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Apostolate to the Handicapped 5.5.2019

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Apostolate to the Handicapped 5.5.2019Apostolate to the Handicapped 5.5.2019

Apostolate to the Handicapped 5.5.2019

But we can protect your home and auto >>> in the name of the father, the son, and of the holy.

Me the grace and peace of the l savior be with you and with you.

Good morning and welcome as we privileged to celebrate this 3r of easter through the good news marvel of television.

So as we celebrate to prepare o this day, let us be mindful of and open our hearts to god's di mercy.

Lord jesus, you are the resurre the life.

Lord have mercy.

>> l/c: lord have mercy.

>> by dying unity >> l/c: christ have mercy.

>> by rising restored our life.

Lord have mercy.

>> l/c: lord have mercy.

>> priest: and may almighty go mercy on us, forgive us from ou bring it to life everlasting.

>> l/c: a man.

>> priest: glory to god in the and on earth peace to people of.

We praise you, we bless you, we you, we glorify you.

We give you thanks for your gre lord god, heavenly king, o god, father.

Lord jesus christ, only begotte lord god, lamb of god, son of t you take away the sins of the w mercy on us; you take away the the world, receive our prayer; seated at the right hand of the have mercy on us.

For you alone are the holy one, are the lord, you alone are the high, jesus christ, with the ho in the glory of god the father.

Priest: amen.

And let us pray.

Me your people exalt forever, o that rejoicing now in the resto of our adoption we may look for conference to the rejoicing of resurrection.

Through our lord jesus christ y who lives and reigns with you i unity of the holy spirit, one g and ever.

>> l/c: amen.

A reading from the acts of the .

When the captain and officers h the apostles in and made them s before, the high priest questio gave you strict orders, did we stop teaching in that name, yet filled this room with your teac you want to bring this man's bl us.

But peter and the apostles said "we must obey god rather than m god of our ancestors raised jes you had him killed by hanging h tree.

God exalted him at his ri as leader and savior to grant i repentance and forgiveness of s are witnesses of these things, holy spirit whom god has given who obey him."

The sanhedrin ordered the apost stop speaking in the name of je dismissed them.

So they left th of the sanhedrin, rejoicing tha been found worthy to suffer dis the sake of the name.

The word lord.

Priest: thanks be to god.

3 responsorial psalm you preserve among those going down into the r.

I will praise you, lord, for rescued me.

Sing praise to the lord, you hi ones, and give thanks to his ho for his anger lasts but a.

>> hear, o lord, and have pity lord, be my helper.

You changed mourning into dancing; o lord, forever will i give you thanks.


I will praise you, lord, for rescued me.

4 l/c: secondi, john, looked and voices of many angels who surro throne and the living creatures elders.

They were countless in and they cried out in a loud vo "worthy is the lamb that was sl receive power and riches, wisdo strength, honor and glory and b then i heard every creature in on earth and under the earth an sea, everything in the universe "to the one who sits on the thr the lamb be blessing and honor, might, forever and ever."

The f creatures answered, "amen, " an elders fell down and worshiped.

The word of the lord priest: thanks be to god.

Priest: alleluia, alleluia l/c: christ is risen, creator o has shown pity on all people.

Priest: alleluia, alleluia (after the gospel verse, l/c th with you.

L/c: and with your sp priest: a reading from the holy according to john.

L/c: glory t lord.

Priest: at that time, jesus rev himself to his disciples at the tiberias.

He revealed himself i way.

Together were simon peter, called didymus, nathanael from galilee, zebedee's sons, and tw of his disciples.

Simon peter s them, " am going fishing."

They him, "e also will come with you went out and got into the boat, night they caught nothing.

When already dawn, jesus was standin shore; but the disciples did no that it was jesus.

Jesus said t "children, have you caught anyt eat?"

They answered him, "no."

To them, "cast the net over the side of the boat and you will f something."

So they cast it, an able to pull it in because of t of fish.

So the disciple whom j said to peter, "it is the lord.

Simon peter heard that it was t he tucked in his garment, for h lightly clad, and jumped into t the other disciples came in the they were not far from shore, o a hundred yards, dragging the n the fish.

When they climbed out they saw a charcoal fire with f and bread.

Jesus said to them, some of the fish you just caugh simon peter went over and dragg ashore full of one hundred fift large fish.

Even though there w many, the net was not torn.

Jes them, "come, have breakfast."

A the disciples dared to ask him, you?"

Because they realized it lord.

Jesus came over and took and gave it to them, and in lik the fish.

This was now the thir jesus was revealed to his disci being raised from the dead.

Priest: the gospel of the lord.

L/c: praise to you, lord jesus 2) homily(by the l/c: (recite w priest) i believe in one god, the fathe almighty, >> christ is risen.

God has the last word.

Life, the god of goodness, the mercy, always has the last word voice of each that we heard jes greeting last week 3 times with in the upper room, peace be wit.

And wanting those disciples to experience a deep-seated peace them like they'd never had befo piece that was caught up in hea reconciling kind of love.

And so, this morning as we list 3rd account, this 3rd experienc disciples that they had gone ba north on the sea of galilee, th tiberius, and they stepped back their routine as they were fish.

They stepped back into their da.

And as they did so they had ano marvelous encounter with the lo.

And is in goodness that we can the routine of our daily lives.

I noi, from the moment i opened early in the morning about that sometimes even smiled to myself sometimes even get radical, cha of the things i managed to doin.

Getting up, making coffee, look newspaper, taking time and all of preparation for the day.

Sometimes just be radical and c that routine.

But we all have them, don't be routines throughout the day of do, our work, and school, and o relationships, whatever it migh coming home again.

So routines are very ordinary p of us.

And so jesus' appearance was co them, this resurrected lord, in of the routines of these fisher.

And probably were often times d were too exciting like this app that we hear that they had been out all night and they had caug routine of just waiting and wai waiting for casting nets and no any kind of experience with tha.

But jesus' apparent to them rem of a couple of things, as jesus into the ordinary routine of th is that invitation to always be because of jesus christ risen f dead to the extraordinary.

The extraordinary that is about god is.

They abundance about who our go invites us to trust and believe more and more attentive to just lives.

Sometimes in the past, i rememb psychologists that a lot of us about 80 percent of our time ki dozing or almost asleep, but ho become more alert and aware eve day of the gift of life, the gi whatever is happening within an us?

The gift of whatever experience.

And very particularly of the gi it means that we are resurrecti as the baptized, as christian p.

We live in the midst of the ext vision presence of our lord eac every day.

How we can fine-tune and become attentive to that tremendous gi lives, and how we allow that vi was true for those earliest apo disciples, to transform us as w deeper and deeper in our faith deeper and deeper and experienc real inner peace and joy.

And that's not a laughing kind lighthearted always but it is t deep-seated confidence of knowi the lord is right within us and no matter what we face, that gi great peace.

We might ask ourselves of how w that to really affect our lives we approach each day.

How we approach relationships, approach our work.

It might be.

And ask ourselves, hmm, window risen lord, when i see radical forgiveness?

What do i really see compassion helpfulness of others, for othe?

See social justice?gkindness?

This can go on and on.

So it is how the lord and our f his extraordinary presence cont transform how we look at oursel we look at our lives and experi we have the eyes of a deeper fa confidence of the lord's presen.

And how does that truth continu changes and help us to change t because we live more effectivel in his presence.

And so in this gospel story, th wonderful express about how jes a meal, shared that breakfast a the prospect of one of our lord desires is to feed us and to no.

And this experience of having b of fish and some bread certainl to the miracles of the feeding thousands with a few loaves of a few fish.

And point to the great gifts of perfect nourishment of the lord eucharist, that we experience a open to us time and time again.

And, he has, through television we actually received the blood of christ in holy communion but put on that spiritual communion can open our hearts to receive in that wonderful part away bec want to nourish us, he was to f.

He was to give us the gift of e over and again, which is the gi himself.

And so the voice of easter cont be profound for us.

The voice of his presence, the his peace, the voice of his nou love.

>>> i believe in one god, the almighty, maker of maker of hea earth, of all things visible an invisible.

I believe in one lor christ, the only begotten son o born of the father before all a from god, light from light, tru true god, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the father; him all things were made.

For u for our salvation he came down heaven, (bow head during the an holy spirit was incarnate of th mary, and became man.

For our s crucified under pontius pilate, suffered death and was buried, again on the third day in accor the scriptures.

He ascended int and is seated at the right hand father.

He will come again in g judge the living and the dead a kingdom will have no end.

I bel the holy spirit, the lord, the life, who proceeds from the fat the son, who with the father an is adored and glorified, who ha through the prophets.

I believe holy, catholic and apostolic ch confess one baptism for the for of sins and i look forward to t resurrection of the dead and th the world to come.


L/c: (recite.

>> priest: is comfortably make known to our heavenly father 32 who share and minister faith to including pope francis, will al known to their faithful that je >> , we pray to the lord for all who govern, that they d prayer with integrity and true for the neediest they serve, we the.

>> priest: lord that, like peter, we accept lor prayer 32 the invitation of jes missionary disciples of his tea love, and compassion, we pray t lord for.

>> priest: lord hear our praye.

>> l/c: bishop donald hying, t bishop of our diocese, we pray lord, we pray for to the lord that, in this month of mary, we embrace her as a model of accep will of god and the love of her jesus, we pray to the lord for those who are lonely, poor,.

>> priest: lord hear our praye.

>> l/c: dealing with life stru either physical or material, th lord will bring comfort and str them, we pray to the lord that those who have died, espec statz, our mass intention this now love, in the light of god we pray to the lord for our personal.

>> priest: lord hear our praye.

>> l/c: for personal intention pause in silence (pause), we pr lord.

The>> priest: these are praise bring in the name of the same c lord.

>> l/c: a amen.

>> priest: blessed are you, lo creation, for through your good have received the bread we offe fruit of the earth and work of hands, it will become for us th life.

L/c: blessed be god for e blessed are you, lord of all cr for through your goodness we ha received the wine we offer you: the vine and work of human hand become our spiritual drink.

L/c: blessed be god for ever.

Priest: pray, brethren (brother pray, brethren (brother and sis that my sacrifice and yours may acceptable to god, the almighty l/c: may the lord accept the sa your hands for the praise and g his name, for our good and the all his holy church.

Priest: prayer l/c: amen l/c: and with your spirit pries your >> priest: the lord be with yo.

>> l/c: in with your spirit.

>> priest: and with your heart.

>> l/c: with a thought to the .

>> priest: let us give thanks lord our god.

>> l/c: it is right and just.

>> priest: it is truly right a.

Our duty and our salvation at t claim you, oh, lord.

But at this time above all to a get more gloriously when christ passover has been sacrificed.

To him the children of light ri eternal life and the house of t heavenly kingdom are thrown ope faithful.

In his rising the life of all h.

Therefore overcome with paschal every land every people exalt i praise.

And even heavenly powers with t host sing together the unending your glory is the acclaim holy, holy lord, god of hosts.

Heaven and earth are full of yo was in the highest.

Blessed is he who comes in the the lord.

Hosanna in the highest.

The>> priest: you on the phone.

Make holy therefore these gifts your spirit upon them like the that they become for us the bod blood of our lord jesus christ.

At the time you betrayed and en willingly into his passion.

He took bread, and giving thank it and give it to his disciples take this all of you and eat of this is my body, which will be for you.

He took details and once more g thanks he gave it to his discip saying, take this all of you an from it for this is the challen blood, the blood of the new and covenant which will be poured o and for many for the forgivenes and.

Do this in memory of me.

We proclaim your death or lord profess your resurrection until again.

Therefore as we celebrate the m his death and resurrection, we look, the breath of life and th challenge of salvation, giving that you have held as worthy to your presence and minister to d.

Humbly we pray that partaking o and blood of christ we may be g into one by the holy spirit.

Remember, lord, your church spr throughout the world and bring fullness of charity, together w francis orakpo, the order of bi all the clergy.

Remember also our brothers and who have fallen asleep in the h resurrection and all who have d your mercy to welcome them into of your face.

Have mercy on us while we pray the blessed virgin mary, joseph the apostles saints will please throughout the ages, we may be eternal life and may praise and you through your son jesus chri through him and with him and in god almighty father, in the uni holy spirit, all glory and hono forever and ever.

>> l/c: amen.

>> priest: we dare to say, our who art in heaven, hallowed be .

By kingdom come, thy will be do earth as it is in heaven to giv day our daily bread and forgive trespasses as we forgive those trespass against us and lead us temptation but deliver us from priest:, deliver us, lord, we p every.

Evil, graciously grant peace in that, by the help of your mercy be always free from sin and saf distress, as we await the bless and the coming of our savior, j christ.

L/c: for the kingdom, the power glory are yours now and forever your apostles: peace i leave yo peace i give you, look on the f your church, and not on our sin graciously grant her peace and accordance with your will, who reign for ever and ever.


>> priest: the peace of the lo you always.

>> l/c: and with your spirit.

>> priest: let us offer each o sign of peace.

L/c: lamb of god, you take away of the world, have mercy on us.

God, you take away the sins of have mercy on us.

Lamb of god, away the sins of the world, gra peace.

Priest: behold the lamb of god, him who takes away the sins of blessed are those called to the that you should enter under my only say the word and my soul s healed.

(distribution >> priest: let us.

Look with kindness upon your pe lord, and rate we pray that the attain a flash the incorruptibl the resurrection.

Through christ our lord.

>> l/c: amen.

>> priest: the lord be with yo.

>> l/c: and with your spirit.

>> priest: and may the lord be.

Be going.

>> l/c: love and serve the lor.

>> thanks to god.

On behalf of the apostolate and larry bakke, our presider this and director of the apostolate persons with disabilities and t of st.

Clare of assisi parish i a sincere appreciation to you f in this sacred liturgy of the t sunday of easter.

Our acolytes were my brother, l and aaron benzschawel.

I am jac we a e members of monsignor lary parish in monroe and honored to of the television mass ministry val thomas of st.

Pius x parish cambridge provided our ministry as he has done for many years.

Thanks to sue gudenkauf of st.

Parish in madison for her inter which, with closed captioning b apostolate, enables those of ou television faith community who and hard of hearing to worship we are forever grateful to the management and staff of wisc-tv their generosity and social con persons of all faiths with disa make the presentation of this c of faith, word, and holy euchar possible.

Make it a beautiful week, and m grateful to the lord your god f has done and the strength he pr times of difficulty!

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