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Monday, October 3, 2022

WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM 07-28-19

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM  07-28-19
WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM 07-28-19

Good evening and thank you for joing us.

I'm cash matlock.

Farmers from all across the region are gathering in tupelo for a conference.

Our stephanie poole has more on what makes this farming conference..

A little different from others.

Mississippi is often recognized for agriculture.

From large to small areas of land, farmers harvest, care, and tend to their crops around the clock.

Director of mississippi minority farmers alliance carolyn jones is hosting a women in agriculture conference, to highlight farmers who are women.

" a-lot of people don' understand the contributions that women make to agriculture so we just want to make sure that we showcase those talents and showcase those women.

" one of the first stops of the conference is at her farm.

Jones says she and her husband have been farming since 1976.

The purpose is to show the community, especially young adults, the importance of farming and agriculture.

" a-lot of young people don' understand the history of farmers in mississippi and farmers all over the world actually.

That's one of the things we work to introduce that type of education to students.

" " they're gonna have t understand the value of farming of the history of farming."

Jones says alcorn state university is helping sponsor the tour.

And the usda will have a hand for safe food handling and practices.

Knowledge, jones say, is key when it comes to having a green thumb.

" we're trying to make peopl understand you don't have to have 100 acres of land in order to be able to have a farm, you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables in pots."

Jones says the final day of the conference will end with a hospitality night with the mississippi minority farmers alliance.

" make sure they are aware o the contributions that are made by females to the agriculture industry."

" it's a community thing an everybody is apart of the community.

We always try to stress that we're in the community, we're apart of the community and we want to make our communities better."

Jones is expecting around 200 people for the farm tour on monday.

The women in agriculture conference will be held until the 30th.

Folks from starkville and surrounding areas came out once again for the monthly sunday funday this afternoon.

The event took place from 1 to 6pm in starkville's cotton district.

Organizers tell me over 30 vendors participated in the event and offered everything from street tacos, to live music, and of course áart.á sarah kilpatrick is one such artist.

She says she travels from meridian every month to participate in sunday funday because there's so much support from the community.

And she says this year is the biggest the event has ever been.

"starkville supports the arts the whole community supports it.

It's just a community evet and it's awesome.

Sunday funday is great.

If you've never been, you should definitely come because it is awesome.

The music is awesome, and it's so many great artists."

Event organizers say vendors were able to join the festival for free this month thanks to area sponsors.

A dozen or so people filed into three sisters pie company in columbus this afternoon ..

To talk about work!

The event was part of a new monthly "brai jam" sessio created by dr. kristi diclemente, a history professor at mississippi university for women.

She says the event was formed to for locals to come and talk about their different areas of expertise.

Each month focuses on a new topic.

Today's speaker talked about the ethics of work.

"i really just want to have lengthy discussion at the end after i sort of throw all of these ideas out there to get people thinking about how they think about work in their own lives, how we could make work more rewarding for us in our own lives, and what a better future could look like."

The event is sponsored by muw's history, geography, and political science departments and takes place on the last sunday of every month at 6pm.

First look summary: similar conditions will exist today/tonight as we saw yesterday.

Our viewing area summary: similar conditions will exist today/tonight as we saw yesterday.

Our viewing area remains on the eastern side of the surface high pressure which is centered across the se united states.

Humidity levels will gradually increase as we head into this week, but higher president trump tweeted again sunday about maryland representative elijah cummings and his baltimore district, a day after his tweets raised an outcry.

The president tweeted several times about cummings on sunday, including one calling the congressman a racist.

Cbs news correspondent nikole killion has the latest from the white house.

President trump doubled down in his attacks on maryland congressman elijah cummings and his baltimore district...while defending himself.

''...there is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that elijah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, and of baltimore itself ,'' the president tweeted on sunday.

Widespread backlash continues to mount after the president on saturday called cummings' district a "disgusting, ra and rodent infested mess,'' where "no huma being would want to live.'' 'it's unbelievable that we have a president who attacks american cities, who attacks americans.'' the headline of a scathing editorial in the baltimore sun reads "better t have a few rats than to be one."

On cbs' face the nation, white house acting chief of staff mick mulvaney said the tweets were not racist.

"the president i pushing back against what he sees as wrong.

It's how he's done in the past and he'll continue to do in the future."

Mulvaney says president trump is reacting to cummings comments about conditions at federal detention centers at the border.

Track cummings has this recent exchange during a hearing with acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan.

Mcaleenan: we're doing our level best... cummings: ''what does that mean when a child is sitting in his own feces, can't take a shower.'' cummings....who is chairman of the house oversight leading multiple investigations aimed at the president.

Nikole killion/cbs news/the white house.

Representative cummings' district is just over 50 percent african-american and includes a large portion of baltimore.

It is home to the national headquarters of the naacp and johns hopkins university.

Back to school shopping is upon us!

And inside look at a pair of items that are probably on your list is next after the break.

It's already time to start back to school shopping.

This week on mom 2 mom they'll tell you everything you need to know when it comes to getting new shoes.

Sarah: today, on mom to mom, we're talking about back to school shoe shopping.

Sarah: joing us today is podiatrist, dr. carter.

Thank you so much for having us.

Dr.jamie carter: thanks for having me.

Sarah: it's back to school shopping time and we're all running around shopping for those new shoes.

Dr.jamie carter: right.

Sarah: fill us in on what, and how we should look and buy for kids' shoes.

Dr.jamie carter: absolutely.

Velcro is wonderful.

Sarah: yup.

Dr.jamie carter: easy on, easy off, because we know you don't need them getting stressed out on the playground.

We know that kid's feet grow super quick, so we want to make sure they're big enough.

You need to make sure they're long enough.

When you put their foot in there, scoot it all the way to the edge and make sure you can get at least your thumb in there.


That will ensure they have a little bit of room to grow.

Dr.jamie carter: you should also be kind of rigid.

Now you don't want a super stiff shoe, but when you bend it, it should flex in the toes a little bit, but it really shouldn't bend in that middle portion.

If you can crank on that and bend it in half, it is not a good shoe.

Something else you should look for is an accommodative shoe.

What that means is one that will open up, it will expand, and especially for kids with flat feet, you need to be able to put an orthotic in it.

If they can't fit an orthotic in their shoe, then they're not gonna wear it.

So a shoe that will expand and accommodate this is perfect.

Sarah: thank you so much.

That is all great information that i had no idea, so i appreciate it.

All right, moms connect with me on the mom to mom facebook page and i'll see y'all next week.

A new movie with two mega-stars took on the reigning box office champ this weekend -- who came out on top?

David daniel has the weekend estimates for the top five films. "crawl" made four-milli dollars to slither into fifth place.

At number four: "to story four," which earne nine-point-nine million dollars for a domestic total of 396- million.

"spider-man: far fro home" is up to 344-millio domestic after a third-place weekend worth 12-point-two million dollars.

"you can do anything you wan to him!

Throw him off a building, right?"

"once upon a time i hollywood" opened in secon place with 40-point-four million dollars: quentin tarantino's best debut ever.

"wathc this!

"the lion king still rules the box office!

Disney's latest remake stayed number one, devouring 75- and-a-half million dollars, for a 10-day domestic total of 351-million.

In hollywood, i'm david daniel.

"the lion king" now the fourth- highest- grossing movie of the year... in fact, the top six films of 20-19 so far are all disney or marvel movies.

Maddie tosses to break summary: similar conditions will exist today/tonight summary: similar conditions will exist today/tonight as we saw yesterday.

Our viewing area remains on the eastern side of the surface high pressure which is centered across the se united states.

Humidity levels will gradually increase as we head into this week, but higher odds of rain and storms will have to wait until next week.

No big weather maker appears to be on the near term horizon for our region.

Tonight: any showers that we saw this afternoon will diminish as we head into the overnight hours.

Another quiet evening is in store for us in ne mississippi and w alabama.

Overnight temperatures will dip down into the low 70s and upper 60s area wide.

Wind will be calm out of the se around 5 mph.

Next week: moisture will continue to slowly increase across the 60 schools in 60 days continues with starkville academy...see the preview next in sports stop #35 on the high school football tour takes us to starkville academy the volunteers are no strangers to success and attribute that to prioritizing their defense chase nicholson and the starkville academy volunteers have set a standard of success.

Nicholson: "our guys just bu in, they work hard and they want to out work people and then we put so much emphasis on our defense.

To me, those are our two keys.

Yes, i'm an offensive coach and i want to score points but if the defense is at a high level then it's going to be hard for other teams to score."

You've heard the saying before that defense wins championships.

Defense was a big factor for the vols the year they won the state title back in 2017.

That season, starkville academy didn't let up a single point in six games.

In 2018, three of the volunteers opponents failed to put a score on the board.

Nicholson believes a strong defense sets the offense up to succeed.

Nicholson: "they're going t steal us some points whether that be in field position, in turnover, in a pick-six or a scoop and score.

Defense is going to find ways for us to score as well.

We put all our emphasis on that and we take not the next best players but the best players we can on offense and do what we can.

If they happen to be some of the same people, that's fine too, but our defense is going to be number one."

Last season was the year this team wanted to prove they didn't believe in rebuilding years and this season will be no exception.

Garrett lewis, senior qb: "w really had to start over because we basically lost our whole defense and lost a lot of the offense.

I think we're going back just as strong honestly."

Trey tyler, senior ot: "we'r going to come out this year and play the best we can play.

We're going to show everybody else that this isn't a rebuilding year and you can't underestimate us" nicholson: "we would love t have ten people coming back, but we probably would not have had the success we had last year or the year before that.

It's all a part of the wave.

We're excited about the guys stepping up in the roles.

These part-time guys becoming full-time guys.

Just excited about where we are right now.

This is a fun, interesting group of guys.

People are going to say 'it's a rebuilding year.

We don't rebuild."

While turnover may make some teams nervous the volunteers remain confidence in the legacy that each class has built throughout the years.

Lewis: "well, we're trying t win.

Everyone is doubting us this year because everybody graduated last year so we're trying to prove everybody wrong."

Tyler: "that's everybody' goal.

That's what everyone wants the outcome to be, is to get a ring on their finger.

We've had that feeling before my tenth grade year and that's what i want again."

Nicholson: "you have to have goal and if that's not your goal then what are you doing out here?

That's a small piece of the whole puzzle and we know that.

So we're able to take that and put it far far at the end, but you're still going to see it off in the distance or what are you fighting for.

Now how are you going to get there?

You have to beat lamar, you have to beat french camp, you have to beat noxapater, and you have to continue to play every single week or your not going to reach that."

The volunteers begin its season against lamar academy on august 23rd.

In starkville on the high school football your not going to reach that."

The volunteers begin its season against lamar academy on august 23rd.

In starkville on the high school football tour, courtney robb wcbi sports.

We have a full week of prep school previews left on the high school football tour check out the upcoming stops stop 36 on monday checks in with the patriots of heritage tuesday for stop 37 we stop in with winston academy and wednesday features oak hill academy and then on thursday we stop in with winona christian check out any stops you may have missed on our website kyle schwarber have yourself a day....highlights from game three in milwaukee are after the break saturday's match-up to milwaukee exposed the struggles the chicago cubs have experience all season long...which is of course, the struggling bullpen after already losing games one and two on the road this weekend the cubs desparately needing a win to avoid a sweep kyle schwarber had fans wondering if this was the home- run derby or a regular game with the bases loaded, schwarber showing you why they call him schwar-bomb..a grand slam to get things going early chicago goes up four-nothing brewers up to bat...aguilar fouls a pitch off...anthony rizzo showing some hustle reaches over the wall to make the grab so good you need to see it twice...rizzo making the backhand catch cubs keep their 4-zip lead 4th inning and look who's back with 2 men on schwarber smokes one out to left field...that's a 3- run homer for the indiana grad 7-rbis in his first two at bats yelich knocks one into left field....brings in another run milwaukee trailing 7-3 but victor caratini puts the game away with this long three- run blast into right field cubs lead 10- 3...and go on to win...hey chicago whaddya say, the cubs are going to win with a final of 11-4 sunday here are more scores from around major league baseball atlanta on the road this weekend taking on philly...braves fall victim to a grand slam by the phillies...atlanta falls to philedelpha 9-4 and the cardinals at home to host the astros...and in st.louis as well...three homers for houston push them past the cards and the astros get the win 6-2 summary: similar conditions will exist today/tonight as we saw yesterday.

Our viewing area remains

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