin evans: thank you.

Sarah pannell: all right, moms. connect with me on facebook, and i'll see you all next week.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at covenant college on lookout mountain from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Still looking colorful and gorgeous from high atop lookout mountain on our epb fiberoptic weather cam network, courtesy of our chi memorial camera.

Our current surface map, high pressure just to our northeast is still in control with dry and cool weather around with pretty quiet conditions but not for too much longer.

More clouds and rain over texas, the plains and the gulf coast will continue to build up and will become a factor for us later in the week as remants from a pacific hurricane willa join forces with that southwest moisture.

Our five state futurecast shows increasing clouds from the southwest later tonight and still cool with lows in the 40's.

The winning streak ends thursday with increasing clouds and cooler weather many of us staying in the upper 50's to aropund 60 with showers to the southwest.

Areas of rain will pour in and move northeast thursday night and into friday as well with temperatures stayin quite raw and chilly almost everywhere.

Around chattanooga, more clouds and cooler for thursday in the upper 50's with rainy, raw and wet weather friday.

A real paperboy's nightmare!.

More on your extecded forecast coming right up so stay tuned!

Looking ahead weather wise shows lots of clouds, cool, but a little drier for saturday.

A few more showers may move through for sunday.

Temperatures will stay well below normal for awhile as well.

Cloudy and continued wet fridaynight with a few spotty leftover showers but even though saturday will stay cloudy, it won't be as wet.

Supercast shows an area of low pressure moving out of the gulf with lots of rain for friday miving through the eastern part of the country and more unsettled late in the weekend as a few more rotating showers may move through later sunday.

Drier and continued cool weather returns for much of next week with more below normal temperatures for the next several days so keep the jackets handy for awhile through halloween.

Another area of rain will move in from the west later next week, especially for next friday.

From the epb fiberoptic weather center, our storm team 12 7 day forecast shows more clouds and cooler weather for thursday with highs only in the upper 50's to near 60.

Clouds, wet and chilly weather returns thursday night and friday with highs driopping into the low 50's.

Still unsettled and quite cool for some of the weekend as well with a few more rotating showers later sunday.

Still cool, but drier for the first half of next week.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee point and 153 from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Thanks for joining us for prime news at 7.

We'll be back at 11.

Coming up on news 12 now at 6..

A former hamilton county corrections

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