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Cincinnati Public Schools pushes back school start times

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Cincinnati Public Schools pushes back school start times

Cincinnati Public Schools pushes back school start times

The old start times simply didn't allow teenagers enough sleep — especially students who wake up early to ride the bus.

That, in turn, can lead to lower performance and information retention in schools.


Cincinnati Public Schools pushes back school start times

CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS WILLSOON BE PUSHING ITS STARTTIMES BACK TO GIVE STUDENTSTHE CHANCE TO GET SOME EXTRASLEEP!ABOUT HALF OF THE DISTRICT'SHIGH SCHOOLS ALREADY HAVELATER START TIMES, AND IT WILLTRANSITION THE REMAINING HIGHSCHOOLS TO LATER START TIMESOVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS.9 ON YOUR SIDE'S JOSH BAZANSPoke with a NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST AT CINCINNATI CHILDREN'SWHO SAYS THE MOVE WILL BE GOODFOR THE KIDS.Jilda Vargus/pediatrician andCPS parentyCPS parenty giCPS parenty girlCPS parenty girlsCPS parenty girls arCPS parenty girls areCPS parenty girls are noCPS parenty girls are notawawakawakeawake atawake at tawake at theawake at the hawake at the houawake at the hourawake at the hour thawake at the hour thatawake at the hour that tawake at the hour that theawake at the hour that theyneneedneed tneed toneed to beneed to be uneed to be upneed to be up anneed to be up andneed to be up and moneed to be up and movineed to be up and movingneed to be up and moving anneed to be up and moving andtheye still not awake intheir first bell class.



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