'Severely Disrupted' Eurostar Service Delays London Passengers

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'Severely Disrupted' Eurostar Service Delays London Passengers

'Severely Disrupted' Eurostar Service Delays London Passengers

Thousands of Eurostar passengers were stranded in London’s St Pancras International railway station as the company canceled trains to and from its Paris station on Friday, July 26, due to a power outage, local media said.

Citing transit staff, The Sun said the power went out after a cable “exploded” and caused a fire at Paris’s Gare du Nord.

Eurostar did not officially acknowledge an explosion or fire, but said an “overhead power issue” had “severely disrupted” their schedule.

Eurostar advised passengers to only travel if it was “essential.” This video shows crowds of people waiting at the St Pancras station.

The person who uploaded the video to Twitter said the delays for trains to Paris caused the crowd to amass, adding that lines began at one end of the station and went “all the way to the other side.” Eurostar said trains going to and from Brussels were also disrupted due to “speed restrictions” put in place as a safeguard against high temperatures potentially buckling the tracks.

A maximum temperature of 78.8 F (26 C) was forecast for London on Friday, according to the Met Office.

Paris saw a high of 88 F (31.1 C) on Friday.

Thursday was the hottest day on record in Paris, with temperatures reaching about 108.7 F (42.6 C).

London reached 100.6 F (38.1 C) on Thursday, setting a record for the nation’s highest July temperature, the Met Office said.

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