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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, May 18th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, May 18th, 2019WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, May 18th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

I'm rylie livingston.

The columbus police department is looking for man involved in an armed robbery.

Columbus police chief fred shelton says the incident happed around 4 pm near family dollar on main street.

According to chief shelton a black man confronted a person demanding money.

He says the suspect was armed with a pocket knife and took a small amount of money before leaving on foot.

No one was injured during the incident.

Columbus police is asking anyone with information on the robbery to call crimestoppers at 1-800-530-7151.

This weekend-- much of the central u-s is bracing for heavy rain, strong winds, hail and possibly tornadoes!

From texas to southern minnesota-- millions are under that threat of severe weather.

Melisa rainey has a closer look at the growing concerns.

"good knight look at that!"


Golf-ball sized hail.

And damaging winds.

A severe weather system is making its way across the eastern two-thirds of the country-- creating a significant threat for at least 70-million people along the storm's damaging path.

"this semi just ran smack into that tornado.

There's a lot of people trying to help him out right now."

It's peak tornado season... and since friday morning-- parts of the u-s have already reported 34 tornadoes!

In oklahoma-- a tornado there destroyed two homes in texas-- another twister caused widespread damage.

Nita chambliss, tornado survivor: "we got a lot of water.

It took part of the roof off.

And there's damage in the backyard."

For much of the day on saturday-- several parts of texas and oklahoma were under a tornado watch.

The national weather service says too much rain too quickly-- is raising flooding concerns in already heavily saturated areas.

And the threat is not over after this weekend.

Round two is around the corner.

The national weather service says yet another potential significant storm is highly likely across the plains early next week.

I'm melisa raney reporting.

First look we have had a nice stretch of weather the past few days.

That will come to on end on sunday as our next storms system moves in, bringing us more showers and storms. a few of those could be members of the columbus community came together at the trotter center today for a good cause.

They called it "the big payback"-- a fundraising event for local restaurant zachary's, which recently lost everything in an electrical fire that started in the kitchen.

The event feature a live auction as well as a silent auction, food, and a live band.

"it's called the big payback because really what it's doing is it's paying back all the of the staff members who have voluntarily put in their time over the past few years to work all of the fund raisers that have made zachary's so famous."

Event organizers say that some of the music and sports memorabilia featured in the auction have special meaning because they are from the restaurant and have fire damage.

Vo in monitor the libertarian party of clay county, an affiliate of the state libertarian party, hosted a forum for the county's supervisor candidates.

Those with the libertarian party say their main goal is to encourage civic engagement but also provide citizens with a little background on their own party.

Our cash matlock has the story.

It's all about having a choice.

That's why the clay county libertarian party sponsored a candidate forum saturday, with hopes of educating the public on their political point of view.

"the libertarian party is basically the party of small government."

"the way i look at is a really strict adherence to the constitution and the freedom ideals that founded this country."

Dathan lambeth has been a member of the libertarian party since 1996.

He says it's important to have a third political party.

"you have a choice besides the two major parties.

There are other voices.

If you want to help be a part of that voice, we would love to have you.

Also, it's a big tent.

It's reay about freedom."

Some people say the libertarian party is a mix of both republican and democratic ideologies.

"there's a lot of people out there who will say 'well, fiscally i'm a conservative, but socially i'm a democrat or vice versa, but when they go to the polls, a lot of them feel like they don't have a choice....the libertarian party is that alternative, but people are too scared to vote libertarian because they feel like they're throwing their vote away."

According to party member lazarus austin, the libertarians and republicans agree on things from an economic stand point.

"little to no taxes, small military, non-interferance in people's lives and other countries, and that's pretty much it."

But he says the party leans more toward democratic viewpoints when it comes to social issues.

"they're all about choice and allowing people to be who they are and not regulating or interfering with how people are."

With the majority of the state voting either democrat or republican, those in the libertarian party hope to give a voice for the people in the middle.

"there are a lot of people with unique or different views that just don't participate because they don't feel like there are people who empathize with them, who agree with them or like them."

"our hope is by activating the principles of freedom we can get back to a country that we're proud of and would fight to defend."

The forum featured food, games, live music, and door prizes.

Family freedom day at the mission took place today in west point.

The event was held in the parking lot of the old bryan plant on east church hill road.

It featured dozens of local vendors selling food, crafts, and other items. the event was put on to honor all area veterans and raise money for those in need.

"we're down here today helping brother dickey bryan with this celebration of the veterans and trying to raise money while we're here for his missions today.

He does a great work here.

He works with folks that's either had problems in life or they are just getting out of jail and need a second chance.

They're trying to get housing facilities set up down here so when they come back into the public, they'll have a place to stay.

They find them jobs and everything."

Hellfighters ministries was also a main sponsor at today's event.

That's right, family freedom day also featured hellfighters ministry's 2nd annual freedom ride.

Motorcyclists from all over the state came together to ride through over 50 miles of clay county.

Each rider made a donation to the mission as an entry fee for the event.

"first of all, it's to get a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts together and to have a ride through country that they're not really familiar with and to share with the folks that come to the celebration, the family fun day, here."

May 18th is also national armed forces day.

One suburban atlanta man wants something done about a racist robo-call he recently received.

It originated from a white supremacist group -- and what it says has to be heard to be believed.

Adam murphy has a recording of it.

"this has to be dealt with."

Fayetteville homeowner brad sanders knows what it's like to receive those annoying robocalls.

But the one he got this week crossed the line.

Natsot/call on may 8th, a 21-year-old white american -- hannah payne -- tried to hold a male negro accountable to the standard of actual humans.

The offensive call sanders said he received refers to the arrest of 21-year-old hanna payne.

A white woman who is accused of fatally shooting a black man after she says he left the scene of an accident last week.

The call claims she shouldn't be cast as a criminal.

"in fact, it was the negro.

Negroes aren't american.

They aren't even fully human.

Time to send them all to africa."

Brad sanders/homeowner "they foment racism, they foment racist attitudes and more importantly, racist behavior."

Natsot "coming to you from very white, very racist, north idaho."

A cbs46 investigation found the call originated from a white supremacist group called the road to power, known for sending other racist robocalls.

"tell the district attorney of clayton county, georgia free hannah payne.

This message paid for by"

Brad sanders/homeowner "what astonishes me is that they really think people, or the group responsible for the call is not commenting on it.

It is believed the idaho-based group may now be operating out of montana.

Parents in florida are upset after a teacher allegedly verbally abused special needs students.

We'll have more on that coming up next.

Broward county public schools in florida is apologizing for a robo-call that was sent to every parent in the district.

The robocall stated two employees heard in a recording verbally abusing students were reassigned away from students.

But the call was only meant for a few parents.

Todd tongen has the story.

"this is superintendent bob runcie."

If you have a child that goes to school in broward county you accidentally got a confusing robo-call from the superintendent about a serious incident at school.

Matt adar/ ezra's father "i was shaking i couldn't believe that this was really happening to my son."

Matt and miriam adar are painfully aware of the incident because it involves their son ezra and other special needs students at pasadena lakes elementary.

Matt adar/ ezra's father "what is a parent supposed to do if they have a suspicion that something is going on at school."

Frustrated they couldn't get answers as to why ezra was cursing and being aggressive, they used a product called angel sense that allowed them to listen in on ezra's interactions and what they heard was appalling.

"get to work or i'm going to hurt you.

So do your last... or i'm going to drag your over there."

Ezra's teacher and the teacher's aide are heard viciously verbally abusing their special needs students.

"i put on that fax that mother ain't gonna say to me!"

In one voice clip, a girl sounds as break we have weather the past few days.

That will come to on end on sunday as our next storms system moves in, bringing us more showers and storms. a few of those could be on the strong to severe side.

Once we head into next week, high pressure will build into our area, bring us back the sunshine, and warming our temperatures into the lower 90s!

Saturday night: gusty winds will continue as we head into the overnight hours saturday night.

Gusts as high as 25 mph will be possible.

Clouds will also begin to increase across the area.

Western portions of the region could even see a shower or storm overnight tonight.

Overnight lows will drop down into the upper 60s.

Sunday: widespread showers and storms will develop across the region as we head into the late morning/early afternoon hours on sunday.

A few of these storms could be on the strong to severe side.

The main concern with these storms will be damaging winds and hail.

An isolated tornado cannot be completely ruled out.

Expect rainfall amounts to vary from 1/4th of an inch to 3/4th of an inch.

Some areas could see higher totals in heavier downpours.

Showers and storms are expected to exit the region sunday night.

Highs on sunday will top out in the lower 80s, and overnight lows will drop down to the upper 60s.

Monday &amp; tuesday: we could see a few lingering storms and showers across the area on monday and tuesday, but most of us will remain dry.

Clouds will decrease in coverage on both days as well, bringing more sunshine back to our region.

Highs on both days will top out in the upper 80s, with overnight lows remaining in the upper 60s.

Wednesday, thursday, friday &amp; saturday: our old friend "high pressure" will pay us a visit as we head into the middle of next week.

Skies will become mostly clear, with just a few passing clouds, and temperatures will begin to warm.

Average highs this time of year range throughout the middle and upper 80s.

As we head into the middle of next week, highs will warm into the lower 90s, with overnight lows in the upper 60s.

As of now, it looks as if things will also remain dry through next sunday as our next storms system moves in, bringing us more showers and storms. a few of those could be on the strong to severe side.

Once we head into next week, high pressure will build into our area, bring us back the sunshine, and warming our temperatures into the lower 90s!

Saturday night: gusty winds will continue as we head into the overnight hours saturday night.

Gusts as high as 25 mph will be possible.

Clouds will also begin to increase across the area.

Western portions of mississippi state trying to win the west this afternoon....high lights from starkville are next in sports arkansas' fall to texas a&amp;m left the sec west wide open for mississippi state to swoop in and whip out the brooms against south carolina but without the bats getting hot early in the game the idea of claiming the sec west would turn a potential reality back into a dream lets get over to dudy noble field...where the bulldogs are looking for the sweep against the gamecocks msu down 1-0 not anymore....justin foscue with a moonshot to left, see ya baseball....tie ball game with one swing of the bat but that was just about it for msu on offense for the first half of the game, gamecocks taking advantage in the 5th....base hit from george callil gives carolina the lead, south carolina with 3- run 5th to open things up msu would rally late, 8th inning...marshall gilbert smacking out an r-b-i single through left center....mississi ppi state able to cut the deficit t0 10-6 still in the 8th...luke hancock at the plate....knocks an rbi single up the middle to bring in another run for the dawgs...they'd trail by three runs after eight and just couldn't come back... dawgs fall 10-8 in the series finale, chris lemonis saying his dugout tried to keep its mind off the sec west race -bulldog will be the 4-seed in hoover, facing the winner of lsu and south carolina "i heard it around the seventh inning.

By then we were down pretty big at that point.

I don, i said it last night, i don't gt into that.

It's about us playing good baseball.

We just, we weren't great today.

We played really good baseball lately, and we were just ok today."

"feel like we should've won that game.

We got it going late.

Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

Feel like, the mood in the locker room is nothing bad.

I mean we're still confident, and we'll have a big week next week."

Ole miss desperately needing a victory today in knoxville.

The rebels haven't see a win since may 5th in baton rouge.

Scoreless in the second, ole miss with men on the corners, 1 out, rebs trust their speed here... cole zabowski attempts to steal home while ryan olenek takes second.

Zee-bo is called out at the plate, but they'll review it.

Close call, but it does get over turned!

Ole miss takes a 1-oh lead.

Then in the third, tyler keenan's 13th homer of the year came at an opportune time.

A 3-run blast from keenan gives ole miss a 4-oh lead.

The vols would have a 3-run inning for themselves in the 7th, but the rebels hang on and get the win 5- 4 to avoid the sweep.

Ole miss softball shut out chattanooga yesterday in the first round of the oxford regional 12- nothing.

Today at noon, ole miss faced the ragin cajuns of louisiana for a spot in the regional championship!

But the rebels weren't playing smart today.

Scoreless in the top of the third, casidy chaumont with a solid hit in the gap.

Not much ole miss can do about that.

She turns it into a double.

And here's where things started to fall apart for ole miss.

Keeli milligan grounds it to short, should be a routine out at first for mikayla allee but she looks to third and gets turned around... the cajuns have runners on the corners with just 1 out.

Then the rebs try to get a little tricky with a pickoff and that would haunt them.

Autumn gillespie ends up throwing it away, 2 runs score and that would be the difference of the game.

Ragin cajuns with the upset... they get the win 2-nothing.

Ole miss comes out strong in the match-up to southeast a run ruled shutout match- up the rebels top the redhawks, 10- nothing... and now will have to face louisiana on sunday, game one of the afternoon beginning at 10 am ole miss will have the chance to advance to a super regional mississippi state....also vying for a national e bulldogs end up falling to the washington huskies, 6-1 this evening... now up next for state is an elimination battle beginning at 10 p-m...if the bulldogs can get the win then their season can stay alive for another day the wildcats on the hunt for the 2-a state championship victory....all the action from pearl is coming up...after the break game 3 in pearl for the 2a baseball state championship.

Calhoun city versus taylorsville.

Chandler cline pitching for the tartars.

Clay miller batting for the wildcats hits one to center field for a single.

That'll score a run for cal city as they go up 1-0.

Top of the 2nd, wildcats up 2-1.

Hayden goodsen batting lines one over the 2nd baseman to right field for an rbi single.

Wildcats take a 3-1 lead.

Top of the 5th, 2 outs.

Tashone corbitt at bat takes one to deep center field.

That'll score another wildcat.

Corbitt gets a triple.

Wildcats go onto score 5 runs in the inning.

Mcgregor lee comes in as relief and goes onto close the deal as calhoun city dominates taylorsville winning the first ever baseball state championship in school history!!

Final score calhoun city 14 taylorsville 4.

"nobody sees us there on mother's day.

Nobody sees us there easter.

Nobody sees that when we clinch nobody takes a day off.

We practice thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.

And i think that when it gets down to crunch time all that stuff pays off at the end.

It just wakes up a sleeping giant.

We always just find a way to comeback together and regroup and find a way to comeback out on top.

It's good to see the hard work we put in at practice everyday finally pay off.

I feel very it's time to celebrate....."

Last night, the new hope trojans win the 4a baseball state championship....s weeping sumrall with a 4-0 win ryan burt was exceptional in the win, pitching a one-hit shutout a truly dominant postseason for the trojans....going a perfect 10-0 in the playoffs..... it's the trojans' first title since 2014...and the school's eighth overall we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

May is national hamburger month.

To celebrate, amory main street hosted "burgers at the bend" today.

There was live music, cake and of course, fresh burgers at vinegar bend.

At bill's hamburgers, the first 90 customers got 90 cent burgers in honor of them being open for 90 years.

The 90th customer ate free and also got a t-shirt.

Across the street at country boy's, customers competed in a burger eating contest.

Of course, the famous phrase in amory is whether you'll get your burger "with" or "without".

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