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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 26, 2018

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 26, 2018

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 26, 2018

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we take a close look at why our GPS systems seems to know so much.

And pediatrician Dr. Keith Watson gives advice to parents on what to expect when they bring their child to the doctor.

And we recap 2018's top international stories.


Midmorning With Aundrea - December 26, 2018

Don't let her getever wonder how your gps knows so much.

We look at the technolog.

And, from the pediatrician to the parent.

Dr. watson is here.

Plus, a look back at memorable moments of 2018.

Midmorning starts right now.

Keep you keep your eyes on the road.

And, celebrate sober.

The mississippi highway patrol will have a heavy presence this holiday season to keep a look out for those who decide to drink and drive.

Mhp says they want everyone to have fun this holiday season, but to also be safe and make wise decisions..

Our quentin smith speaks with law enforcement about this increased presence... nat if you decide to drink and drive this holiday season, instead of hearing sleighbells ringing... you may be hearing this... nat and seeing this in your rearview mirror... " people tend to want to hav a good time during the holiday season, but where they make the mistake is when they decide to drink and drive, and that's where they jeopardize their safety and the safety of others."

Mississippi highway patrol sergeant derrick beckom says they'll be stepping up their manpower in the coming weeks to catch those who decide to get behind the wheel intoxicated... "with dui's when someone ha been drinking and driving there are indicators that we look for, it may be the color of blood shot eyes, the smell of the intoxicating beverage is the biggest giveaway right there.

We're trained to know what that smell is like no matter what you do to try and cover it up."

Whenever someone gets pulled over for a dui, beckom says they'll ask the driver to take a breathalyzer test to determine their blood alcohol level..

However, the driver does have the right to refuse the breathalyzer..but doing so will result in an automatic trip down to the jailhouse..

" at that time if you refus that then i don't know how much beverage, or alcoholic beverage you may have consumed, and i don't know what your levels of intoxication may be so at that time i'm going to detain you and take you to the jail and offer you the test again at the jail."

If the person refuses to take the test again at the jail, they'll be charged with dui refusal, a misdemeanor...and they can lose their drivers license for 90 days or longer..

Much always blow into the machine these days as opposed to before the law changed, not to blow into the machine."

David owen has been a practicing attorney for more than three decades and says when it comes to driving under the always comes with a price to pay.... whether that price is spending time behind bars...a damaged vehicle...or paying court fees..

"dui's make your insuranc premium skyrocket, you have to lose your license for certain number of days, you have to go to mississippi school of alcohol safety education program, victim impact panels, it's expensive."

Dui first and second are misdemeanors ... however a third duiis a felony.

The blood alcohol content for those under 21 years old is point zero- two....and for those 21 years or older...the level is point zero-eight... for those of you who spend a lot of time on the road, gps can be a huge help.

Recently, the air force launched the first of a powerful new generation of g- p-s satellites.

The satellite is nicknamed "vespucci," aft america's namesake, explorer amerigo vespucci.

Mark strassmann shows us how the military mission benefits ábillionsá of people on earth.

Everyone from pilots&amp;.to first responders&amp;to everyday drivers on the road --- an estimated four ábillioná people worldwide rely on g-p-s.

Now the u-s air force's system of g-p-s satellites is about to get a long overdue makeover&amp;begin ning with the launch of this five-hundred seventy-seven million dollar satellite.

Gps is really a military system but it has provided incredibly capability for the everyday user."

The satellite&amp;built by lockheed martin&amp; is the first of thirty- two planned g-p- s three satellites that will replace older ones in orbit.

Among its upgrades: a stronger military signal that's harder to jam&amp;and location information that's áthreeá times more accurate.

"the ne satellite also has civilian channels that will improve everything from your ability to drive your car around town to search and rescue operations and the list goes on and on."

Still - the launch comes four years behind schedule.

And many of its key features won't be fully up and running for at least a few more years.

The overarching reason they're running behind schedule is the command and control segment, building the software and the infrastructure on the ground that can talk to these satellites//and do it all at a level of encryption that's simply unprecedented."

Lockheed martin says today's lift off marks the first of what it hopes is a steady flow of satellite launches &amp; with the public feeling the impact of the new and improved system by the end of 20.

I'm mark strassmann.

Stay with us.

Dr. watson is here next on mid morning.

A ip tth a trip to the pediatrician is not just for babies and big kids.

Parents need to ready to see the doctor too.

One of favorite kid docs is here with some advice for parents just about us and select thank you very much so let's begin coming to the orchard vice on time, the whole show on this topic whatever time your appointment is be there about 15 minutes before because i get upset about it but because by the time you sign in and your insurance is entered in the computer brought back to actually see me it takes 15 or 20 minutes my appointment is at one you get there at one skin of the 130 before you get back papers to sign in trends iher in her future urinary patient is a whole bunch of paperwork to fill out the first time if you're brand-new get there 30 minutes early saying there is a rash does have take pictures of the rash smartphones are great things murphy's law says by the time you get to my office the rash might be gone so take a picture of the rash is not as good as in person but it's better than having to guess what the descriptions you may have things that you want to ask dr. watson but he might forget if it's newborns from the hospital first of check out those early visits parents always say there was something else i was going ask you and i can't remember it so you bring lists be honest with your doctor and be honest about everything don't feel embarrassed i was supposed to the patient most people whatever you say in that room is i don't go out and discuss these things with other people this is all private i don't even discuss with a saying with their parents its privilege can't financial information by law so whatever is wrong is stress is ally is really stressed out mom's breast- feeding is learning about things breast-feeding doesn't even know well is that stress and anxiety does transfer over to the patient and chelsea will sensory clich for track, and i talked tothere have been some big health related stories this year, including a potentially paralyzing illness in children, and one of the worst flu season in decades.

Cbs news chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook has a look at the year in health.

The cdc estimates 80-thousand people died of the flu and its complications last season.

That's the deadliest toll in 40 years.

The virus also killed a record number of children.

180 families put a child in a grave last year because of a vaccine- preventable infection.

Fewer than 4 out of 10 adults got their flu shots last year.

The cdc confirmed more than 150 cases of acute flaccid myelitis - or afm.

The rare, potentially- paralyzing illness affects mostly children and it's still unclear áexactlyá what causes a-f-m.

Just before thanksgiving, the cdc issued a warning to throw away all romaine lettuce.

The alert followed an e- coli outbreak that made dozens of people sick.

This is a very serious kind of e- coli days later officials revised their warning to avoid romaine just from northern and central california health officials say the outbreak is ánotá related to one in april, which killed 5 people.

A national salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey products sickened more than 160 people.

There were also salmonella outbreaks connected to pre-cut melons, kellogg's honey smacks and ground beef.

In an effort to fight teen smoking, the fda announced it will seek a nationwide ban on menthol cigarettes menthol is one of the primary vehicles by which kids are initiating on tobacco the fda also plans to restrict the sale of flavored e- cigarettes popular with kids.

// for the first time, an fda approved marijuana based medicine became available for prescription in all 50 states.

Epidiolex is used to treat seizures.

// a nationwide shortage of epi- pens sent families with allergies scrambling to find the life- saving medication.

I tried to get our beginning of the school year epipens and was told there was a wait life expectancy continued to decline in the us for the third straight year&amp; fueled by drug overdoses and suicides.

// an increase in colorectal cancer in younger adults prompted the american cancer society to release new guidelines recommending adults begin screenings at 45 rather than 50.

// and new federal guidelines call for children ages 3-5 to have 3 hours of light to moderate exercise each day.

Children who have unhealthy body weights even at 3 , 4 ,5 years old are much more likely to become obese later in life.

The guidelines also recommend adults do muscle- strengthening activity at least twice a week.

Those are some of the year's top health stories.

Dr. jon lapook, cbs news.

Also this year, the fda approved the first new drug to treat the flu in nearly 20 years.

Xofluza is a single dose drug that blocks an enzyme in the flu virus to stop it from replicating.

Still to come, a look at a few of the notable people who left us this year.

Mid morning will be right back.

A dratic a dramatic cave rescue in thailand captivated the world this year -- and the us held historic talks with north korea.

2018 was especially busy for britain's royal family.

Cbs' tina kraus is in london with a look back at this year's top international stories.

Nats... rescuers raced to save 12 young soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in northern thailand over the summer.

After more than two weeks - divers navigated a treacherous escape route to get them out.

Nats... disaster struck indonesia&amp; when a jetliner crashed into the java sea killing nearly 2- hundred people.

Investigators say a faulty sensor caused pilots to lose control.

Nats... china accused president trump of starting the largest trade war in economic history.

The u-s slapped billions of tariffs on chinese imports&amp; and china followed suit.

Nats...trump/kim jong un shake hands in a historic summit, president trump met with north korean leader kim jong un who pledged to work toward giving up his nuclear program .

Nats...driving saudi arabia ended its ban of female drivers to help modernize the conservative country.

Saudi's royal family faced allegations of a murder-coverup for the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi.

5 saudi suspects are in custody for dismembering the washington post writer.

Nats up...iran lied israel accused iran of a secret nuclear weapon's program.

America responded by pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and imposing sanctions.

Nats...ceremony the u-s recognized jerusalem as israel's capital city - triggering protests from palestinians.

Nats..conflict/b ombings the war in afghanistan entered its seventeenth year&amp;costing the u.s. a trillion dollars and more than 22 hundred lives.

Nats...strike the u.s. launched missile strikes against syria after the syrian army carried out a chemical attack against its own people.

Britain accused russia of poisoning an ex-russian spy and his daughter in an english town.

Months later, two people died after coming into contact with the same soviet made nerve agent.

British prime minister theresa may held onto her job after lawmakers in her own party tried to force her out over how she handled the brexit deal.

Nats... the line to the british throne became a little longer.

Duchess kate and prince william welcomed their third child&amp;prince louis.

Nats...i do nats and prince harry married american actress meghan markle in royal fashion.

Five months later announced a baby is on the way.

Tina kraus, cbs news, london.

Prince harry and meghan are expecting their first child next spring.

The baby will be seventh in line to the british throne.

Stephen hawking, burt reynolds and president george hw bush are among the prominent leaders and legends who passed away in 2018.

Here is a look back at a few of the celebrities, politicians, entertainers and others who died this past year.

Aretha franklin- singer anthony bourdain-chef/tv personality billy graham- evangelist jamil khashoggi- journalist kate spade- fashion designer bernardo bertolucci- director linda brown-civil rights symbol john young- astronaut john mccain- politician/militar y officer margot kidder- actress bob mcnair- businessman/nfl owner charles neville--musician charlotte rae - actress dennis edwards - singer dwight clark- football player jerry van dyke--actor harry anderson- actor hubert de givenchy - fashion designer dolores o' riordan - singer jim taylor- football player joe jackson- jackson family patriarch john mahoney- actor john gavin - actor ken berry-actor kofi annan-un secretary general mac miller- rapper neil simon- playwright roy clark- musician/host william goldman- novelist/screen writer roger bannister- distance runner burt reynolds--actor mort walker- cartoonist david ogden stiers-actor craig mack- rapper st leeom stan lee-comic book writer stan mikita- hockey player stephen hawking- theoretical physicist tom wolfe- author/journalis t winnie mandela - activist paul allen- microsoft co- founder nancy wilson--singer milos forman- director rusty staub- baseball player robin leach- entertainment reporter steven bochco- tv producer verne troyer--actor philip roth--novelist whitey bulger- crime boss willie mccovey- baseball player barbara bush- first lady george h.w.

Bush-41st president all the rage.

Find out what the hot video games are this season next on mid morning.

"fsh pnc "fresh prince bel-air" star alfonso ribeiro is the latest to sue fortnite's creator, epic games, over dance moves vladimir duthiers explains.

When alfonso rih-bare-oh created his "carlton dance on the set of the 1990s sitcom "fresh prince", became an instant pop culture classic.

It's now one of more than 100 dances that players can buy in the widely popular video game fortnite.

And at around 5- bucks per dance - it's earned the game creators hundreds of millions of dollars.

In a lawsuit, ribeiro alleges fortnite use his dance without permission or compensation.

And he isn't the only artist to file suit against the game's creators&amp; instagram star "backpack kid" also suing for allegedly using áhisá dance, called "th floss."

And rapper 2- milly filed a suit over his dance, "the milly rock.

We talked to him last month.

15;28;17;13 vlad: what would make it fair for you?

15;28;27;09 2m: i don't even want to bash them for all millions.

Know what i am saying.

I just feel like i have to protect what's mine.

Business and enterainment laywer merlyne jean-louis says lawsuits regarding ownership of these dance moves can be tricky... video games are on many holiday wish lists this year.

Hilary lane takes a look at some of the games and devices that kids young and old are hoping for.

:20 - :25 cathryn duffy/mother :31 - :49 nintendo :53 - :57 ben howard/vp &amp; gm, gamespot :58- 1:07 epic games like many kids... eight year old jack, 5 year old matthew and 3 year old claire love video games.

If you could play video games all the time would you yeah morning and night yeah their mom cathryn duffy says her sons have video games at the top of their list to santa.

"our kids do lov video games, we try to monitor their play or else they would play all the time."

"there's a vide game for everyone who's a gamer in your family."

Ben howard from gamespot says that includes super smash brothers ultimate.

It's extremely popular and features characters from several older games including mario, zelda, pac man and donkey kong.

Many young gamers are also clammering for the new pokemon let's go.

Both games can be played on the handheld nintendo switch device.

"the switch ha been a massive runaway success so it's definitely hot."

And the hottest "video" ga right now is fortnite... but it presents a challenge for holiday shoppers because the basic version is free.

Those wanting to get something for their fortnite fan..

Can buy a gift card for their console of choice like an xbox or playstation..

Gamers can use the gifts cards to get outfits called skins, weapons or dance moves for their fortnite characters..

Or to buy other games.

"at least hal games sales on consoles are now made as digital purchases."

The duffy kids want the latest mario kart game for christmas among others.

Their parents say they'll have to wait to see what santa brings.

Hilary lane, cbs news, crestwood, new york.

We'll be right back to wrap things up.

Th andor that and more on the next midmorning.

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