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WCBI News at Ten 01/13/19

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WCBI News at Ten 01/13/19WCBI News at Ten 01/13/19

WCBI News at Ten 01/13/19

Thank you for joining us.

I'm jory tally.

The webster county sheriff is being housed in a different location.

Sheriff tim mitchell has been moved to the lee county adult detention center.

Sheriff jim johnson says his office was asked to house mitchell by agencies handling his case.

Nothing has changed about his ongoing case, except his location.

Mitchell had been in the lafayette county jail since he was arrested for 12 felonies on december 19th.

A second person is charged in a late december shooting in starkville.

26-year old christopher evans is being charged as an accessory.

His initial court appearance was yesterday where his bond was set for 50,000 dollars.

Evans turned himself into the starkville police on thursday, he had a felony warrant out his arrest in his alleged role in shooting into an apartment complex on garrard road.

This is an ongoing investigation with more possible arrests to be made.

A police officer in birmingham, alabama was killed and another was injured while investigating a car burglary early sunday morning.

Authorities say two individuals suspected of breaking into cars were confronted by an undercover officer and a uniformed sergeant around two a-m.

According to police, one of the individuals pulled out a gun and began shooting, mortally- wounding the sergeant and critically- injuring the undercover officer.

Both suspects were taken into custody -- one was also injured in the shooting.

The alabama state bureau of investigation will conduct an investigation into the incident.

Birmingham's mayor had a few words to say about how the city is dealing with this tragegdy.

"entire community is mourning."

"entire community is mourning."

Alabama governor kay ivey releases a statement in regards to the officer shootings.

She offers her deepest sympathies and prayers as everyone mourns the loss of one of the officers and as one of the other fights for his life.

She goes on to say she's praying for the killed officer's family, the birmingham police department, and the doctors, nurses, and staff working to keep the injured officer alive and that alabama is standing behind them.

She also says we must all remember the sacrifice law enforcement officers make each day.

She thanks the officer who was killed for his sacrifice and says he'll always be remembered.

Toss to first look with meteorologist jacob riley first look sunday was another miserable day.

Areas of mist, combined with gusty northwest winds, gave us a cold and nasty sunday across the area.

Monday and tuesday will remain in the 40's, but by wednesday, highs return to the middle and upper 50's!

Highs on thursday and friday will be in the lower 60's.

Sulligent, alabama is under a boil water notice.

It's only for residents who have experienced an outage or law water pressure within the last 12 hours.

The city's water department says due to a water pump failure at the ogden hill site, containinents may be in the water system.

Pump repairs have been made and bacterial testing is being done.

For now, residents are advised to boil water prior to drinking, cooking or brushing teeth.

Residents will notified once the water is deemed safe.

The mississippi department of transportation is helping to monitor an infectious deer disease.

Mdot is working with the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries and parks.

In the past year mdwfp has reported six cases of chronic wasting disease in the state.

It's a brain- degenerating disease that primarily affects deer.

Mdwfp set a goal to sample 5,000 deer for the disease during the current hunting season.

Mdwfp says since mdot is responsible for removing road killed from highways, it's the second best way to get samples from deer.

To help out, mdot workers move road kill to the edge of the right-of-way and record the gps location.

After wildlife agents take a sample, the deer is left in place to prevent any potential transmission.

The partial government shutdown that began december 22nd is already the longest in u.s. history... and there are still no signs of it ending any time soon.

Meg oliver reports.

The partial government shutdown is now in its fourth week, but talks to end it have stalled.

The sticking point remains the white house's demand for a wall along the southern border.

In a series of tweets sunday, the president described the wall as vital to national security, writing: 'the damage done to our country from a badly broken border - drugs, crime and so much that is bad - is far greater than a shutdown, which the dems can easily fix as soon as they come back to washington!'

Senator lindsey graham suggested a short-term solution: "... open up the government for a short period of time, like three weeks, before he pulls the plug, see if we can get a deal.

If we can't at the end of three weeks - all bets are off, see if he can do it by himself, through the emergency powers."

Meanwhile, the white house dismissed claims made in the washington post and the new york times this weekend.

The post said mister trump had gone to "extradordinary" lengths to hide details of his meetings with russian president vladimir putin.

The post said the president even took his interpreter's notes.

"... why is this president trump's best buddy?

I don't get it... // you know, this raises serious questions about the president's relationship with vladimir putin.."

The times said f- b-i director james comey's firing prompted the bureau to investigate whether president trump was acting on behalf of the kremlin.

"are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president?"

// "i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked."

White house aides called those reports 'outrageous' and 'silly.'

Meg oliver, cbs news, new york.

More than 800- thousand federal employees missed their first paychecks friday in the government shutdown.

Restaurants in silver spring, maryland gave free dinners to some of the people affected.

Jay korff reports.


How are y'all?

Are you federal workers?"

"i'm a federal contractor."

Hundreds of federal workers in crisis - like hillary clark..

Hillary clark/federal worker: "like every day, you just don't know what to expect."

Gathered friday night for a free meal from a comforting community in silver spring, maryland in the wake of a political firestorm impacting their very livelihoods.

Erin miller/federal worker: "people are unsure about when their next paycheck is going to come."

Nats clark is one of the many working for a federal agency who has been furloughed.

Hillary clark/federal worker: "i'm a single parent to three kids who don't understand what this is all about so its been difficult.

I'm the only income we have.

So when there's no income, it's figuring out how to makes ends meet."

Nats the evening, organized by councilman tom hucker, included entertainment and information about help struggling federal workers can apply for.

Trevor mackessy- lloyd/federal worker: "i'm trevor mackessy-lloyd.

I'm here with my family."

Mackessy-floyd, an engineer with noaa, says he's getting by, for now.

But he and his wife rachel are responsible for noah, claire and ethan: children too young to fully grasp the pressure their parents face.

"i'm trevor mackessy-lloyd.

I'm here with my family."

"we should be okay this week.

Next paycheck if that one doesn't come in, not so sure."

They scrimp, save and sacrifice wherever they can.

Hillary clark/federal worker: "they've probably heard 300 times in the last three weeks, 'no we can't do that because i don't have any extra money."

For these civil servants, the hope and prayer is that their savings outlast a political battle with no clear end in sight.

Hillary clark/federal worker: "i just keep hoping i'm going to wake up the next day and somebody is going to have come to their senses and this is going to be over but that doesn't seem to be happening."

This marks the longest government shutdown in u-s history and still with no end in sight.

A starkville teen chef now has his very own show.

More on that after the break.

One local teen is spicing things up a bit in the culinary arts world.

Our cash matlock joins us in the studio with more.


You may have heard of starkville teen mark coblentz.

He's a 15-year-old self taught chef who's been featured on shows like chopped junior and master chef junior.

He now has his own show on mississippi public broadcasting called "making a chef."

Today he stopped by the mississippi arts and entertainment experience building in meridian to give a cooking demonstration.

Dozens of people made their way into the new mississippi arts and entertainment building in meridian on sunday to get a peek at teen chef mark coblentz's cooking demonstration.

"we brought him here today because this weekend we opened the jim henson exhibition imagination unlimited.

One of jim henson's most beloved character's, at least one of my favorites, is the swedish chef who is known for his antics in the kitchen.

So, to celebrate jim henson and the swedish chef, we invited mark to come here and to cook swedish meatballs."

Mark, or mark the chef as he's referred to on tv, say's for him, this is more than a demonstration.

"i mean this is such an awesome experience, an awesome place.

I would just love being here and being able to influence the community.

I'm reaching out because i live in starkville and i don't come up to meridian so often, so it's just awesome to be able to have roots down here and see that i've done something pretty impactful here."

Family members say they could tell early on that mark had something special.

"i actually would pick him up and sit him on the counter and we'd make something together.

You know, monkey bread or something where he could do it with his hands...he kind of went beyond that stage to doing it himself, you know, with his own creativity."

And it seems that mark the chef is a hit with people of all ages.

"he's a really interesting, fun, and engaging kid chef that i think children can really look up to who are exploring in the kitchen and doing things like that."

"i'm just hoping that i can influence them to maybe, you know, start to see cooking in a different fashion.

Like, hey a kid who's a little older than me is cooking...maybe i can do t too."

And with big time television shows like chopped junior, master chef junior, and the first season of his own cooking show under his belt, it doesn't look like mark is planning on slowing down anytime soon.

"for making a chef season 2 we're going to do a whole lot more episodes.

We're going to do four or five more extra episodes, i believe.

Awesome stuff like coffee...learning where coffee comes from... we're doing so many awesome and different things that i can't wait to show."

Administrators at the max in meridian say they want to continue to showcase local talent like mark the chef in their upcoming season.

Need something quick and easy to make for the kids during a busy work week?

Want it to be healthy too?

We've got exactly that in tonight's mom to mom.

Speaker 1: today on mom to mom we've got a great healthy weeknight healthy recipe for you.

All right moms, i'v chef kate back with us.


Kate: it's a new year.

Speaker 1: it's a new year and happy new year.

And everyone's got their new year's resolutions.

They want to eat healthier, feel healthier.

Kate: i've got the perfect salad.

Speaker 1: you've got that for us today.

Kate: i do and it's quick and easy but it's also filling so you're not going to feel deprived.

Speaker 1: let's do it.

Kate: add your farro water, and veggie stock to a pot over medium heat and boil for about 20 minutes.

Once the farro is cooked set it aside.

Toast the nuts over medium heat in a dry skillet for three to four minutes keeping a really close eye on them not to burn.

Set aside.

Use that same skillet to add your salmon which has been seasoned with celtic salt and cook for about four to five minutes per side until your desired doneness.

Kate: in the meantime you're going to want to grate your carrot into a large bowl, add your cranberries.

Then you slice the white part of a green onion saving the greens for garnish and then add in the nuts.

Add spinach that you're roughly chopped and set aside.

Whisk together the lemon zest and lemon juice, two tablespoons of olive oil, celtic salt and red pepper and add the cooked farro in with the spinach in the bowl.

Kate: cover with the dressing and toss everything really well.

Taste and adjust your seasonings.

To plate it up, put the salad on first, top with salmon, garnish with your green onion.

Finish with some olive oil and serve.

Speaker 1: okay.

So if you do your farro in advance and i like to do it in a rice cooker which makes it really simple, this whole meal comes together in like 10 minutes.

While the salmon's cooking you can assemble the salad.

Kate: oh my goodness.

Speaker 1: perfect for a busy weeknight.

Kate: it has everything.

Speaker 1: so i'm going to finih off with a little olive oil and let's dive in.

Kate: oh my gosh.

Speaker 1: so good.

All right moms. for this recipe and more connect with me on facebook.

I'll see you all next week.

Wx tease sunday was another miserable day.

Areas of mist, combined with gusty northwest winds, gave us a cold and nasty sunday across the area.

Monday and tuesday will remain in the 40's, but by wednesday, highs return to the middle and upper 50's!

Highs on thursday and friday will be in the lower 60's.

Rain will alo move back in on thursday, lingering through next weekend.

As of now, it looks like the coldest air of the season could move into our area next sunday!

Highs are going to struggle to stay in the upper 30's!

Sunday night: gusty winds and cloudy skies will persist overnight tonight.

Temperatures will drop down into the middle and upper 30's, with our rain chances remaining at 0%.

Winds will vary between 8 and 12 mph.

Monday: it is going to be a cold and cloudy start to our work week.

Highs on monday will reach the middle 40's, but thanks to gusty winds out of the northwest, its going to feel like we're in the lower 40's and upper 30's all day!

Thankfully, we will have no rain to worry about on monday.

We could sneak in a few peaks of sunshine during the afternoon hours on monday.

Overnight, lows are going to drop down into the upper 20's and lower 30's across the region.

Tuesday: tuesday will be another cold day, with highs topping out in the upper 40's and lower 50's.

Winds will still be out of the north on tuesday, but not as strong as they were on monday.

As we go throughout the day on tuesday, we will see more peaks of sunshine across the area!

Overnight tuesday, lows will drop down into the lower 30's.

Wednesday: our warming trend will kick off on wednesday.

Highs on wednesday will be in the middle to upper 50's across the area.

Skies will remain partly cloudy.

Winds will be shifting to the southwest, which will help to bring in some warmer air!

We will stay mild overnight on wednesday, with lows in the upper 40's.

Thursday: clouds will be back on the increase for thursday.

Our next weather system will bring rain to our area on thursday.

Rainfall amounts will vary across the region, but it looks like most of us could see around 0.25?

Of rain on thursday.

Highs thursday will top out in the upper 50's and lower 60's, with overnight lows in the lower 50's.

Friday:friday will remain dry, with winds out of the south.

Skies will remain partly cloudy, with highs in the lower 60's.

Friday looks like our last warm day for a while.

Drew brees and the new orleans saints look to dominate the reigning super bowl champs...see highlights next in it's the nfl playoffs and everyone knows the drill...lose and go home or win and move on and the new orleans saints looking to stay alive against nick foles and the eagles in an at home battle earlier tonight this got hot and heavy from the first play froms scrimmage...drew brees is intercepted by cre'von leblanc... a heck of a way to come out and show you mean business but no score on the board just yet...that was the case until nick foles decide to complete a fantastic pass into the hands of jordan matthews...eagle s get a 37 yard touchdown and the lead to follow it and then nick foles continuing to do his most..using his legs and a reach this time gets into the endzone for the touchdown....and the eagles lead by two t-ds 14-0 2nd quarter..the saints needing some momentum on 4th and 1...taysom hill takes the direct snap on the fake punt and picks up a first down and the eagles would come back and capitalize on that with some more action drew brees completes it to keith kirkwood and the saints get on the board from that t- orleans able to close the gap a bit 14-7 second half now...saints on 1st and goal...brees finds michael thomas in the endzone...and the pass is caught...the saints take its first lead of the game lutz with the kick but the extra point isnt going to be orleans leading philly 20-14 2 minutes to go...nick foles looking for jeffery but instead the ball finds lattimore for the interception... that'd seal the deal...the saints survive another day 20-14 a great comeback win for new orleans to stay large part thanks to the defense and two interceptions but also because of big plays in big moments by quarterback drew brees here are brees' stats for the win over philly completed 28/38 of his passes for 301 74% completion percentage for today..out did nick foles by a landslide..foles completed 58% got the 2 passing t-ds which were obviously huge in the win just the one i-n-t but he did get sacked twice...that's going to be a change to make as the saints vy for a super bowl title and speaking of the super bowl... besides the football and the commercials on game day there's also always the music... and the concert performances have been announced the band maroon 5 will be headling the super bowl 53 halftime show...the band will also be performing along with travis scott and big boi only about a month out from the biggest football game of the year...catch all the action live on february third on c-b-s well one mississippi woman in the nfl is making history today....more on that coming up next in sports well if it sounds like something is breaking don't worry it's just the sound of another glass ceiling shattering and it's shattering all thanks to sarah thomas, who today, became the first woman in history to ever officiate an nfl playoff game today thomas served as the down judge during the new england patriots vs l.a chargers divisional playoff game thomas, a native of pascagoula mississippi is also the first female in history to officiate at the college level as well she's also officiated at nfl camps and practices getting her start to her officiating career in 1996 for the gulf coast football association..she worked her first ever game at the high school level in 1999 the ole miss women have had the odds stacked against them a brand new team, a first year head coach, and a low expectation for this season's success it's been know as a rebuild year for the rebels..which has been redefined today in large part after the rebels upset no.

16 kentucky on the road kentucky struggled without its leading scorere maci morris and ole miss was able to capitalize lot of defense in today's game....the rebels had 6 blocks and 9 steals against the no.16 wildcats la'karis salter leading the way for the rebels on the offense as the point leader with ten points this marked the first win at kentucky for the rebels since 2007 and their first ranked sec win since 2011

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