4-State Hero Appreciation Tour, Nevada, Mo. (2)

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4-State Hero Appreciation Tour, Nevada, Mo. (2)

4-State Hero Appreciation Tour, Nevada, Mo. (2)

It's week two of KOAM's 4-State Hero Appreciation Tour.

Today's stop is in Nevada, Missouri at the Nevada Auto Mall.

After those days as we continue through the summer we are rolling on with our four state euros appreciation tour and today we find ourselves of the new beta automall so easy to find take highway seventy one exit off number one zero one you can't miss it got the koa am i working to out front and even though it's not the sunday year the debate automall is made sure that all of our four state veterans and even if you're not when you won the family come down to business we got hotdogs.

Chips and more importantly water on this day but the most important thing about today is meeting some of our four state euros and i'm joined by two didn't just happen to be brothers mike i was doing a deal and stephen m and stephen brooks here mike i will start with you and your service in the acting is through your career because it's elongated one military wise.


Here's an airport there in vietnam i didn't go into vietnam was my twin brother regarding their sol i went to thailand or c-130 gunship and i got that the president.

Citation lauds their and then when i got there outdoors at warszawa in the national guard.

I spent 20 years i in atlantic automall three times a day manages is our banner was building roads back in the country that didn't have roads and then i went to germany and couple times and then 20 years in garden.

I'm out of my service i did get five to ten ribbons from while i was in stephen of them having other brothers that were in the service to that have a bearing on your decision that a lot of are my decision.

I recently dug and dug the air force but three of my of my brothers invited an elder brother the to take my a mine went to the army national guard in 1970.

I retired in 2007 after year and you stay that was my only to combat the climate that would divert these and other things that the several schools in traveled around most of my military career was right on your run of the beta exam barred to forcing heroes was mingling of the family before secure as it stems great, and by those the brothers all by those in military time between the five of us mike and i have a combined sixty years in my other other three brothers and the mind dwells there 72 years military service might ask mothers i want to thank you not only for joining us more importantly thank you for your service dark ntry not knowing where you mom formula thank you for your service dark is not ongoing where help me walk through this writer because lots might stephen ireland's shade we got excessive heat warnings are still in effect lasting all the way until saturday night and you'll notice two from the national perspective how we've expanded these advisories watches and warnings to the ohio river valley.

Now all the way to the mid-atlantic now those heroes you see on the top ten portion of your screen that's the mid-level jet stream runs west to east right in you get underneath it those are your hotter temperatures but i also want point something out.

Remember, you get your brighter color at the high pressure system and those errors you see on th teop left.

That's the own level jetstream that's what ushers all that rain and thunderstorm activity for the next couple days toward the great lakes and that's evident when we look at the severe thunderstorm is not all that way up to the north of us .

One thing is gotten naked, five-year the south when that we picked up some gospels the forty miles an hour but it's been worth it because didn't guys in the shades were enjoying this four state euro appreciation to her as far as our afternoon planner can't be debts on beat this but it will take the were enjoying, roderick meeting four state euros.

But remember even tomorrow it's which can feel like it's up in the triple digits.

Once again, and don't discount saturday as being any different and that's why that heat advisory warning and watched us watch just last so long but i'm normally come join us in the beta debate automall tanya

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4-State Hero Appreciate Tour, Nevada, Mo. (1) [Video]

4-State Hero Appreciate Tour, Nevada, Mo. (1)

It's week two of KOAM's 4-State Hero Appreciation Tour. Today's stop is in Nevada, Missouri at the Nevada Auto Mall.

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