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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Russian Rabblerousing over "Rocketman" and "Godzilla" roars at the Box Office

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Russian Rabblerousing over 'Rocketman' and 'Godzilla' roars at the Box Office
Russian Rabblerousing over "Rocketman" and "Godzilla" roars at the Box Office
Today in What's Poppin:

C1 3 time for what's poppin american veterans from world war two and actors from the hit h-b-o show band of brothers, got a chance to meet sunday.

It was near the site of the allied invasion of normandy in france.

The meeting took place just before the 75th anniversary of d- day,... the start of the battle in 19-44 that eventually turned the tide against german forces in western europe.

The veterans are now in their 90s,... and as one of the vets put it: "there is only going to be very few of us when we come back next year."

Band of brothers actor nicholas aaron said he couldn't even put it into words what the encounter with the veterans was like.

Band of brothers ran for one season, with 10 episodes and won six emmys.

Russian gay rights activists are criticizing the distributor of a new movie about elton john for cutting scenes depicting homosexual activity and drug use.

The deletions became known last week after a moscow screening of the film "rocketman."

Russian news agencies reported the distribution company said the scenes were cut to conform with russian law but that the ministry of culture said it was not involved in the decision.

A group of new york city theater companies held a 24-hour c1 3 live reading of the report from special counsel robert muller.

The event titled "filibustered and unfiltered: america reads the mueller report" kicked off saturday night and continued through sunday night.

Organizers say it wasn't meant to be a performance, but about giving people a "voice" on the issue.

Switching now to the weekend movie numbers... "godzilla: king of the monsters" roared to the top of this weekend's box office.

The sequel brought in 49 million dollars for its opening weekend.

Disney's "aladdin" dropped to the number two spot, with about 42 million during its second weekend in theaters.

Number three was "rocketman" the bio-pic about elton john, bringing-in 25 million dollars in ticket

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