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Saturday, November 27, 2021

GMK 7/04

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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GMK 7/04
GMK 7/04

C1 3 morning kentucky... a man behind bars...accused of stealing from a grocery store..we'll tell you what he took.

And an update on the bourbon distillery fire that burned all day yesterday.

And it's day two of fourth of july fun..we'll tell you where you can spend the day.

L3 doug: good morning kentucky white l3: good morning kentucky!

White thursday, july 4, 2019 good morning kentucky!

And thanks for joining us at a-b-c 36.

L3: breaking news red woman dead after crash on i-75 rockcastle county we're following some breaking news..a deadly crash on i-75 near mile marker 68 in rockcastle county the coroner says the victim is a woman.

The coroner says the crash happened around 5:30 this morning.

We're working to get more information and will continue to update you.

Now we want to check in with alyssa andrews for a look at today's forecast.

New this morning... a man faces c1 3 robbery and burglary charges... after police say he stole over one-hundred dollars worth of food items from sav-a-lot on versailles road last saturday.

L3: new this morning white man accused of stealing $100 dollars worth of steaks police say the manager showed officers security footage of 44-year- old ronald rosebud walking out of the store.

They say he stole eleven packages of t-bone steaks valued at one hundred and thirty- five dollars.

Police say a clerk tried to stop rosebud from walking out with the steaks.

Police say rosebud pushed the clerk..

Causing her to fall backwards into a set of doors... hitting her head and right elbow on the floor.

Full mug:accused of stealing 11 t-bone steaks lexington ronald rosebud ronald rosebud.jpg <none> <none> <none> police say rosebud ran from the store shortly after.

Rosebud is scheduled to appear in court on those charges friday.

An update now on a body, found in a tractor-trailer in madison county tuesday.

Police now say they 'do' suspect foul play in the man's death.

Someone found him in the cab of the truck, at a gas station off i-75, at exit 95.

The coroner isn't releasing the name... because the family still hasn't been found.

We now have the name of the teenager who drowned tuesday in franklin county.

The coroner says 14-year-old landon smith of lawrenceburg drowned after diving into elkhorn creek... at still waters campground.

Investigators say smith vanished after diving off a boat ramp... around 5:30 tuesday afternoon.

Searchers found the body, around 8:30.

A man has been charged in the dog attack we reported last week that killed a man.

State police say brian butler was found dead on the side of mccoy lane last weekend in marshall county.

Animal control quarantined three pit bulls in the area around the time butler's body was found.

The coroner said butler's death was from a dog attack.

29-year-old daniel alexander was arrested on a felony warrant yesterday.

Police say alexander was the owner of the dogs and knew butler's body was on the side of the road and didnt report it to officials.

Former u-k football quarterback jared lorenzen has died after being in the hospital for an infection.

Bryan kennedy has more in our solid blue report.

U-k quarterbak jared lorenzen has passed away at the age of 38.

In honor of lorenzen...u-k athletics released this video.

Now from his former teammate eli manning.

Jared was a great teammate and friend.

We competed against each other in college and came to the giants together in 2004.

My thoughts and prayers go out to him family.

I will always remember his competitive spirit and his good nature... l3: abc 36 news update white bourbon distillery loses 2.5 million gallons thank you bryan..

And now an update on the bourbon c1 3 distillery fire we reported on yesterday.

That fire ended up burning all day and over 2.5 million gallons of bourbon were destroyed.

Fs img txt bullets:no distillery fire update woodford county jim-beam-fire-696x336.jpg -2.5 million gal ... that adds up to 12.5 million fifths lost... at the jim beam warehouse in woodford county.

Officials with the frankfort plant board say the river is still able to produce clean drinking water..but if you want to use the river for recreational cautious because the river does have discoloration..odor and foam in it.

Turning to politics now... an organization that lobbied for marsy's law... is now petitioning the state supreme court to put it back up for a vote.

L3: white petition to put "marsy's law" back on the ballo remember... that measure was voted on last november... and passed.

It was supposed to create a constitutional amendment... that would formalize the rights of crime victims. but back in june... kentucky's supreme court struck it down... saying its wording was too vague.

The organization "marsy's law for kentucky" is now asking the court to put the measure back on the ballot in 2020.

The rain didnt stop anyone last night at the patriotic concert at gratz park.

Yesterday kicked off the fourth of july festivities in downtown lexington.

L3: white rain didn't stop patriotic concert gratz park, downtown lexington and despite all of the rain... the lawn in gratz park was filled with people wanting to hear the patriotic melodies.

This annual event features members of the kentucky national guard's 202nd u.s. army band, the lexington singers and multiple soloists.

There was a 30 minute delay but as soon as 8:30 hit they started the show.

Fs img txt bullets:no 4th of july festivities continue today downtown lexington 4th of july2.jpg 7:30 a ... and the fourth festivities continue today in downtown lexington.

This morning at 7- thirty..runners will hit the pavement for the bluegrass ten thousand foot race.

At 2 p-m..the independence day parade will begin on main street.

A street festival will also be held at different locations downtown from nine until six..and fireworks will be at ten p-m.

We have a full list of scheduled events and street closures on our website w-t- v-q dot com.

Ots image:right firework trash safety fireowrks.jpg and rumpke, the trash collection company, wants to remind people to be safe this holiday... especially with any used fireworks.

They say they have the potential to reignite inside trash bins... and anyone throwing them out should soak them in water first... so they won't spark again.

They also ask people to not throw away propane tanks... and instead take them back to the original seller.

Time is... the president took to social media after images show the conditions at border facilities.... hear what other government officals are saying in response..after the break but first... "here's our "first look" at what's coming up today