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WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, May 19th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, May 19th, 2019WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, May 19th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, May 19th, 2019

A homicide investigation is underway in oxford.

Thank you for joining us tonight, i'm cash matlock.

And i'm jory tally.

Oxford police say they found one person dead at a home.

Officers responded to a call from a home on suncrest street at 2 this afternoon.

Police say the mississippi bureau of investigation has been called in to help with the on- going investigation.

We will have more on this case as more information becomes available.

One person is dead after two cars crash in lee county.

It happened this afternoon on county road 300.

The lee county sheriff's department says one car had four passengers, including three children and the driver who was killed.

Two of the children were airlifted to leboner and one was taken to nmmc in tupelo.

The department says one car was traveling west and the other was traveling east.

One of the cars went into the oncoming lane and struck the other car head- on.

The accident is still under investigation.

Columbus police continue to look for an armed robbery suspect.

Chief fred shelton says it happened outside near the family dollar on main street, saturday afternoon.

Shelton says a person was confronted by a black male armed with a pocket knife, demanding money.

He says the suspect took a small amount of money and then fled on foot.

No one was injured during the incident.

If you have any information on this robbery call golden triangle crime stoppers at 1- 800-530-7151.

Today marks the end of national police week.

State troopers from troop g in starkville honored their fallen brothers today with 5 different wreath laying ceremonies across the area.

In ackerman, friends and family of trooper bobby wells jr. came together in remembrance.

"it's hard to believe it's been since 1995.

24 years.

It feels like it was just yesterday if we think about it."

Jan wells has been coping with the loss of her brother for over two decades.

She says she comes to the memorial every year with her mother, edna wells.

But this year, her mother has fallen ill... and jan has to bare the pain alone.

"it's kind of hard on me to come down here by myself, and i know god is with me and my mother's with me and bubba's with me and of course our daddy... he's up in heaven with bubba."

Many troopers were also in attendance.

Some of them knew trooper wells personally and shared their stories of him... for those in attendance, today's ceremonies serve as an unfortunate reminder.

"it serves as a reminder to us just to remember the price that we pay to live in freedom.

To live in a state of law and order requires sacrifice sometimes, so it's a reminder to all these guys out here that the ultimate price could be called upon you doing your job and your duties as a trooper and an officer or any law enforcement officer in the state."

"it means a lot for them to remember the law enforcement that was killed in the line of duty.

Even though it's been 24 years, i'm just glad that they remember him every year because he was such a great guy, and he payed the ultimate price.

" as for trooper wells... his memory and legacy won't end with national police week, instead they'll live on... through the community he served.

"every time i mention his name to some starkville person, they always remember him being such a great guy who just loved to cut up and laugh.

He was just an all around likeable person."

Troop g held four other memorial ceremonies today in eupora, starkville, louisville, and west point.

First look right on cue, temperatures have started warming across the region.

As we head into next week, our rain hundreds protest alabama's abortion ban at the state capitol.

The associated press says hundreds of demonstrators marched to the capitol in montgomery today to protest the state's new abortion ban.

Protesters chanted "my body, my choice!"

And "vote them out!"

During the rally.

The march comes just days after gov.

Kay ivey signed the near total abortion ban into law.

It will be the country's most restrictive abortion law and is to set to go into effect in six months.

The law bans abortion in almost all cases unless the mother's health is at risk.

The ap says planned parenthood and the american civil liberties union say they plan to sue the state to try to block the law's implementation.

Denver may be 1,300 miles away from the alabama capitol, but the new abortion law in that state is impacting coloradans on both sides of the controversial issue.

Here's reporter joe st.

George out of colorado.

Saturday denver, co lisa kathryn denver resident laura chapin advocate for naral jeff hunt director of the centinniel institute its a controversial topic for sure and while alabama 's law may have nothing to do with colorado law ...its making an impact in our state.

If you have been on any of these social media sites lately you have likely...seen a post about..alabama's new abortion law.

The most restrictive in u-s making it a felony to perform an abortion unless a woman is likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth.

Coloradoús capitol maybe 1300 miles from montgomery...but the law is making waves here lisa kathryn: "i wanted to kinda use whateever platform i have to let people know they are not alone."

Denver resident lisa kathryn is one of many coloradoans feeling the need to speak up...posting on facebook i was raped i was impregnanted i had an abortion.

I am appalled with alabama.

Lisa telling us...she's part of growing movement of women sharing their abortion expierence "i don't really follow politics that much..its not something im into but this as enraged me."

Alabama's new law isn't just impacting colorado social media feeds... "we've seen a huge surge in volunteers we've gotten calls we've gotten emails."

Laura chapin is an advocate for abortion rights group.

She says phones have been ringing off the hook at places like denver's planned parenthood.

Laura chapin: "there are women with appointments in alabama that need help getting access to care.

There is an abortion fund in alabama called yellow hammer that we've encouraged people to support."

But if you to the campus of colorado christian realize there are plenty of people on the othr side of this.

Energized by alabama.

Jeff hunt: "its a great day for the babies of alabama."

Jeff hunt is director of the centinniel institute and says for conservatives this is all about getting a case back to the supreme court and perhaps convicing justices to overturn roe v wade.

"there is not a right to an abortion in the constutition."

A hearing to potentailly overturn roe v wade.

Thats a long way away though.

Colorado reproductive rights advocates are though planning for the possibility women from other states could travel to colorado for an abortion...since this state has some of the strongest abortion rights laws in the country.

-----end-----cnn.script----- the president of mississippi's oldest college makes a stop in our area to visit with alumni.

Doctor blake thompson is the president of mississippi college in clinton.

He stopped in tupelo on thursday for an informal dinner with alumni.

Thompson has been president of the college for nearly one year.

He says there are many great things happening and enjoys letting alumni know how m c is preparing students for life, with a biblical world view.

We think mc plays a special role in higher education, as the world grows more secular, institutions that are distinctive for their faith mission , as well as, distinctie for academics, are not only going to survive, but thrive and we're convinced of that, thankful to be a place where both academics and faith are both key components of what we do.

Thompson was vice president at ohio state university, before he took on his position at m c.

Thompson and his wife are both from alcorn county.

Coming up after the break, we have this week's mom to mom, stay with us!

A full baby is a happy baby!

Here's this week's mom to mom..

Today on mom to mom we're talking about what's on all my new moms minds out there..


Joining us today is doctor young from one women's care.

Thank you for joining us.

So breastfeeding is a topic of conversation for all new moms out there.

Please fill us in.

Well, so first thing is a happy baby is a fed baby.

So whether is breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping and feeding..whateve r works best for you and baby is the route to go.



But there are lots of benefits to breastfeeding both for mom and baby.

Um specifically for baby.


They do get the immunity from the breast milk.

They get the great maddie tosses right on cue, temperatures have started warming across the region.

As we head into next week, our rain chances will come to an end as high pressure build in from the southeast, allowing temperatures to continue to warm, making it into the 90s by wednesday.

Sunday night: scattered showers and storms will exit our region overnight on sunday, leaving us with mostly cloudy skies.

Winds will calm throughout the night, as lows drop down into the upper 60s.

Monday &amp; tuesday: monday and tuesday are the last two days in our forecast with a chance of rain!

During the afternoon and evening hours of both days, a lot on the line sunday afternoon in oxford...ole miss dropping game one to louisiana meant that a super regional berth for the rebels was on the line the rebs not only had to win game one, but game two as well if they hoped to keep the team's postseason dreams alive let's head over to oxford matt smith said all weekend long that he wanted his team to come out with the first punch... the rebs did that today.

Molly jacobsen throwing flames early on.

She finished with ??

In the third inning, the rebels' offense went to work.

Starting with freshman mikayla allee... a solo blast to get this party started.

That's just her second home run of her career.

Kylan becker would then get an in the park homerun to give ole miss a 2- nothing lead, cajuns bring in their relief pitcher, then abbey latham gets in on the action.

A solo homer makes it 3- zip.

We're still in the third, kaylee horton sends a bullet to center... she turns on the jets, makes it all the way to third.

Kelsha loftin and autumn gillespie both cross the plate.

Rebs scored 5 runs in the third.

And they'd go on to get the win in game one of the afternoon by that many a 5-1 win for the rebels would force them into a game two.....the winner advances to a super regional the pressure is on for game two of the afternoon between the rebels and the rajun cajuns...the winner advances to a super regional bottom 1st, gabby alvarez knocks one out into right for an rbi single....kylan becker is able to come home and scores the first run of the game same inning, 2 outs...jessica puk gets her shot into left field also sending autumn gillespie home..the rebels leading 2-0 top 2nd...julie rawls up to bat for the cajuns...she sends one deep into center but kylan becker robs her of a 2- run homer that would've tied it all up... bottom 3rd...kaylee horton at the plate...she gets a single shot to go and abby latham scores run number three...ole miss leading 3-zip top 4th...brittany finney on the mound for the rebs...strikesout lexie comeaux and sends it to the bottom of the inning while lousiana remains scoreless on the board ull able to take the 7th it'd be all knotted up at 4... kaylee horton with the knock to short...kylan becker comes into home for the winning run!!

That's game!

Ole miss tops louisiana 5-4 and advances on to the team's second ever super regional an electric moment for the ole miss rebels with a walk-off, the rebels not only win the ncaa oxford regional, but also earning a spot in the program's second ever super regional the last time ole miss made an appearance in a super regional was not too long ago, back in 2017 the win over lousiana was the third straight elimination game ole miss had won over the weekend head coach mike smith said that the end of the game all came down to doing his job "i had to finally do some coaching and figure out how am i gonna scratch away one or do i want to try to get two here.

In my mind i was like if e can tie this thing up, i'll take our chances in extra innings.

These girls just had that never say die attitude.

Things worked out.

The unorthodox people came up to the plate at the right time for us and stepped up and executed the things we needed them to do.

Everybody came out and said all these negative things and i was like woah that's not how i expected everybody to react.

Coming out losing early in the series i think a lot of people were like haha told you so but looks like we got the last laugh."

Mississippi state having a tough time over in the seattle regional this evening currently the bulldogs are battling the washington huskies and haven't been able to find a ton of production on offense the huskies, with a couple of home runs to send five of its own into home and had a 7- nothing lead come the end of the sixth inning with the end of the regular season for baseball...the 2019 sec baseball tournament approaches quickly...more information is after the break here's the lineup in the 2019 sec tournament for the magnolia state teamsé first up to bat, ole miss earning the seventh seed in the tourney will be facing off to tenth seeded missouri...that game in the afternoon on tuesday...the reigning champs will look to defend their title meanwhile, the bulldogs won't see any action until late wedneday evening...state will play either south carolina or lsu... all games in the sec tournament can be watched throughout the week on the sec network what better way to finish out the weekend than with scores from the major league the cardinals with an away match-up to the rangers...the rangers would rally with a pair of runs in the 10th inning to get the 5-4 win over st.louis the braves hosting the brewers...atlant a is unable to get it done at home falling to milwaukee 3-2... and the cubs are able to pull off the 6-5 road win against the nationals this evening we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

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