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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - July 24, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - July 24, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - July 24, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - July 24, 2019

Thanks for joing us tonight... a late night shooting in columbus sends one person to the hospital, and another in custody.

The shooting happened on sylvan road in east columbus.... and that's where we find our quentin smith who joins us live with the details.


Scott it is a very active scene out here right now.

Police literally line this entire street.

I'm gonna step out of the screen and point your attention to this home with the yellow crime tape around it.

Police say that's the home where the shooting happened according to police chief fred shelton... it was just after 8 o'clock tonight when police responded to this home in the 700 block of sylvan road because someone had been shot.

When police arrived, they found a white male shot in the chest.... at this time the motive behind the shooting is unclear... but shelton did say he was shot by his girlfriend... the victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover from this incident..

" right now we know it's no life-threatening, he was stabilized before he was taken to the hospital so hopefully and prayerfully everything will be ok and the person will be ok, but right now we have the person that did the shooting, we have a person in custody.

It was a female and we have her in custody and she's at the police department van question concerning his crime."

On your screen is the accused gun man according to police chief fred shelton.

At this time shelton says charges against her are still pending.


Are going to continue to follow this developing story and bring you more details as they become available.

But for now reporting live in columbus..

Quentin smith.... wcbi news.

The investigation into the fatal shooting of 16- year-old arykah white weighs heavy on many across columbus.

For the first time tonight police chief fred shelton is giving us new details from that night.

Yellow tape still lingers from saturday nights shooting.

The propst park community activity center - still a crime scene.

"a young life was taken an another young life is going to be taken in the sense that he will be incarcerated, if convicted, for a long time."

16-year-old arykah white, police say was struck by a bullet.

The accused shooter 17-year-old.

Curtis lathan.

Lathan is now charged with murder.

"guns are designed to kil people.

We should not be discharging firearms in the city limits."

Multiple sources say a security guard fired shots in the air in an attempt to break up a large fight.

That's when investigators believe lathan fired a round striking white.

The center was rented out for a sweet 16 party.

In the past, the city has requested a copies of rental applications for the center.

Okay, but we didn't do it this time."--scot we didn't do it this time, no,"--shelto is this the first incident,--scott --we didn't do it this time."--shelto more arrests are expected in the coming days.

As the investigation continues, chief shelton says his department is working on plans for implementing new rules and increasing patrols to increase safety during scheduled events.

If it's event that we feel causes concern we'll ask the renter to not have it or we'll go down there, and if it's out of control or illegal activity is happening, we'll ask them to shut it."

At least one other person was cited for shooting a gun in city limits at that party// city ordinance doesn't allow fire arms in recreational and community centers unless approved by city council or the person has a valid enhanced conceal carry permit// take developing story stinger there's a new sheriff in pickens county tonight// gordo police chief todd hall was appointed sheriff by alabama governor kay ivey// hall took the oath of office this afternoon// pickens county coroner chad harless has been acting sheriff since david abston resigned from office// abston was sheriff for more than three decades.

He's pleaded guilty to two federal charges, involving a scam to feed inmates with food from a food bank// prosecutors say abston kept the money he saved in the scheme// hall has been the chief in gordo for more than a decade// bond is set for a man accused of an early july murder in webster county// charles potts went before justice court judge jerry jones today// potts is charged with the murder in the shooting death of jerome cullum in webster county on july 7th// potts' bond was set at 75 thousand dollars// his case was bound over to the grand jury which will meet in december// court hearings and other county business in webster county now have a new home// after over 6 years, the county once again has its own courthouse// our rylie livingston talks with county officials about how the new facility is helping them// over six years ago a fire destroyed the webster county courthouse, scattering county offices and employees into temporary quarters..

But now they are back together under one roof... "it's been 6 1/2 years since th courthouse burned down and when you have worked in a building for as long as we had worked in the webster county courthouse it was like losing a home but we are so excited to be in this new building and we are enjoying it."

The county office building made room for some officials, including circuit clerk sherry henderson.

While she was thankful for the space, there were some drawbacks..

"if anybody had come in to se us you could tell that we were kind of squashed together desks but it up against each other basically we could roll around in our chairs and go where ever we need to go."

That's no longer an issue..

"having all this room it jus it's wonderful we have places for books to go, we have a work room, i have an office, we have the outer office for people to come, in we have a vault we just have so much room we are filling it up really fast but we are just so thankful to have that much room."

Chancery judge rodney faver is excited about upgrades in the new court rooms. "they have got everythin state of the art we've got projectors attorneys can put evidence up for us to view and the people in the courtroom.

They've got a sound system that is outstanding it is going to be able to allow me not to have to yell the witnesses not have to yell.

We just got everything that you could possibly want in a courthouse."

Henderson does want to thank choctaw county for letting them hold court in their courthouse while they were displaced.

First look stinger first look tonight: temperatures drop to the low 60s overnight under clear skies.

A few spots could dip below 60?.

We'll have to watch to see if any record lows fall tonight.

Wind will be out of the n around 5-10 mph.

Last night some of you saw an hour of questions and answers in the only republican gubernatorial debate to feature all 3 candidates// but how effective were the messages from robert foster, tate reeves and bill waller, jr.?

Courtney ann jackson has the breakdown on whether it was enough to move the needle for voters// let's talk tactics.

Millsaps department of government and politics chair dr. nathan shrader noticed each candidate stuck to certain plans throughout the night.

"reeves strategy is do no har to your own campaign.

And a safe message of if you're happy with the haley barbour, phil bryant mississippi, i'm the continuation of that and i'll keep moving in their direction."

Waller circled back to his priority issues of education, healthcare and roads and bridges.

"the tactic waller used is th other two candidates are already going to have they're playing the trump card, he's going to keep talking about the issues he's talked about since he got into this race."

While foster didn't shy away from taking some jabs at reeves.

"took swings in a way that di not come across as condesending, rude, arrogant or negative which sometimes that is what becomes a turnoff in a debate style setting when one candidates goes to the well so many times on a same line of attack that begins to feel very aggressive and rude."

Shrader notes that he didn't think any of the candidates did poorly tuesday night.

But... "i think that robert foste actually did the most to help his campaign in terms of if you think about all the thinks that a republican primary in this state might be looking for."

"i don't think lt.

Governor di anything to hurt his campaign.

I don't think he lost ground.

I'm not so sure that anything happened to really help justice waller build his support."

Primary election day is august 6.

If a runoff is need, it will be held august 27.

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news stinger wx open tonight: temperatures drop to the low 60s overnight under clear skies.

A few spots could dip below 60?.

We'll have to watch to see if any record lows fall tonight.

Wind will be out of the n around 5-10 mph.

Thu/fri: temperatures climb into the upper 80s thursday, and some spots hit 90 by friday.

We stay dry, with lots of sunshine.

Despite the warmup, the humidity levels stay relatively low for this time of year, meaning while it will be warm, it won't be all that uncomfortable.

Saturday- tuesday: all good things must come to an end which means the break from the humidity ends this weekend.

It will feel more like summer by saturday with dewpoints back in the upper 60s.

Dewpoints will also climb back into the 70s by sunday.

High temperatures will be around 90?

Through the weekend and start of next some diners at a north mississippi restaurant may need get checked out..

We have a health alert when we come we hear it a lot// donating blood saves lives// tonight we learn how important it is that certain patients get the blood the need in our health talk baptist.

Hi, i'm sandy kilburn, medical technologist and blood bank supervisor at baptist memorial hospital golden triangle.

I want to talk to you some more about blood donation.

Here at baptist golden triangle, we transfuse an average of 215 units of red blood cells every month to an average of 92 patients.

Recipients include cancer patients, sickle cell anemia patients, patients with other types of anemia, surgery and trauma patients and premature or sick newborns.

As you can see, the need is great and a reduction in donor turnout can put the blood supply of our nation, our state and our hospital at a critically low level.

Donating blood is a safe process.

A sterile needle is used only once and then discarded.

Blood donation is a simple four-step process: registration, medical history/mini physical, donation and refreshments.

Every donor is given a mini physical checking the donor's temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin to ensure it is safe for the donor to give blood.

The actual blood donation typically takes less than ten to twelve minutes.

The average adult has about ten pints of blood in his body.

Roughly one pint of blood is given during the donation.

A healthy donor may donate red blood cells every didty-six days or double red cells every one hundred twelve days.

All donated blood is tested for hiv, hepatis b and c, syphilis and other infectious diseases before it can be released to hospitals.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist, where we'll talk more about donating blood.

Mail your topic suggestions to health talk at wcbi dot com.

Health talk has been brought to you by baptist memorial hospital golden triangle.

You can help replenish area blood supplies this friday at baptist golden triangle here in columbus..

B-m-h is hosting a blood drive from 11 - 30 a-m until 5 - 30 p-m at the outpatient pavilion conference center..

Centred up the mississippi state department of health is warning of a possible hepatis a exposure at a calhoun city restaurant// an employee at los encinos mexican grill has been diagnosed with the virus// customers who ate at the restaurant from july 5th to july 23rd are encouraged to get a hepatis a vaccination// symptoms of the virus include nausea, vomiting, jaundice and abdominal pain// anyone with those symptoms should see their healthcare provider// stinger the high school football tour continues with houston.

More on the thanks for tuning in.

Im chris bolton.

The 31st stop of the high school football tour takes us to chickasaw county...visiting with the houston hilltoppers..

Yet another uber-talented bunch for the toppers..lookin g to take the next step, and end the season satisfied..

áábillboardáááá "just let everyone in 3a know we're coming" the history makers in houston believe this year may be the best one yet.

2018 brought the toppers its first division title in 20 years....and this year's senior class has seen its win total increase in each of the past 3 seasons... "those guys have been playin together since pee-wee.

They're a very special group.

They have a very good bond, it just makes my job easy."

"we basically got the sam defense.

The way we working, i think we could be even better than we were last year."

"we've got some guys that ar coming up that are going to do a good job on the offensive line, and in the secondary.

I feel like this season, we're going to go all the way this season."

The one glaring hole head coach ty hardin's bunch will have to fill...reigning endzone offensive player of the year, jalen may... hardin believes he has plenty of guys chomping at the bit to fill may's shoes "i think we have more athlete than we've had, we just don't have that one dynamite touchdown maker.

We got several guys that can do it though, bobby townsend, zavian ford, jacory golden, red parker, allen robertson, all those guys, they can score when they get the ball in their hands."

Back to back third round playoff appearances.

Back to back seasons coming up short of a north half final.

The toppers are tired of the third round hump, and know they have what it takes to get to hattiesburg "we have a lot of talent in lot of different positions.

The third round has really been our hump, but this year, we're going to pass the third round.

We're going all the way this season."

"no little mistakes.

I mean those little mistakes add up to losses.

Last year, with the fumbles and all, it caused us to lose.

We just take that, work harder, to not make those mistakes again."

"we ask them every week every day, do we want to be a third round team, or do we want to keep making history.

We've made history every year with wins, we're not satisfied.

We weren't satisfied this past season, we're not gonna be satisfied until we take that next step."

Houston kicks off 2019 in h- town..taking on the pontotoc warriors with topperpride on the high school football tour, tom eble, wcbi sports."

Mississippi state womens head coach vic schaefer is teaming up with usa basketball as he joins the coaching staff in preparation for the pan american games.

Schaefer joins the staff as an assistant coach.

Training camp for the games started today and run through august 1st.

The pan american games are held every 4 years in the year prior to the olympic games.

The pan-am games start on august 6th.

Cp3 is known as one of the best to do it at the point guard position making it that much more special for ole miss guard breein tyree to attend his camp.

The top returning scorer in the s-e- c was one of 24 players to receive an invite to chris paul's elite guard camp last weekend.

Last season, tyree averaged 17.9 points per game.

The 1st team all s-e-c guard enters his senior campaign with 1,187 career points ranking him as 28th on ole miss all time scoring list.

As we near august, the college football award watch lists continue to be unvieled.

Today the lou groza watch list was revealed featuring ole miss kicker luke logan.

The groza award is given to the nation's best collegiate kicker.

Logan was 22 for 27 in field goal attemps last season finishing 3rd in the sec in scoring and 10th nationally.

The winner will be announced on december 12th.

Attention soap opera fans, today's episodes of the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful áwillá air tonight after the late late show with james corden.

The programs were pre-empted by today's coverage of the mueller hearings.

Both shows will air in their entirety starting at 1 - 05 am..

So set your d-v-rs..

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