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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 19, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 19, 2019WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 19, 2019

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - January 19, 2019

Good evening and thank you for joing us i'm rylie livingston earlier this afternoon a pedestrian was struck by i train near blair st in tupleo.

The tupelo communications director leesha faulkner tells us the victim is in stable condition.

The incident closed parts of the crosstown area including green st church st.

And blair st for almost two hours.

The tupelo police department was on scene directing traffic.

The burlington northern railroad investigators are gathering more information.

The traceway retirement community of tupelo is currently under a restricted visitation notice.

The facility on west main is in the middle of a voluntary flu/virus quarantine.

Traceway is taking this action because several residents have developed a stomach virus.

They are asking that all visitations be restricted unless it is absolutely necessary.

The company says they are working hard to keep things sanitized and safe for the residents and employees.

This situation will be reevaluated daily and the facility may adjust its visitation schedules.

Today was the third annual women's march.

The first one was held the weekend after president trump's inauguration.

Despite divisions -- and controversy -- there were pink hats and protest signs from coast-to-coast today -- and even overseas.

Nicole killion has more from washington.

There were marches from los angeles... to new york where actor bryan cranston cheered on participants..

Nat pop and washington - where rachel wood brought her two daughters.

Name: rachel wood -- we have to participate in democracy.

And we feel like change is due.

Nikole killion: "the crowds are smaller than the inaugural women's march in 2017 as the organization faces a number of challenges, including charges of anti- semitism."

1:38:10 to my jewish sisters, o not let anyone tell you who i am.

I see all of you.

Women's march co-president tamika mallory -- has been at the center of recent controversy following an instagram post, where she called nation of islam leader louis farrakhan, who is known for anti-semitic rhetoric, "the greatest of all time".

Several prominent sponsors dropped out of the rally.

Mallory confronted the issue head on... 1:39:00 i love all people ando one will define who i am.

Only i can do that.

Joan kuriansky is jewish and said while some may feel alienated, ásheá wasn't deterred.

10:33:42 - we've all been hurt but we have to maintain a commitment to work toward largers values and promoting justice across the countryáááá but others stayed away - holding rival rallies.

09;30;22;24 this is not about trying to bash anyone.

It's about saying that there is an alternative and there are other voices as women, founder bob bland said she's not concerned their message is being overshadowed.

10;03;19;11 we have been very clear that we unequivocably condemn anti semitism, transphobia, bigotry, misogny, and any hateful statements from anyone.

And there should be no confusion about that.

With a clear goal - to move forward.

Nikole killion.

Cbs news.

Washington funeral services for the birmingham police supervisor who was killed early sunday morning will be held saturday morning at the bjcc.

Funeral services for the birmingham police supervisor who was killed early sunday morning will be held saturday morning at the bjcc.


Wytasha carter was shot and killed while responding to possible car burglaries on 5th avenue north , around 2 a.m.

January 13.

Another officer was also critically injured during the incident.

Funeral services for sgt.

Carter will be held at the bjcc's legacy arena, which will open to the public at approximately 8:30 a.m.

The funeral is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.

Prior to the funeral, a police processional will guide sgt.

Carter from the area of the funeral home in trussville to the bjcc.

First look there is the potential for a little wintry mix in our area this evening into tonight.

No accumulation is the outside of schools, courthouses, and other government buildings could change, if one state lawmaker gets his way.

The man behind two controversial proposals says he's trying to move mississippi in the right direction, but as wcbi's jason hibbs shows us, plenty of people disagree.

"the confederate emblem inside our state flag is a real issue " democratic state representative kabir karriem says the stars and bars don't belong with the stars and stripes.

"the flag always symbolizes some of the worst of mississippi.

He introduced this bill, which would "prohibit the display of the flag at or on any building or other property owned or leased by the state, until the design is changed, and removes the confederate battle flag.

He also wants to separate mlk day and the robert e lee holiday.

"it is trying to bring some closure to something that 48 other states have done, and mississippi is still lagging behind" some people say both proposals are problematic.

"it ain't like race or nothing like that, it's our history.

We need to leave the flags the way they are."

And leave the robert e lee holiday alone, too.

"he's just as important as martin luther king."

"leave it the same.

I don't see where it hurting anybody.

Don't hurt me.

Martin luther king doesn't hurt me, he was a great man, but so was robert e lee."

But others arent so sure.

"i have a daughter that's bi- racial young as she is tht symbol still carries negative connotations, and yet for another group of people its a sense of pride."

Standup: i spoke to just as many black mississippians about these bills, and nearly all of them agree with the representative, but none of them wanted to be a part of this story or go on camera.


Both bills are still in committee.

Karriem says he hopes people contact their representatives to make their voices heard.

By the way, alabama is the only other state celebrating robert e lee and mlk on the same day.

A local woman is hoping to help people deal with loss.

We have more on her story coming up after the break.

If you've ever lost a child or parent, you know the pain of one local woman.

She's written a book to help othersothers cope.

Our cash matlock has the story.

"when he died, something happened to me, and i didn't know if i was going to be able to get up.

But i came back, out of depression and i came back new and much better than i am and much better than i was before."

Linda lane battled depression for seven years after her son benjamin daniel lane died in a car accident.

Writing her new book "healed: my journey" is what got her through.

"this book was a part of the healing process.

As i began to write, i began to heal from the inside, myself.

So, it was very beautiful for me."

Lane says the book helped her ask god important questions like how she was going to get past such a tragedy.

"i asked the questions, and he answered them!

It was just revealed to me that i should let other people know how i handle situations and that would help them also."

Friends of the author say they are shocked by the contents of the book.

"she writes from a very unique perspective in that she feels pain or she felt pain and she was able to write that pain on pages.

She's able now to help others through the pain that she experienced in her past life, so she writes from a very good perspective."

Overall, those behind the book say the goal is to help others who may be experiencing loss.

"i hope that they can get beyond the grief.

There are so many people who are affected by grief and losing a child, losing a loved one, a brother or sister.

This book is another way to look at getting counciling, getting help, and overcoming all of those hard obstacles that we face in life."

"they don't have to stay depressed.

God can move them out of the depression, out of the place that they're in, away from the hurt and the pain and where you get to thinking that this is it.

God can bring happiness and joy even out of death, and i learned that."

"healed: my journey" is available at lindaraleighlane .com today.

Later next week it will be available for purchase on amazon.

For more information you can visit our website at welcome back a tupelo restaurant is hosting an event that will help make wishes come true for children battling critical illnesses.

Mugshots grill and bar will host the celebrity wait night for "make a wish" mid south this coming tuesday evening.

The event features celebrity waiters shadowing mugshots grill and bar wait staff.

Ten percent of sales, one hundred percent of all tips and a silent auction will all go to make a wish and help children in northeast mississippi get their wishes granted.

"mississippi, north mississippin general is known for giving back, it is a heritage we got when we moved here and it's certainly one we're passing on to our children, this particular organization , make a wish, is all about taking kids and grant to them life changing wishes."

"i was lucky enough to grant a wish to one of the children last year and it was very heartfelt, the child was very excited to go to walt disney world and she and her whole family, including brother and sister got to go."

Wcbi's allie martin will be one of the many celebrity waiters taking part.

Make a wish mid south will grant more than 280 wishes this year.

The celebrity wait night goes from 5 until 9 tuesday.

Wx tease there is the potential for a little wintry mix in our area this evening into tonight.

No accumulation is expected and no impacts will occur.

Saturday evening into the overnight, bitter cold air and the presence of a bit of leftover moisture may in fact allow for some very light wintry mix to fall, including snow flurries.

Right now we do not expect any impacts, but if more moisture is present, there could be some light impacts towards memphis and in the mississippi delta.

We also do not expect to see any accumulation, but a few elevated surfaces could see a little bit for a brief period of time.

Given the wind, warm temperatures earlier saturday and drier air pushing in, confidence is high that things will stay tame as a packed pavillion showing up and out to see if the ranked rebels could get their fourth s-e-c win...highlights from the game against arkansas coming up next in sports from start to finish the match- up between ole miss and arkansas was owned exclusively by the rebels #18 ole miss....last time they took an they bounce back against the razorbacks..

Terence davis shows em how to end the first half...burying a three...the rebels leading 46-35 and now time for the second... arkansas attempting the answer...isaiah joe hits the shot from deep to get the razorbacks within ten t-d...the man ain't scared cause he's got the two hand jam...davis and dunks have become second nature breinn tyree not slowed down from injury...knocks down the three the rebels get the win in front of a sell-out crowd 84-67 the number 24 bulldogs on the road and still looking for another s-e-c win not a bad way to start things off...aric holman for a corner three....the first points on the board for mississippi state the juice would stay flowing... this time it's going to be peters from behind the arc...drains it..caps off a 10- nothing unanswered run for mississippi state and when the dawgs get hot for three...well they're on fire..another three point basket..this time for tyson carter to make it 16-4 vanderbilt would look for some momentum of their own...joe toye works his way inside and the dunk!

Keeps the dores in the game but not for too long...peters out in transition....cart er answers with a dunk of his lead by eleven and aric holman with ice in his veins...misses the three...but gets inside for the jam and at the buzzer...peters t up and flushes it down the drain it'd be ruled just past the buzzer but an incredible start for the bulldogs for a great finish... msu survives super saturday for its first conference dub...71-55 saturday hoops at the w!

As the lady owls search for a double u themselves versus morris college.

4th quarter.

Tenazhia hinkson finds qiayon bailey who euro steps to the basket for the finish.

Lady owls up 11.

Then, on the fastbreak, no one stops ball so autumn taylor goes to the rim, gets fouled and scores.

And later in the 4th, hinkson catches the ball on the wing, head fakes and drives for the lay up.

Lady owls go on to win.

Final score of 79 to 62.

Now lets see how the men faired versus morris college.

1st half, tre pinkston breaks the press and finds dj clark for the foul....and 1... owls take an early lead.

Later another owls fastbreak as sophomore shon wright puts up the floater and hits.

Owls down 1.

Still in the 1st half, austin taylor passes to pinkston who throws the alley oop to wright making it a tied ball game but the owls ultimately lose a close one.

Final score of morris 81 m-u-w 78.

Mid-mississippi challenge in ackerman....home team mid-mississippi challenge in ackerman....home team lady chargers taking on east webster lady wolverines start fast....mariah bell jumps into the passing lane....coast to coast for the easy bucket...east webster up after one choctaw county not going anywhere....raqu ela graham with the steal..gets to the bucket plus the foul.....lady chargers down one at the break fourth quarter...things heat up....whitney winter in transition.....driv es....kicks to jaden johnson in the short corner....jumper is money....wolverin es up by 6 but the home team makes a late charge....on the break.....amelia pratt finds lagenesis johnson....midran ge....good....char gers down 1... east webster doubles...but the chargers break it....find graham on the wing for's good!

Choctaw county rallies in the fourth to win it.....47-45 boys up next...east webster taking on the louisville wildcats wolverines d showing up.....carrin townsend with the rip.....takes it all on his own...earns three the hard way...east webster up early but the wildcats would get transition....tequ avious braggs finds dre shumaker for the triple....and right before the halftime horn..... culberson kicks it out to braggs....from the parking lot...nothing but nylon...louisville would lead by as much as 10.... east webster rallies....keevon patterson beats the defense....finishe s with the floater in the paint....wolverine s up 2!

Every run was answered by braggs...takes it right into the teeth of the defense....and the foul.....sinks the free throw.... louisville doesn't look back...wildcats escape with the 57-55 win 2a vs 4a matchup....louisvi lle taking on defending 3-time state champ ingomar... gara beth self gets the lady falcons rolling....smooth drive and floater for two... then on an inbound.....lauren thompson from downtown ackerman.....she'l l take all three of those...é ingomar leading early but louisville battles back.....kameron rogers with the steal......finishes in transition..... ingomar would widen the gap tho.....swing to the corner....thomps on again....tickles the twine....ingomar up by as much as ten but louisville makes one last rally.....areyanna hunter to rogers....three pointer makes it a one point game but ingomar made the plays at the end that counted.....lady falcons edge louisville 40-38

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