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KIMT News 3 @ 4 12-11-18

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KIMT News 3 @ 4 12-11-18KIMT News 3 @ 4

KIMT News 3 @ 4 12-11-18

A search warrant lands seven people behind bars.

What authorities found in this rochester home.

/ preshow headline 2-wx-2 i'm tracking a wintry mix tonight that may impact wednesday morning's commute.

I've got the timing and impacts coming up.

/ shutdown headline-sotvo-1 shutdown headline-sotvo-3 and you want to shut it down, no no no, you keep talking about it.

Shutdown showdown.

What led to this heated exchange in the oval office.

/ discovery headline-vo-1 discovery headline-vo-3 plus...we're giving you the first look inside a building that will be at the center of a major economic development initiative in rochester.

These stories and more on kimt news three first at four.

/ drug bust setup-vo-2 thanks for joining us...i'm raquel hellman.

First this afternoon...sev en people are behind bars...after a drug bust in rochester.

Drug bust setup-vo-1 drug bust setup-vo-3 it all started yesterday.

Kimt news three was on the scene while authorities searched this home on 21st avenue northwest...bec ause they thought it may be a meth lab.

While it didn't turn out to be a lab...what they did find...drug paraphernalia and eighty grams of meth.

/ drug bust-grx-3 now...we're learning seven people have been arrested...and they're all facing multiple charges.

Drug bust-grx-4 for a full list of what charges they're each facing...head over to kimt dot com and look for this story under local news.

/ car chase-grx-5 a car chase spanning two north iowa counties is landing a man behind bars.

Car chase-grx-2 car chase-grx-3 it all started when a sergeant tried to stop a truck near where the avenue of the saints intersects with interstate 35 in cerro gordo county.

That pursuit continued for about 25 miles...until stop sticks were used to stop the truck in worth county.

Car chase-grx-4 authorities say this man...29- year-old adam collings...was driving the truck.

He's facing several charges...includ ing eluding and theft.

/ it's a cloudy but quiet day across our area.

But our kimt stormteam three meteorologists are tracking a system that could cause some slick conditions for your commute tomorrow morning.

Let's check in with meteorologist brandon libby for the details...brando n what can we expect?xxx first look at wx-main-4 tonight: mostly cloudy/isolated wintry mix.

Lows: near 20.

Winds: southeast becoming northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday: isolated am wintry mix/mostly cloudy.

Highs: upper 20's.

Winds: west northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday night: mostly cloudy.

Lows: lower 20's.

Winds: south at 4 to 8 mph.

Thanks brandon.

An albert lea woman is recovering today after she was hit by a car last night.

Ped crash-grx-2 it happened just after 8-30 at the intersection of bridge avenue and sheridan street.

Police say the 79-year old was crossing bridge avenue when she was hit by a car driven by an eighteen-year- old.

The woman is expected to be okay.

The crash is under investigation but police say drugs or alcohol don't appear to be involved.

/ happening open house about a plan to improve that same road where that crash happened.

Bridge ave meeting-vbox-1 bridge ave meeting-vbox-4 freeborn county and the city of albert lea are proposing to reconstruct bridge avenue between marshall street and hammer road.

That's the part you see in red on your screen.

Construction is set to begin in 20-20...but plans are already in the works.

An open house is being held tonight...where you can see initial concept drawings of the proposal.

It starts in less than an five o'clock and goes until albert lea city hall.

/ tense moments at the shite house this afternoon...ove r the budget and border security.

As steve nannes shows was an oval office discussion that turned into a heated debate...all while the cameras were shutdown tues-pkg-1 shutdown tues-pkg-2 a stunning showdown in the oval office i am proud to shut down the government for border security as president donald trump and democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer appear to be at a stalemate over a spending bill... setting up a potential shutdown next week.

Shutdown tues-pkg-3 the one thing i think we can agree on is we don't want to shut down the government over a dispute.

And you want to shut it down.

You keep talking about it.

Shutdown tues-pkg-4 the last time chuck, you shut it down : no, no no.

At issue - how much money will be allocated for president trump's border wall.

The president wants five billion dollars pres.

Donald trump: this is not a question.

This is a national emergency.

A majority of senators are willing to put up 1.6 billion.

Shutdown tues-pkg-5 there are no votes, in the house, a majority of votes, for a wall, no matter where you start.

Shutdown tues-pkg-6 both sides indicate they are unwilling to budge.

Pelosi - the likely incoming speaker, emboldened by big gains in the midterms - challenged the president to move forward right now -- let me say one thing.

The fact is that you don't have the votes in the house.

Donald trump:nancy, i do.

We need border security.

It's simple.

But republican leaders don't yet have the support for trump's plan - and it's unlikely the president will find a willing partner in pelosi or schumer this temper tantrum that he seems to throw will not get him his wall and it will hurt a lot of people because it will cause a shutdown.

The deadline for reaching a deal is december 21st in washington, i'm steve nannes.

/ it's the plan to make rochester the global destination for health and wellness... destination medical center.

One major part of the plan is called discovery square...a 16- block sub- district designed to be a hub for science and research.

Kimt news three's calyn thompson is getting a sneak peak of discovery square's first building.

She joins us live from our rochester studio with a look at it...calyn?xxx discovery square tour-bmintro-2 raquel - it's hard to believe the groundbreaking of discovery square was just a little over a year ago.

Those with d- m-c refer to discovery square as the 'economic engine' of the downtown rochester area... take a look at the first building of the discovery square tour-minipkg-1 discovery square tour-minipkg-2 it's called the "one discovery square" building and it stands four floors tall.

Community leaders got a look on the inside of the 23-million dollar building.

Each floor will be used by different entities... like mayo clinic - university of minnesota- rochester and other partner companies.

Discovery square tour-minipkg-3 discovery square is for this community... often times people think it's just medical or it's just science... there's really something in discovery square for everyone.

/ discovery square tour-bmintro-2 coming up on kimt news 3 at five... hear just how discovery square benefit the community as part of d-m-c.

Reporting in the rochester studio, calyn thompson, kimt news 3.

/ thanks calyn.

The other two major priorities of d-m-c are heart of the city and transportation.

/ next on kimt news three first at you can safely get rid of old christmas lights.

Bc guidelines tease-vo-1 bc guidelines tease-vo-2 alarming new study about breast cancer.

Why nearly half of women who are at a high risk for the disease may not be getting tested.

/ breast cancer guidelines-grx-2 breast cancer guidelines-grx-3 one in eight women will get breast cancer at somepoint in her life.

So chances know someone who's been impacted by the disease.

Breast cancer guidelines-grx-4 lets take a look at these estimates from the american cancer society for 20-18.

This year...there was more than 266- thousand new cases of invasive breast cancer.

And nearly 64- thousand new cases of non- invasive breast cancer.

And by the end of the year...nearly 41-thousand women will have died from the disease.

/ alarming new study finds current breast cancer guidelines are out of date.

And as andy rose shows us...its putting women at breast cancer guidelines-pkg-1 breast cancer guidelines-pkg-2 current guidelines for genetic testing of breast cancer are out of date and limits the number of women who can get tested.

That's according to a new study in the journal of clinical oncology.

A co-author of the study says insurance companies use those guidelines when deciding when to pay for testing.

The result: nearly half of women with breast cancer- linked genetic defects could go untested.

The national comprehensive cancer network established the guidelines about 20 years ago.

In that time, scientists have discovered several mutations and genetic variants linked to the disease.

The test has also become easier to do... and a lot cheaper.

While the guidelines also evolved, the co-author of the study says they quote "got incredibly complicated" and "unusable."

Approximately 330,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the united states.

Of these cases, an estimated 10% are likely due to hereditary causes for today's health minute... i'm andy rose.

/ as you break out your old christmas lights...or buy new ones... rochester public utilities wants to remind you that they have a place for your unwanted string lights.

Rpu lights-vo-1 rpu lights-vo-2 since 20-11...r- p-u has recycled over 14 thousand pounds of christmas lights...and they hope to keep the momentum going.

Here's how it works.

You can bring your lights in and drop them off in any of these bins.

Then they're transferred to other larger bins where watson recycling comes and picks them up.

It's become a holiday tradition those at r-p-u look forward rpu lights-sot-1 rpu lights-sot-2 "it's always fun to see the lighting that's 20 30 years old that people have probably had stored forever and forgot about and they bring it in and those can be easily recycled just like the light strands from just 5 years ago."

Another way you can keep this christmas green is by buying energy efficient holiday lights or decorations.

And r-p-u offers a rebate for those who do so.

/ it's the time of year when we all need a warm winter coat.

And there are a lot of options out coat tease-sotvo-1 coat tease-sotvo-2 when you're trying to keep warm you're really trying to keep the warm air your body is producing from escaping.

We'll take you inside the wearable technology lab at the university of minnesota...and show you how to choose a coat that will really keep you

/ weather: wx tease-wx cntr-2 your full stormteam 3 forecast is coming up next.

Community calendar 2-grx-2 community calendar 2-grx-3 weather with anchor-main-4 weather with anchor-main-5 weather with anchor-main-3 some sunshine today led to some snow melt but cloud cover quickly returned and is here to stay for a couple of days.

Late tonight, a weak disturbance pushes in and even though lows will be near 20, thanks to lack of ice in some clouds, we may see an isolated wintry mix in the form of freezing drizzle and eventually turning to light flurries.

This may be problematic for tomorrow morning's commute as the precipitation will be on and off through 9 am.

This may coat some streets and sidewalks with a small layer of ice so again, use caution while driving.

Most of the isolated wintry mix will be in southern minnesota and to the northeast but north iowa may see a glancing blow of this activity.

Otherwise, we return to upper 20's wednesday despite cloud cover.

Clouds remain thursday with highs in the lower 30's.

A slight chance for a wintry mix returns for thursday evening, this time more so to the southeast.

Sunshine returns friday through monday with partly cloudy skies for sunday as highs linger in the lower to mid 30's.

Tonight: mostly cloudy/isolated wintry mix.

Lows: near 20.

Winds: southeast becoming northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday: isolated am wintry mix/mostly cloudy.

Highs: upper 20's.

Winds: west northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday night: mostly cloudy.

Lows: lower 20's.

Winds: south at 4 to 8 mph.

Thanks brandon.

/ winter coat-intro-2 winter coat-intro-4 our forecast for this week looks pretty mild for this time of year.

But no doubt...there will be plenty of snow...wind...and bitter cold in store for us this season.

So it's important to find that perfect winter coat.

But before you spend a ton of money on a coat for yourself or maybe for a gift...liz collin is going inside a saint paul lab to find out what really works to keep you winter coat-pkg-1 winter coat-pkg-3 "we're trying to figure out how much heat to supply to your body for your fingertips to stay warm."

Winter coat-pkg-2 a counter-top tucked in the back of the university of minnesota's wearable technology lab holds a few wires and special stitching... "it's actually using the current in the conductive thread to generate heat."

And perhaps the secret to staying warm through our long winters.

"when you're trying to keep warm you're really trying to keep the warm air that your body is producing from escaping."

Professor of apparel design, lucy dunne is in the first of a three-year research project to create what's called a personal micro-climate: delivering heat to our bodies to keep us comfortable no matter the conditions.

Minus all the cords, dunne give us a rundown of what works and what doesn't in a crowded market of winter coats.

"while it is important you have an insulating material it's more important that the design of the garment is also keeping your body heat in.

" dunne says we should first focus on layers and edges.

Look for elasticized cuffs, draw strings, fuzzy or fur edges on coats.

Anything that keeps material closer to your body to block drafts.

"it actually looks like it's pretty insulated.

It's a warm coat?

Yeah it's not too bad."

On a 20-degree day, with infrared camera in hand, "you need a scarf by the looks of this thing."

We set out on campus to see what coats and jackets do a good job keeping students warm.

"can we test your coats really quick?"

Some materials tested better than others- "it's from old navy.

I got it on sale."

"but it does look like are your arms a little colder?"


Yellow shows what's cool.

"you're bright yellow on your hands and your neck."

The darker shades are what you want.

"i got it this year so it's pretty new."

This columbia coat did well.

But, look at the difference zipping it up makes.

"feels good.

I'm cozy."

On my facebook page, friends suggested brands from carhart to northface.

While heather brown and i prefer full-on sleeping bags this time of year.

"a stylish sleeping bag ."

"it's all about balancing the aesthetic and the thermal comfort."

And to our surprise, thermal comfort isn't as costly as you might expect.

Dunne suggests giving that 90- dollar coat a second look before spending 950 dollars.

Ta "you can trap air very cheaply or trap it in very expensive ways but in the end it's really just insulation..."

Dunne believes down is a good insulator and says it doesn't have to be the real thing to to work.

"practically you probably won't feel the difference between down and fiber fill.

"if you pack it down that makes it less insulating than if it has more loft."

Wool also ranks high on her list in a wet snow scenario.

It can absorb about half of its weight in water without feeling wet.

"we put people in cold rooms and see how comfortable they are."

Back to that personal micro-climate project, where there's a big goal: designing clothes that let us turn down the heat.

"we're heating all these rooms that we don't use.

If we can make you feel as comfortable in a colder room than all that unused heating we have a huge energy savings."

Technology that could one day make the choice for a winter coat even easier.

/ next on kimt news three first at four...we'll show you who time magazine is choosing as the "person of the year."

Time tease-vo-1 time tease-vo-4's c-e-o...grilled by lawmakers.

What he has to say about your data privacy.

/ community calendar 3-grx-2 community calendar 3-grx-3 time poty-vo-2 time poty-vo-4 time magazine has chosen its 20-18 person of the year.

"the guardians...and the war on truth."

Time poty-vo-1 time poty-vo-3 "the guardians" are a group of journalists who have been in the news this year.

There are four different magazine covers.

They include jamal khashoggi...the washington post contributor who was killed at the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul.

He is the first deceased person selected for the honor by time.

Also featured on a cover are the journalists at the capital gazette.

A gunman murdered five employees of the maryland newspaper in june.

The third cover shows maria ressa...the c-e-o of a philippines news website.

The philippines indicted her last month on tax evasion charges.

The final cover features the wives of two journalists who are in jail for reporting on muslim killings in myanmar late last year.

/ data privacy...politic al bias...all major issues the c-e-o of google is being grilled on today by lawmakers on capitol hill.

Kristen holmes has the details from google ceo-pkg-1 google ceo-pkg-2 google c-e-o sun-dar pitch- aye -- in the hot seat nats back and forth testifying on capitol hill in front of the house judiciary committee on tuesday -- stressing that the search giant is politically neutral google ceo-pkg-3 "i lead this company without political bias and work to ensure that our products continue to operate that do otherwise would go against our core principles and our business interests."

Google ceo-pkg-4 after allegations from some republicans-- including president trump--- that the company suppresses conservative voices google ceo-pkg-9 you've heard the allegation that there is a bias in favor of liberal or progressive points of view and against more conservative points of view... google ceo-pkg-6 i assure you we do it without thoughts to political ideology.

Our algorithms have no notion of political sentiment.

And fielding questions on consumer privacy google ceo-pkg-7 : with americans carrying their phones with them at all times, doesn't the collection of this detailed information really mean that google is compiling details about every movement our smart phone is making every hour of every day.

Google ceo-pkg-8 mr chairman for any service we provide our users we go to great lengths to protect their privacy and we give them transparency, choice and control.

Google has eight different platforms -- each with more than one billion monthly users.

Monday--- the tech giant announcing a security breach in one of them -- it's google plus social network -- exposed the personal information of more than 52 million users.

In washington, kristen holmes, kimt news 3.

/ up next on first at four...stormtea m three meteorologist brandon libby will have a look at our forecast.

And...we'll show you what we're working on for kimt news three at five.

/ community calendar 4-grx-2 community calendar 4-grx-3 tonight: mostly cloudy/isolated wintry mix.

Lows: near 20.

Winds: southeast becoming northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday: isolated am wintry mix/mostly cloudy.

Highs: upper 20's.

Winds: west northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday night: mostly cloudy.

Lows: lower 20's.

Winds: south at 4 to 8 mph.

Thanks brandon.

Here's a look at what we're working on for kimt news three at five.

Dental promo-vo-1 dental promo-vo-2 we continue our coverage of the north iowa smile transformation.

A lake mills woman who's faced a lot difficulties in her getting a 50- thousand dollar dental makeover...for free.

We're their today for the next step in her transformation.

/ food pantry promo-vo-1 food pantry promo-vo-2 plus...when you think of people who struggle with hunger...colleg e students probably aren't the first group that comes to mind.

But man undergrads don't always have enough to eat.

We'll show what's being done in our area to make sure local students have food on the table.

/ thanks for joining us for first at four.

Jeopardy is next...and then we'll see you back here for kimt news three at five.

/ dual good bye-2

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