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Firefighter has been handed a 20 year sentence.

We'll tell you why coming up.

More drug charges have been brought against a hamilton county corrections officer.

We'll give you all the details.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."


Thank you for waking up with us i'm kay blevins!

And i'm jamal williams. chip joins us now for our first look at today's weather.

Cool temperatures this morning in the 40s for the your umbrella possibly for tfn while sorry to rain on your parade small but it's good to b literally rain on your interview wet one before the internet rai though we are still watching temperatures fairly cool for this morning 420 and only now 50 in chattanooga and up in dayton as we had to the rest of the morning temperatures really aren't expected to change all that much about high clouds in our area ahead of all the showers that are keeping us early in the beauty that untying radar right now that all cloud cover over the top of us coming is at this rain and i'll let yo know more about that including how much work it in the city, the minute ... but still ... what will the board your web way in very mile marker 140 that should be rep about you book called a little bit of what i'm about.

My are out early on the first the clipboard issued a report on you your major or secondary roadway being a 12 but it brought about by the human studio workss of litter was picked up from dalton and whitfield county roadways.

Now, the city is trying to change that through stronger enforcement.

So, if you get caught littering, don't expect a warning, expect a citation loaded with fines of 200 to 1,000 dollars.

A former firefighter in whitfield county got sentenced on child molestation charges... william taylor white pleaded guilty in a whitfield county courtroom to 3 charges.

That was part of a plea deal.

The judge gave him a 20 year sentence, but that includes 15 years of probation.

So he will spend a total of 5 years in prison.

White was originally charged with multiple counts of child molestation involving a child younger than 16.

He was arrested last year at the whitfield county fire department.

More drug charges were added yesterday against a hamilton county corrections officer.

The sheriff's office arrested corrections corporal kaquience williams after she was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop.

After a review of the incident, williams was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

According to an affidavit, deputies found meth and cocaine in her car.

Williams was booked tuesday night and later released on a 3 thousand dollar bond.

She is currently on administrative leave.

One person is dead after getting hit on dayton pike yesterday.

The hamilton county sheriff's office says it happened around 7:30.

Medics pronounced the person dead on the scene.

Their name has not been released.

A portion of ashland terrace in red bank shut down yesterday and will stay closed until december.

The city of red bank started the project to fix a drainage culvert that runs underneath the street.

Ashland terrace is completely closed from dayton boulevard to tacoma avenue and detours have drivers going through residential streets.

Some residents are worried about drivers speeding through the neigborhood.

One said the detours aren't that big of a deal.

Its no problem, i just have to go around the block.

Its not bothering me that much...just be careful be safe, be slow, and remember we're here.

The city of red bank was not available for comment on why the construction project will take so long to complete.

A full map of detour routes is linked on our website, wdef dot com.

There's a new member of the cross country and track teams at the university of tennessee at chattanooga.

And this athlete is special.

7-year-old levi smith has muscular dystrophy.

The nonprofit known as "team impact" partnered with the u-t-c running mocs to officially sign levi on to the team.

The child's mother says this is a dream come true for her son.

Andy meyer/xc coach: "having levi there reminds everybody that, you know what, no matter what the result it, no matter how good or how bad you race, there's something bigger for you to be involved with other than just how did i perform."

Levi is the third team impact member to join the mocs and athletic director mark wharton hopes there will be many more.

Now for the forecast, here's chip chapman.

We begin with a lo h is on the way we've got a prett big stretch reaching all the wa up from arkansas down to the gulf coast this area).

Circ relation that remains from what was hurricane will add that form the pacific been moved to mexico now bringing his rains closer to us will see this continue to push off to the north northeast will get that rain tonight turning at nine this evening for that though i share with you tonight's today' local weather we know this was aceof the hunter moon from tuesday night one of the larger full moons that we be any full midcycle picture there and nation right now temperatures i sitting pretty comfortable for your morning 500 and down in el paso little cooler out toward the east coast 30s up in new york and in grand rapids as well with that here in phoenix and you know where watching the rain start to make a change in our work asked this and that lo- pressure center that bill off of the gulf coast that is what remains of her willa as we see with the warm friend that is ahead of that storm as well that the numbers warmer temperatures ahead of the rain moving in there not really gonna reach us levels seasonably cool for this time of your temperatures below average others that were still under the influence of hype ushered making things a little quiet here but it is on its way out also still moving to north northeast breaking out the hour by hour when a high of 590 in scenic city will have at about pm but will say cloudy for the majority of day rain start evening at 9 pm heading out some of those games that were rescheduled from yes tomorrow to today and why keep an umbrella any as well specially for the fourth orders and heading home next two days more of the same story 540 is your high for your friday mostly cloudy cool and rainy for your day as well doesn't very change very much a we head into saturday either 57 for your saturday another overcast is rather chilly day showers does decrease the will see the starts taper off saturday morning just a slight chance saturday afternoon but with those rain total legacy rain totals pushing about 2 inches by the time it all said and done here in chattanooga looking it about just over just close to 2 inches by the time were done with that though we are in receipt pretty decent amount of rain falling feature cast showing this without still continuing to hang around to th rest of the day showers start to creep in by the afternoon hours than overnight they really start to ramp up with the heaviest rain falling out to 30 friday morning and into tomorrow morning for your commute as well they had gone out here by the friday afternoon without notice was another wet and dreary day highs not kick highs not getting very warm tomorrow when you look your 70 forecast from the abb 5 onyx weather ctr is 13 1270 forecast pretty rainy for the next few days then we start quite a little bit 57 is your high on saturday 62 on sundays we start if you want to sunshine but rain chances you hang on both monday as well and today in the 40s about the good news is this by the time hollowing rules around the wednesday we should be clear and dry for your holiday so not too bad once into the middle of it's always so good when you don't have to take the trick-or- treaters out and it's pouring out is a good thing that's getting to the past weekend weekend and whether you hollowing which is all unlock the are coming up next haley's going to have our birthing announcements plus we have our friends in the salvation army here to the archangel program wrong in collaborate together now for today's birthdays, we send it over to chip.

The time now is ---------.

--- degrees outside, looking for a high today cindy stover is turning 58 toda happy birthday cindy from saudi to integrate for a relaxing on a hill turned 84th day happy birthday to you have the best day ever data morgan turns 26 today have a great birth the data we have jordan mclendon wh turned in happy birthday jordan family says that they love you and have a good day we've got another birthday kiara that the day as well have a pretty kiara will be had a great day ... kylie rain pendergrass turns five years old today as well as she is our last birthday happy birth day kylie clear is 12 we partner with victory to give you a one particular to the lucky winner if he was all right your birthday with us we should an nation in photo of yourself for elevated save the winner of that is olivia g trim congrats olivia will be have a cake to make your day we heard to claim your prize down the news of videos and 300 broa street got 11 standing by tulsa or celebration going on the foundation army and their angels nigel christmas is right around the corner believe it or not in the salvation army help to help these families as we celebrate and honor them and give them help them with christmas during this angel tre program for me now if kimberly george can warning how are you being interviewed here this morning registration just began angel tree grant and were starting early but to get on something guys get done finished absolutely so now we are in our angel tree applications eight that means those who are in need to be placed on the angel tree for their children or senior citizens are coming to us and telling us what their children need telling us their sizes all of that and so this week through november 2 we will be taking angel tree application so if you're watching in your in need delete come out and you get registered because after november 2 you're not able to be on the angel tree cause one week later will be in the malls and angel trees will be open if you're watching and i'm you wan to be a part of it we have a real you're able to take the angel tree to your company or your church or your school and you can actually adopt 20 or 30 you know in your company and so that we can go ahead and check those out and then bring them back to your company and then the salvation army is up on but we will be at hamilton place mall northgate mall and bradley square mall again this year with our angel trees were excited at such an important program and seven cats and is out there would not have christmas if it wasn't for you guys people would you say in our community are your guys how right so we each year have about 4500 to 5 each year have about 4500 to 5000 individuals that are on our angel trees i'm so that's just the children in the senior citizens now worse we give them a box of food for the family so that they have a christmas meal and have groceries throughout the time were school is closed for christmas so when you count the families and that number that numbers you it's in thousands almost 10,000 folks want to help and they do not want to adopt an angel that i want to get some monetary donations i want to help any wa they can to help writer for some of these folks what should i do use semi-different ways when they can give the time the time is just as important and so we need bellringer as we need helping us at the angel trees on but if they want to give monetary support they can drop a little extra in the red kettles we were not to start ringing bells on november 9 as well are ready we are ready ready velvet right media battled about but we a great program called lesser back pack and stuff a stocking so you don't want to go out and actually purchase items specific for an angel this talking's go to senior citizens at low incom high-rises and so we give you suggestion less crossword puzzles your tissues toiletry items and you can.

Usually about $25 to stuff a stocking where the backpacks are for our homeless population and we had a lot of backpacks still need to be adopted we give you a brand- new backpack empty you bring it back full and so it your typical items for your homeless and we give you a suggestion less on but all of that can be found on our website and we have you that the backpacks the stockings on you go to our website see how what you need to bring to registration and also to get those dates but please if you're in need get registered before the number second or kimberly if you need that help us christmas and i'm pleased to have her november 2 that they will see much more in the coming weeks and we are kind of the heart of the event every with a thank you we were just talking about it i think it's 21 years wonderful i is and tied to the army angel tree program is wonderful what you guys do a knife you need some more information there's a website right there with us morning.

Your news now."

Rain wont start till this evening so that's not too big of an issue.

Mostly cloudy skies all day and we see rain totals start to ramp up this evening.

Looking at accumulations of an inch or more by the time friday morning rolls around, then it starts to slow down.

Futrecast keepin the chance of showers there for saturday and sunday as well and we stay mostly cloudy.

And now... your time saver traffic report... let's take a live look now from our camera in soddy-daisy as three that is currently the onl act around the valley we are aware that before what should be wrapping up around 7 am central time but bought your left white bill ball marker 140.

Only area to be in monteagle all your major roadways with your computer right now though ... m around the corner and we are talking to checking the ghost toward the mirror being recognized nationally as one of the best "legal stores in the country anything shook him the smalltalk will more about you so much for you little bit about what you guys do here in the tennessee valley we do a couple different things we do walking ghost wars through downtown where we tell you about data ghost show people best places t take us pictures and tell him some attending this more entertaining history on the way we also do ghost hunts are more like the investigations that yo see on television with all the we do those three utc's campus and now the citizens lots of different ghost stories to tell sure there are one is one touring affects that comment where they want to hear each time while the repast the senate's most famous ghost in and the deva so they always want to hear about that one regresses just finished up there renovations their new lobby the whole areas and that apparently has stirred their ghost up a little bit because they have been having some some difficulty is understand what the original room 311 which is the most haunted room and have just on the only hunted part of the disc must talk to you about that randomly just a little bit and you were one history just about chattanooga doing it going to wait so we all like his note people asked me sometimes i was the use money and jump there is no we don't do any of the fake stuff we think that the real ghost or are scarier here is galapagos you tell someone recently we've in the past month we've gotten several national awards good morning america and abc news both called us one of the most popular and fastest growing ghost with one of the top 10 most popular this is going to stores in the us half beautiful gave us the same award usa today just couple days ago came out with the story the 10 cemeteries in the country where you're most likely see ghost and that was for ghost hunt and then country living named us one of the 20 ghost wars that will scare the pants off globals awards of course this always is is we are without what we did was we add towards as a as we get booked up so we've added several several of our towards this week and have already filled out but we do have a still available and it was an excellent information which they do they can go to ou website@chattanoogaghosttou... m or call us at 423 800 998 and because the stores are looking at this just people trampled we sure are right go and all one goes towards early so that we get your space and get your scare in its general stores will want to go should ou morning will now come your way hamilton county corrections officer.

We'll give you all the details.

A former whitfield county firefighter has been handed a 20 year sentence.

We'll tell you why coming up.

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 right now forecast.

Outclassed by the total minutes new storms that morning about now we are so this on the thursday morning calm before the storm well does the rain come i and store effective but yes lots of rain and haley this morning and write a ship is off the rest of the week in the morning glad you're here this morning i do with that so much rain are we really going to about 2 inches stitched line i said range of all my the to talk about renal writing i just out the window getting in and out on the that and ending up on the umbrella tomorrow as well tonight has been moved to thursday night an friday night do not try to avoid the rain and unfortunately they're still getting it a pretty good dousing for the second half of some of those games right now across the area for your morning temperatures 4 still in cleveland 50 still in chattanooga 49 down the middle 55 up in monteagle little warme outward flat so but that is going to change any hurry that afternoon right outside radar is quiet across the area by a wider look shows the showers are starting to creep our way early only west this area is low- pressure circulation is the remains of what was hurricane willa that made landfall in mexico and has now pushed over the gulf coast and nothing to bring all the moisture work in us the slowly to make its way towards the north north east to bring storms into our area by the time night and into tomorrow morning rolls around on more details on that, not rex carter with little traffic or a elementary way to three and also got a broken vehicle at according to an affidavit, deputies found meth and cocaine in her car.

Williams was booked tuesday night and later released on a 3 thousand dollar bond.

She is currently on administrative leave.

One person is dead after getting hit on dayton pike yesterday.

The hamilton county sheriff's office says it happened around 7:30.

Medics pronounced the person dead on the scene.

Their name has not been released.

You may not believe it, but cleveland tennessee is one of the few major cities in our area where package stores are banned.

A local business owner wants to change that, with a slogan of "vote yes 4 cleveland."

Not everyone is in favor of the idea.

But john sheehan says the money spent on liquor can either go to cleveland and bradley county, or it can go to a neighboring county.

And i didn't even know that they did, and then when i looked at the prices they were charging, i said to myself, well this is an inconvenience tax, this is ridiculous for the people in polk county, and of course, i drink spirits, and i typically would go to hamilton county, and it made me start saying, this is chttp: that referundum is november 6th.

Georgia election officials must stop rejecting absentee ballots, because of a mismatched signature.

That's what a federal judge is saying.

The judge says officials have to give voters a chance to fix the problem.

In the governor's race, this voting issue and others like voter registration, have taken center stage.

In catoosa county, election officials say they had to reject 15 absentee ballots.

They say one problem is people forget to sign their ballot all together.s "we actually pull the registration card up, we look at it and make sure the signatures match.

And normally that is what happens, people just don't follow instructions."

The federal judge says election officials will have until noon on thursday to comment.

That deadline is in case they think her absentee ballot order is confusing or unworkable.

There's a new member of the cross country and track teams at the university of tennessee at chattanooga.

And this athlete is special.

7-year-old levi smith has muscular dystrophy.

The nonprofit known as "team impact" partnered with the u-t-c running mocs to officially sign levi on to the team.

The child's mother says this is a dream come true for her son.

Andy meyer/xc coach: "having levi there reminds everybody that, you know what, no matter what the result it, no matter how good or how bad you race, there's something bigger for you to be involved with other than just how did i perform."

Levi is the third team impact member to join the mocs and athletic director, mark wharton, hopes there will be many more.

Now for the forecast, here's chip chapman.

T now protected her for countless postings over to these guys silly thing i said there across both the tennessee in the rest of the nation is well if you degrees in chattanooga right no 51 and 80 8054 in dallas so pretty standard october morning temperatures for us right now that we are watching the remain of ricky willis still spinning off of the louisiana coast center low-pressure now warm front attach that is the warmer temperatures in front of all that rain but here were out kind of in a clash of two air masses between this high area of high pressure in the rain moving in from willow with that though the argosy rain starts moving late this afternoon so your golfers work asked if you want to go out and maybe hit the ball later the staff are new you want to do it early today mostly cloudy and all day your highest if the nine winter be out of the southeast at about 5 to 10 mile an hour ... kaylee nix >> what you want to get range ... fairly early once you have out because of that rain moving in reason to start later this afternoon after we had the highest 590 mostly cloudy for pretty much your entire day 52 by the time 11 emeralds around the safeties are here to day and i'll say more about that 70 day and i'll say more about that 70 from the ep fiberoptics weather centers from team 1270 work asked 50s on the card until the monday until sunday rain starts tonight and last friday and into latter-day as well 40s a four year lows but then sunday we see more pics of sunshine bu the chisel shower still hangs around 86 for the time monday rolls around in the air out for tuesday and for your hollowing 64 with sunshine on time hollowing rolls around the vicinity denies out there will be right back and become researchers and other chattanooga film fest: "the load your world almost always in the realm of the year really need an excuse to watch horror films and but if you do with government special for you christopher is here with vessel for frightening film for the coming up this weekend for sure is what you said is the best time of year t to gently scared with peers in room for you to pick out some o the energy would be showing all the effort for us to try to mix it up and do a few classics favored fans before reaching fo rooms but we also believe in finding cut of the newest and the most wonderful things that are out there worldnot just this country but the world and find incredible stuff and bring us folks will have a chance to see him in the theater your longer is a circle okay so were some o the new movies that the progress of one of my favorite things were showing such japanese made zombie comedy one could basically have the approach lik play and it's such a on just incredibly cool sure with an audience because of some good laughs and lectures scares and to me it's a great example of why i love charlotte which cut out 10 out with no costume drama no offense are at so it would go with all the horror films and you're trying to draw people in the white skier are some people that love for sure in there some people that don't around following everyone will go absolutely you know what i don't mean to want to to trauma and we really i believe that what a lot of work and you can find a more family- friendly side of the marathon o a kids tv show article are you afraid of the dark which tends to the woods to oysters story t use the love is given our first just the by that show that got it so there's things that are kind of on the softer side like that and there's things that vader may be as much of drama a they are or phone you starfish the end of this week.

Ours over phone possible to be this weekend sure enough and wears a friends at chattanooga hospital article for strep uterine bedbug domestic use the kingdom and motherless stuff coming up this weekend if you want to hold something at work in the pond i'm glad you asked just chat first got a work cards will be looking to get your scare on this we can go to check them both out or is plenty of great movies for you to check out come this way so much more our display morning slope now comin right now are watching high house in our area not be much it that is the early weekly as we had this afternoon and into the evening future cash arenas clouds hanging around to the rest of your morning then once we get about noon we see a couples body showers starting t pick up that as we had later in the afternoon here comes the rain really to start with you by the time i ambles around to all those football games that i looted tonight you're still do want the umbrella in the rain jacket and the heaviest rain is the fall for your overnight hours and into tomorrow morning as well then once we get to saturday we do are out just a little bit more for your super cassie argosy you drier days ahead but it is reasonably cool and with that ahead of all this rain if you want to go out your sources forecaster workday enemy even day to go out and get the wire beer so that you want to get out of there before the rain hit this afternoon mostly cloudy and cool for your date with those late day showers temperatures in the 50s and winds, to later this evening that is any and i stay once we get her once we see this concert with it and then the rain comes to this new niceit was this ween chattanooga's charles coolidge decided to take a stand as he fought a german tank force in france.

Coolidge is now 97 years old, and the only living medal of honor recipient in tennessee.

Yesterday, county mayor jim coppinger presented a proclamation to him.

Coolidge is being honored for holding off the enemy...becoming a true american hero.

He was a twenty three year old young man at the time, and this is 74 years later, which, that in itself is a miracle.

The charles h.

Coolidge medal of honor heritage center will soon be built near the aquarium.

Up next, your final check of traffic and weather.

But first, here's a look at what's to come on cbs this morning.

And now... your time saver traffic report... and now... your time saver traffic report... jordan times truck and only like an old i have been doing with a broken automobile riverside avenue your comp great out but looking pretty good overall no issues or for for your major roadway to the bill will go i got vibe before the looking at about 12 drivetime bell held from four ... unit studio especially here's what that look at your forecast for today breaking out our my hour mostly cloudy for your whole day coming thursday i 590 for today been showers and storms start to this evening by about eight or 9 pm severe head out oneness of all games it was for today keep the umbrella of the range at any rate i wanted rain hangs around all through tonight really picking up early tomorrow morning and ask run fo your writing as well 540 for that friday hi los cloudy cool and rainy same thing for saturday as well such as any dreary days 570 for your saturday and overcast and chill day once again by the rain should start to taper off as we had leader into saturday after noon other than that once we get to these next two days of rain 70 forecast looks pretty good piece of sunshine coming in sunday into monday and tuesday we really start to clear out and we are clear cool and dry for your hollowing soulless kiddos are getting ready to plan the costumes do not need the extra jacket the news there for you and ready to go out for the holiday that is really good news though excited about no rain no rain during the holocaust do we could we do were getting is i is prior to volunteer in it to him and he aware of how it really right i let the reek of the rare white bengal tiger ever shown to the public on tuesday the will born early october and they're so small there is already been open and they just squeaked as they tried to crawl around the progress one zookeeper just as the birth of these codes is amazing cool are in this story just kind of wasn't mine are one california man attempted to use a blowtorch to kill a black widow's fighter minor with outside the man took a blowtorch of brick exterior of his parents house one of the breaks to crack which allowed for the items inside to catch fire the second story of the house in the attic were damaged goods if you was do not take a blowtorch to your parents not a good idea like spiders but i don't know if i would go so far as the spiral was outside it was his parents house and why would you kill a single spider with the book very much their okay for the fire department definitely advises against so don't ever try fact that they have to say that is scary and common sense advice.

A single spider making uncledon't like spiders ... if he has a way i can guarantee the siblings all just a doing and he wasn't at the go in digital video cable the story still exactly thousands of

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