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11pm-Fri 041920129

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11pm-Fri 04192012911pm-Fri 041920129

11pm-Fri 041920129

Center, your storm team 12 right now forecast.

Showers still trying to sneak into the metro tonight as our temperatures keep falling.

We will see rain through the overnight hours and into the morning but it will slowly taper off ias we move into saturday afternoon.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm dorothy sherman.

I'm john mercer.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 11.

Tennessee lawmakers are pushing to increase the minimum age to buy tobacco or vaping products from 18 to 21.

Senator todd gardenhire and represenative dan howell are sponsoring the bill.

It treats the vaping of flavor-infused nicotine vapor the same as tobacco products.

Those things are already prohibited at some schools and restaurants.

Like regular tobacco-filled cigarettes, e-cigarettes work to deliver a blast of nicotine to the brain.

Unlike cigarettes...vapi ng consist of battery powered devices.

Those vape flavors are attractive to kids, and parents are concerned about their safety.

"i think it's very important, i think vaping is just as bad as cigarettes" the bill would cost the state $7 million annually,.

Local governments will lose $1 million because of the sales tax money they won't get.

We're getting reaction from t-dot officials in chattanooga.

That comes after reports that a driver witnessed debris falling from that same bridge that collapsed on the i-75/i-24 split nearly 3 weeks ago.

That closed part of the interstates for a while and seriously injured one driver.

Tdot spokesperson jennfer flynn told us that the driver's concerns were checked out when they got the voice mail.

She says investigators went out and examined the bridge, and did not find the debris or any problems. tdot still believes a vehicle hit the bridge and caused the collapse.

After a massive opioid crackdown this week, tennessee is activating substance abuse resources and statewide call lines.

That's to help patients affected by the arrests of doctors and nurses in a crackdown on prescription opioid abuse.

Indictments were unsealed this week charging more than 30 medical professionals in tennessee with illegally prescribing and distributing millions of painkillers.

Tenncare members receiving services from any of the affected clinics can find help by reaching out to their assigned health plans.

Chattanooga police are still looking for a man who shot another man on bailey avenue, in what police say may be a road rage incident.

Chattanooga police responded to a person shot call thursday afternoon in the 1000 block of bailey avenue.

They found a male with a gunshot wound, who said he was followed and shot after an accident in the nearby parking lot.

Hamilton county ems transported the victim to a nearby hospital.

The suspect has been identified as 29 year old christopher bell.

He is wanted for attempted criminal homicide and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Dalton police need your help to identify two men who broke into three vehicles at the planet fitness gym on walnut avenue.

The suspects were traveling in a silver colored suv and were recorded by store cameras using bank cards stolen from the vehicles.

If you recognize these men, call dalton police.

Two one-way streets in downtown chattanooga are about to be converted to two way streets.

Lindsay and houston streets are the latest in a series of changes for traffic patterns in the city.

Back in 2004, when mccallie and mlk went from one way to two way, lots of people didn't like the idea at first.

But people have grown to like the change.

And lots of new businesses have launched in that area as well.

Some, like bitter alibi, will be easier to get to with two way traffic on those streets as well.

It's going to improve access to the restaurant, um, we're pretty stoked on it.

Parking is going to be the same, really no change here, just more street access.

The changes are taking place now.

The streets are both open to one lane of one way traffic right now, as they're being striped.

The new two way traffic pattern will take place on may 1st.

Drivers in ringgold will need extra time driving to work starting on monday.

Catoosa county public works crews are scheduled to repair a storm drain at the 200 block of north beaumont road.

The road is scheduled to be shut down through next thursday, but that depends on the weather.

Drivers can use kay conley road to peavine road as a detour route.

This is met ministries 40th year serving the community.

Today, they planted their yearly good friday bootleg garden and gardens-to-go for seniors.

This is the eighth year that they have done this.

The gardens-to-go is a 5-gallon bucket that houses tomato plants.

It is given to seniors who are in need, so that they can have a garden of their own.

They teamed up with rock point church and elder's ace hardware for volunteers and donations.

Anyone 62 and older can pick up their garden-to-go on wednesday, april 24th.

For the last 24 years, collegedale church of seventh-day adventists and southern adventist university team up to put on an amazing resurrection event.

They have been planning for a year and on good friday they began the set up.

Volunteers worked to organize the six scenes that include the last supper and the resurrection.

Rain or shine the sonrise service is expected to go on!

We are still having sonrise we may have a plan b, or we will have a plan b of things kind of being altered and moving some more things inside.

But sonrise will go forward.

So we invite everbybody to still come.

On saturday, the church will be expecting over 10 thosand people to attend the sold out event.

The cast consists of 250 church members and 300 university students.

They will have everything from live animals to a marketplace where you can taste biblical foods.

The chattanooga zoo is having it's annual hug a bunny day today ... this event allows families to take pictures with a bunny instead of buying one.

Zoo officials say shortly after easter every year, they were being overwhelmed with calls asking if they wanted bunnies and chicks.

So they started the hug a bunny day so kids can pet bunnies and have their easter bunny pictures taken.

"an awesome time, i had an awesome time.

I took a picture with the easter bunny, i like got a lot of eggs and it was awesome" last year over 11 thousand people attended, setting a new record for the zoo.

The event is happening again tomorrow, from 9-5.

Students will have a few more years to use georgia's hope scholarship funds under a bill that is now sitting on the governor's desk.

It would give would-be students a decade to take advantage of the scholarship program.

Currently, they have seven years.

Read more about this story in tomorrow's dalton daily citizen.

Severe weather slammed the south for the second weekend in a row.

Tornadoes, high winds and heavy rain destroyed homes, leaving some communities without power.

At least five people have died, three of them in mississippi, where several tornadoes struck.

Omar villafranca has the latest.

Nats) severe weather is leaving a wide path of destruction across the south.

From flooding in arkansas... to here in morton, mississippi, where a tornado lifted trees and left homes in ruins.

Cell phone video from one homeowner shows the moment the entire front of her house was torn off.

Morton police chief nicky crapps rushed to this neighborhood where the twister touched down.

You were expecting to find dead people.


I mean who wouldn't have?

Crapps says he helped pull a woman out of this destroyed home.after he heard her making noise in the rubble.

She was in a closet that had four walls on it and it's the strongest room in the house and the only four walls left were on it, and she didn't get a scratch on her.

Outside tallahassee, florida, an 8-year-old girl was killed and a 12-year-old boy injured when a tree fell on their home.

The storm left a trail of crumpled buildings and shredded homes across texas, including this one which rolled from its foundation with a young couple still inside.

"it just kind of kept on rolling.

My wife was in the bathroom.

It threw me into the wall and out the window."

Flash flooding is possible from south carolina.... all the way to new england.

With thousands of flight delays and cancellations, travelers are urged to double-check before heading to the airport.

Omar villafranca/cbs news/morton mississippi.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm team 12 forecast.

Tomorros starts off cool and cloudy with temperatures in the 40s.

As the low pulls away from the area it will leave cooler air trapped in the valley and highs will only get to the mid 50s.

A 5th grade girl in south ca for us what is different about this though is the cold-blooded leaving behind were down to 400 right now it feels more like early march that it does late april for us towards the plateau those counties are to get into the 30s for lowe's tonight we close to 300 down here in the valley but that lower elevation is going to keep us just a little bit warmer still fighting with the range are trying to make their way in right now is study from downtown chattanooga in a couple raindrops last on that camera low clouds hanging on kind of securing lookout mountain tonight here in the valley where 48 right now windsor out of the west 8 miles an hour this is shift out of the north and the northwest as we had the rest of the evening ushering in that cold air to keep us cold for your saturday as well but the good news is better weather is on the way fo your eastern talk about coming up for a girl in south carolina dies after a sites online stores will talk to you is just forecast.

Your morning forecast satellite and radar imagery s on on this friday night expecting a pretty chilly and wet friday horse for the rest of the night down to the mid-40s by the time the midnight hour roll around down in the low 40s for your overnight low going to see the showers continue to hold on at least to the morning hours the low pressure center continues to exit the region pulling in more moisture back around the backside to see filtering in from the north northwest and behind that more of that cool air center circulation will push off to th northeast to the next two hours but if you leave behind that moisture with the increase our chance and the cool air to the kind of stuck between the mountains to our east in an area of high pressure that will be moving in from the last open has lived through dropper temperatures down to the 40s even reaching down as far as atlanta is 43 to 1st tonight right now are wincing behind th cold front is still sustained pretty decently at the time about 10 miles an hour up on th plateau 15 and scottsboro still seeing gus of about 15 to 20 miles an hour in some box is when the conditions expected to hold on through tomorrow as well as the area of cooler air continues to move in to our area saturday starting off with showers wet and cool temperatures at about 430 and warning really don't lose those clouds either at all throughout the day to stay cloudy but breezy in cooler conditions throughout your noon hour showers are to taper off by about then this will turn dryer but no sunshine coming to us fo your saturday i was only making it to the low to mid 50s for your saturday cloudy conditions all throughout the evening hour as well and looking forward working as a bit of a changing and see on your future cost can even see a couple snow flurries of possibly flying tonight and are upper elevations: if anything to stick but we could see them mixed in with some of the precipitation 5343 by the morning hours only on that cloud cover in those light showers blasting through your saturday afternoon as well only the mid- 50s by the high temperature times tomorrow by the time we move into the early parts of he sunday morning though that clou that really start to get out of here that so temperatures stay cool for your sunday morning in the trees in the 30s and some places we experience a quick pretty quick and rapid warm-up back into the 70s of for your sunday highest extended forecast ritzy temperatures continue to say that name as we get a bit of a break in the action for the next few days monday and tuesday tuesday and wednesday looked at a pretty dry and in a warm pattern for us super gas into the next round a shower startin to form out towards our west latina mix in by thursday into friday with a look at those temperatures in your seven day forecast right after this quick that's 2012 70 forecast after cool and breezy saturday will b up about 200 or your easter's and they get you there you got any outside plans for the holiday 74 with a lot of sunshine sunshine last to the start of the week as well 80s come back to us by monday and tuesday underwater next chance of scattered showers move it as we head towards the end of next week are all new autopsy results show yourself to one of the greater glassware for school wide died of natural causes in her family doesn't believe the findings and has launched a private investigation, will cover the samadhi the family of they're known convinced the active greater died of natural causes last month back in march when i was taken to the hospita after fighting with another student at school that day and are in all autopsy results released friday revealed were not suffered a pre-existing brain condition known as ev official ciba health issue not the fine led to her now is death in this situation in this case and in fact it is a rare instance the arteries and veins are single and intertwined that causes pressure on the artery i the vascular walls and that pressure eventually will lead t rupture prosecutors see the altercation between the girls lasted of seconds and caused no trauma to her now you after questioning students investigators say the also found no evidence to support claims the young girl was being bullied over volvo the right family has now hired their own investigators to look into the matter authority sing no criminal charges will be filed in the case tom hits in cbs news will cause i'll take a the new york international auto show opens today.

It's a chance for automakers to unveil new cars on the market and some that are years ahead of their time.

We get a sneak peek in tonight's consumer news.

Pkg) kia motors unveiled its hot new ride at the new york international auto show: the "habaniro"... "we call it the every car..




The futuristic cross-over is completely electric... with butterfly doors... motor trends ed loh says it can even drive itself... tom: so this is a concept, but when do you think we'd see a car like this on the road?

Exp: i think you could see elements here very soon.

This could be on the road in a few years.

It's just one of many "concept cars" taking center stage... and giving us a glimpse into the future of automotives... including infiniti's q- inspiration 094749 tom: walk me through some of the features of this car... peter: sure.

Well one of the things you can see is there are no door handles, so if you wanted to get inside, you'd just push the button right here on the pillar... and the door opens wide - nice wide opening... 094800 and inside you're looking at a host of technologies that could make it into our future products as we move forward.

It uses cameras instead of rearview mirrors... a reflection of how infiniti builds new vehicles... the qx50 -- which is currently on the market -- started out as a concept car... usually manufactures are working 4-5 maybe 8 years out on concepts... so it takes a lot of time for these things to gestate... to come into fruition after they show the initial concept.

103221 while these cars may seem straight out the future...they may soon be -- a reality.

Tom hanson, cbs news, new york.

Toss to sports the chattanooga red wolves hope to pump up their goal count tomorrow night.

Here's rick nyman with sports.

Plus georgia coach kirby smart looks foward to coaching up the newcomers in the g-day game.

And the lookouts try to avoid the sweep against mississippi.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

Two weeks into the regular season, and the lookouts have fallen into last place in the southern league.

Tonight, they were trying to avoid a five game home sweep against mississippi.

At&amp;t field felt more like winterfell in game of thrones.

You would think on a cold night, you might like a little kiss to warm you up.

Girl says don't even think about dude.


You're roasted.

M-braves went boom in the top of the second with a three-run homer.

Then here come the lookouts in the bottom of the second.

Jose siri the fly ball to right.

Scott moss tags at third, and he beats the throw to make it a 3-2 ballgame.

Still in the third, and kyle muller the wild pitch.

T-j friedl scores to tie the game.

Muller got the hook after that throw.

He had 4 k's, 6 walks, and 3 wild pitches.

Still tied at three in the sixth.

Friedl a hot shot to first.

Cassidy brown races home from third.

He's safe.

Lookouts got three runs in the inning.

Chattanooga avoids the sweep with an 8-4 victory.

The braves and indians were washed out this evening..

They'll play a double-header tomorrow at four o'clock.

Georgia had 14 early enrollees go through spring drills, and all of them are expected to play in tomorrow's g- day game.

But as far as dawgs coach kirby smart is concerned, he wishes every single freshman from his last recruiting class was suiting up in saturday's spring showcase.

Smart:"i'm never where i want to be.

I mean where i want to be.

I want to have all that are coming in the fall here.

You say well, you can't have that.

Well i want to have that because i want to be able to coach them and develop them and get them better and see where our roster is and see where our strengths are.

But we're not where we need to be."

Are coaches ever satisfied.

That would be a no.

G-day kicks at two o'clock.

The chattanooga red wolves were shut-out last weekend after mustering only five shots on goal.

Even though the season is not a month old, the red wolves hope to ramp up the goal production, starting with their return home tomorrow night against south georgia tormenta.

The red wolves have three goals in three games this season, so what does that mean?

Zayed:"that's room for improvement.

We've scored a couple of goals.

We'd definitely like to score more than that.

If we want to be up there challenging near the top of the league, which is what we want to do.

We want to challenge and hopefully win this thing that we need to score 50 plus goals.

So that's 50 plus goals over 28 games.

So that is an average of two to three every game.

But again, if you want to average 50 plus goals a season, they need to come from all angles.

From set pieces to corner kicks.

Free kicks.

Penalty kicks."

Granted it's way early in the year, but zayed says the goal party needs to get started.

Zayed:"we are a brand new team.

We're still early days, and we are getting to know each other.

However games are coming and ticking fast, and we need to kind of get that going.

Gell together a little bit more quickly."

The red wolves are hoping for another nice crowd saturday night at ccs.

Zayed:"i definitely feel like they spurred us on to get that goal and that victory.

I know it's a cliche, but they were the 12th man on that occassion."

Yeah the red wolves won their home opener a couple of weeks ago.

Tommorrow's match starts at seven o'clock.

That's it for sports.

Here's a final look at our forecast... y forecast: we get warmer and c we can swap one was when we finally get something so right now looking at what temperature work earlier this was like february is the enemy role so you guys put away your winter coat turn on your ac sorry to tell you you probably want to eat tonight because were down t the 40s are ready getting out o the 30s or higher elevation low 40s for your overnight lows but the good news is that we've got more sunshine returning to us b easter weekend the school temperatures will get out of here for your saturday and will be in the

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