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WCBI News at Ten, Saturday, June 8th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten, Saturday, June 8th, 2019WCBI News at Ten, Saturday, June 8th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten, Saturday, June 8th, 2019

>>cbs news, original reporting.

Good evening and thank you for joing us.

I'm rylie livingston an agreement between the u-s and mexico on immigration enforcement ends the looming tariffs on mexican goods.

Melisa raney has details.

President trump making a dramatic reversal on his threat to impose tariffs against mexico.

Friday, the president tweeting that the tariffs are "indefinitely suspended" aft the u-s and mexico came to an agreement on immigration enforcement.

It was just last week that trump threatened to impose tariffs on all mexican goods entering the u-s if mexico did not do more to limit the number of central american migrants moving through the country and into the us.

The state department says the agreement means mexico will now take those steps --- deploying its national guard throughout the country --- giving priority to mexico's southern border.

Republicans like representative ted yoho say trump's tariff threat was the way to go... rep.

Ted yoho: "we stood with the presiden to put tariffs on there to put pressure on the mexican government because when we met with mexican ambassador, they all tell us that they depend on a strong america.

Well, with this influx of people coming in overloading our system, that doesn't make america stronger, it weakens america."

However not everyone supports how the deal played out --- house speaker nancy pelosi saying the deal doesn't address the root causes of central american migration.

In a statement released saturday, she said "presiden trump must stop sabotaging good-faith, constructive, and bipartisan efforts in congress to address this complex problem in a humane manner that honors and respects our most cherished national values."

I'm melisa raney reporting.

Mexican leaders say that a unity rally scheduled for saturday night will now be a "celebratio rally" in light o the agreement with the united states.

Heavy rain in catawba county, north carolina caused flash flooding that left drivers stranded.

According to authorities, several inches of rain fell in less than two hours in hickory.

Interstate access ramps even had to be closed because of the water.

Firefighters and police had to help several vehicles get out of high water.

First look tonight: mostly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers and perhaps a rumble of on february 23rd, the historic hunt school in columbus was severely damaged by an ef-3 tornado.

The students that were enrolled there have since been relocated to the union academy elementary school building a few blocks away.

And that's why the united way partnered with mississippi university for women and spent the day with their mississippi governor's school scholars cleaning and getting the building ready for the upcoming school year.

Our cash matlock has the story.

Over 60 scholars from muw's mississippi governor's school program spent the day volunteering their time at union academy in columbus.

"they are dusting.

They'r cleaning the blinds.

They're cleaning the windows.

They're wiping down everything, sweeping, just really getting the rooms cleaned up and ready for those teachers when they come in."

"there were at least like fiv spiders that i had to get rid of.

Then we had to clean the windows, basically get all the dust out of here.

I think we've done a very good job so far.

The air quality is a lot better and everything is looking way cleaner and nicer."

The volunteers are gearing up for the upcoming school year.

That's when students from the old hunt school are going to be relocated to union academy.

"being a former teacher, know how much the teachers are going to appreciate it.

It's one less thing they have to worry about.

They can just come in and start getting their classrooms ready for school."

"environment is key, especiall in school.

I hope they really like the new, clean setting.

I hope they have a better time learning."

Coordinators for the clean up say the event is a great opportunity for scholars form across the state to take part in community service.

"it's important for them t learn that there are things around their own communities that they can learn... that they can kind of give back."

"sometimes just getting little dirty and a little sweaty, it's ok to do that because you're giving back.

You are helping the community in one way weather its tutoring students, or cleaning up after a tornado, or cleaning up a classroom like this, it just helps to know that any little thing they can do, any little amount of time that they can give can help and it gives back to the community."

"i think it's just a good way fo students like us to go out and help people do something good."

And the volunteers hope their actions will inspire others to follow suit.

"i hope they learn that you ca work with anybody, and you can either become a leader or you can have a vital part in anything you do and make a difference and do something great."

"to come in and see this roo and see that other people, young students who are probably their age, have gone and gotten these rooms together for them, have prepared a space for them, have taken the time out of their day to do something, i think that makes a difference."

The mississippi governor's school is a two week summer program comprised of students from all across the magnolia state.

Today's event was a part of their community service day.

Fun, fellowship, and food was the theme today at the prairie community center annual fun day.

The event kicked off with a parade followed by a day full of activities.

The kids enjoyed bounce houses, water slides, and face painting while the adults were treated to some gospel and r and b performances.

The event also had variety of food choices from fish and bar-b-q to cakes, pies, and funnel cakes.

" this is our prairie fun day.

W have it on an annual basis and we're excited about it.

What we do we're giving back to the community because we're our rural development club and this is our way of giving back to the community."

Organizers are looking forward to next year.

Vo in monitor when sporting events roll into town many people head out to the stadium for some tailgating.

Mississippi state's ncaa super regional baseball game is tonight and a few fans turned up early to cook some pregame meals.

Our stephanie poole met up with some tailgaters today to bring us the story.

When football and baseball comes to mississippi state-- tailgaters aren't far behind.

For some, tail- gating means food, drinks, and spending time with people.

But for denis's a tradition.

" we just had a lot of good times out here, back in the old days."

Everett has attended mississippi state's baseball games since 1976 when he was a student.

He says him and his friends would eat in left-field lounge and watch the game together.

" it was ou winning tradition."

And to carry out that tradition, everett and his friends set up a grill and cheer on his fellow bulldogs before every baseball game.

" it's meetin people like this we will have more on mississippi state super regional game coming in sports elvis fans visited tupelo this weekend pay homage to the the icon and visit the famous tupelo hardware store where he got his first guitar more on that next.

The elvis festival is continuing into the weekend in downtown tupelo to celebrate the life of tupelos favorite son this morning fans packed into the bancorp south arena for the fifth annual elvis pet parade.

It was a unique event to celebrate tupelo, celebrate elvis, and get pets and people out together to raise money for the tupelo humane society.

Each contestant sported the owners favorite elvis theme.

"really anything tha celebrates elvis.

First of all the pet has to be safe and control that's number one.

Then creative, celebrating tupelo or elvis or really anything that's a theme."

Outside the arena fans got a chance to meet with two of the six dicasa dancing ponies.

The specially trained horses perform dances in shows across the area and were a special treat for those attending the elvis pet parade.

Vo in monitor the pet parade wasn't the only thing driving people to tupelo.

Elvis fans have the chance to relive one of the iconic moments in music history the buying of the first guitar.

Wcbi's chad groening has more.

The sun was beating down.

But it didn't discourage elvis festival fans to head down town to visit various booths set up along main street.

There was plenty of elvis memorabilia including 45 rpm records .

There was a tupelo amateur radio club.

People from all over the country have descended on tupelo festival weekend to get the full elvis experience.

People have visited the elvis birthplace home as well as the iconic structure behind me tupelo hardware in 1946 an 11- year old elvis came to pick out a birthday present.


Gladys wasn't crazy about the idea so as we all know mr. bo steered him another direction.


The rest is history.

George booth the third is vice president of tupelo hardware who grew up with the elvis legend.

" i tell people all the time think we're the most famous hardware store in the world just because we get people in to tupelo hardware from all over the world.

That's true there are fans that love elvis that come in from australia, all over europe, japan, south america so tupelo hardware literally i believe is the most famous hardware store in the world."

And allen cayson of tupelo is a history teacher who loved to play the part of forrest l.

Bobo, the tupelo hardware employee who recommended elvis buy guitar rather than a rifle.

" i work wit some people that are also there in the elvis fan club and so they approached me about playing this role and so yes i have read about the story of how he sold the guitar to elvis and i was very intrigued by it and what an amazing story that he did this" cayson says it is humbling to be standing behind the same counter where the legend began.

Chad groening wcbi news, tupelo."

And the elvis festival continues this evening with music and the finals of the ultimate elvis contest.

Maddie tosses to break tonight: mostly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder.

Temperatures fall into the upper 60s and low 70s with a calm wind.

Some patchy fog can't be ruled out.

Sunday: more afternoon pop- up scattered showers are anticipated, with the best odds coming with the heating of the day.

Temperatures climb back into the mid 80s with a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky.

Sunday night showers will mostly fizzle out as lows fall into the upper 60s and low 70s.

Monday: some scattered showers and a few storms can't be ruled out.

Temperatures climb back into the low 80s before a cold front pushes showers and storms out to the east.

That sets up a nice, quiet and dry super regional baseball is underway!

The rebels are in for an uphill battle..highligh ts and reaction next in sports... spx mother nature changing the plans of super regional baseball in starkville... what was supposed to be a 2pm first pitch turned into a 7pm beginning....the dawgs after dark coming alive, two wins away from omaha mississippi state leading stanford 6-1 dustin skelton the driving force for the bulldogs..2 doubles, 2 rbis.... another masterful performance on the mound for ethan earned runs, only run for the cardinal coming off an unforced error.... we'll have more from starkville coming up on our website wcbi dot com, after the game the only team to win a series on the road at baum walker stadium?

The ole miss rebels the stakes are much higher with this weekend's series..two wins away from omaha ole miss and arkansas starting their super regional.

Rebs trying to get to the college world series for first time since 2014.

Isaiah campbell pitching for the razorbacks.

Top 1st, 1 out, grae kessinger catches campbell lacking and crushes one deep into left field.

That's a no doubter.

Solo jack for grae.

Rebs go up 1-0 early.

Bottom 1st, will ethridge pitching.

Runners at the corners.

Full count.

Dominic fletcher singles to right.

That'll bring in a run for arkansas.

Tie ball game.

2 batters later, jack kenley takes a hanging curve ball for a ride over the right field wall.

3 run hr for kenley!

Arkansas takes a 4-1 lead in the 1st top 4th, no outs.

Rebs trail 6-1.

Tyler keenan hits one to center field for a single to get the inning started.

Now 1 out in the 4th, ryan olenek at bat.

He grounds one into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning and hopes of a but things aren't over.

Far from over as there is still a game 2 to be played.

There's still a chance for the rebs to make this a series.

This isn't the first time nor might it be the last time the rebs will have their backs up against the wall.

Go back earlier in the season.

They went on a 6- game losing streak.

Then the sec tournament comes and they make a run to the championship game.


They hosted a regional.

Also earlier in the season when they played arkansas and won that series, they lost the first game of that series.

So the guys and coach mike bianco, they understand the task at hand but they feel confident playing with their backs up against the wall.

Grae kessinger: this team plays well with their back up against the wall.

When you look at the sec tournament.

What we did the last time we were here.

This team just steps up to the challenge.

We pick each other up and go one pitch at a time and don't worry about the end result and just control what you can control and this team does a really good job at that.

Mike bianco: we've been in some of these situations.

Whether losing the first game or being in the loser bracket in the sec tournament so this team felt that a little bit and has been able to play well.

But it's different playing at this place against this team.

They are real good.

Now for game 2 doug nikhazy will be taking the mound.

He's been probably the most consistent pitcher on the mound for the rebs this season.

Great picher.

Great stuff.

Great breaking ball.

We'll see if he can get the win for the rebs and keep this season alive.

Keep hope alive and keep things going for ole miss as they try to scratch and claw their way to a college world series birth.

But for now reporting in fayetteville.

Chris bolton wcbi sports."

There's no place like former local star giving back through football..

More louisville becomes the first team in the nation to punch its ticket to omaha...dominati ng east carolina 12-0 auburn's cinderalla story continues....defe ating north carolina 11-7, the tigers' first ever super regional game one victory florida state and the mike martin farewell tour goes into baton rouge and takes game one....6-4 oklahoma state walks off texas tech 6-5...forcing a decisive game three sunday an active morning over on the okolona chieftains football field former ole miss and miami dolphins d-t tim bowens hosting his annual football camp earlier today the free camp offers kids throughout the area the opportunity to learn basic skills and drills from the pros bowens expressed the importance on giving back to his own community "it's always important to giv back and also come back and let people see that you came from this area.

Dreams do come true and anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

"to see tim, michael and thei entire family come back and do this for this area.

There's fourty high school kids and about sixty juniors over there have a ball learning how to play football and learning the safetety of the game.

They appreciate it a lot cause there's such a great turnout every year.

I think they're really greatful that tim comes back and does this."

We're going to a final lo celebrate your bestie today because it's national best friends day!

That special someone is the person you can see every day and always have a blast.

Or the person you can call after not having spoken for months and it feels like you just talked yesterday.

Doctors say having friends is so important, you're actually more likely to die without them.

It's also a good thing best friends are friends for life.

Depression commonly affects older adults after retirement, illness or losing a loved one -- and best friends can help overcome those feelings.

So hold your best friend tight... and make sure to let them know how important they are.

Tonight: mostly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder.

Temperatures fall into the upper 60s and low 70s with a calm wind.

Some patchy fog can't be ruled out.

Sunday: more afternoon pop- up scattered showers are anticipated, with the best odds coming with the heating of the day.

Temperatures climb back into the mid 80s with a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky.

Sunday night showers will mostly fizzle out as lows

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