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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

a complete show july 30 2019

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a complete show july 30 2019
a complete show july 30 2019
july 30 2019

Almost three years after a plane crash killed three couples... one family is seeking millions for the children left behind... plus... why police in tupelo are asking you to tell them who this person is... thanks for joining us, i'm daranesha herron..... and i'm morgan burger.

Today is tuesday july 30, 2019 / happening now... police in tupelo are searching for an armed robbery suspect accused of robbing a store... wtva's kayla thompson is live this morning in tupelo with a picture of who police are asking you to be on the lookout for.... daranesha, police say this incident took place on july 19th... happening now.... the tupelo police department and crimestoppers of north east mississippi need your help finding a person responsible for an armed robbery.... happening now in lowndes county... happening now in lowndes county... one man is behind bars, another on the run following a fight over the weekend that lead to a 14 year old being shot... that shooting took place saturday night on 12 avenue south in columbus.... police arrested 29 year old desi harris junior for felony accessory after the fact of aggravated assault.... witnesses said a second person was shooting toward another person when the 14 year old was hit... the teenager was not part of the incident, and their injuries were not life-threatening.... anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers at the number seen on your screen.... meanwhile... final services are set this week for a columbus teen who was shot and killed outside a sweet sixteen party earlier this month... visitation will be held friday for arykah white at carter's funeral home on 14th street north... from three until eight p-m... funeral services will be held saturday at vibrant church on holly hills road beginning at two.... it's a picture of a man that's hard to look at... an attorney says it shows law enforcement was too rough.... but a local sheriff says there's more to it than what meets the eye.... and a warning... the picture might be too much to handle for some... this is what attorney carlos moore sent us of david logan, who was arrested in water valley just before midnight on july 18th.... moore accused city police and yalobusha county sheriff's deputies of beating logan while he was unarmed and in handcuffs.... in a lengthy response, sheriff lance humphreys defended the officers saying in part -- that's not what the officers on the scene are saying.... the sheriff said local law enforcement officers were not the only ones there... he said the mississippi bureau of narcotics were on hand as well.... humphreys said the encounter with logan came during a driver's license checkpoint at stephen and wood streets.

According to the sheriff, officers tried to arrest him for not having a driver's license and for dropping what appeared to be illegal drugs.

They told him logan resisted -- kicking and hitting the officers, trying to physically run over one.

Humphreys said the officers even used a taser but that had no effect.

Eventually, they handcuffed him.

But the sheriff said even with the handcuffs on, logan tried running over an officer again.... and that it took a state narcotics agent with the others to finally subdue him... humphreys said the officers told him they had never encountered anyone with the kind of strength logan had... it's their belief at the time of the arrest he was under the influence of ecstasy or pure meth.... finally, the sheriff said both of his deputies were hurt in the encounter, adding one likely will have to undergo knee surgery.

Meanwhile, moore said that a lawsuit has not been filed yet, but a notice of claims will be sent tomorrow wednesday .

A new lawsuit says air traffic controllers may have contributed to the crash that killed six oxford residents in 2016.

That crash killed three couples... dr. michael and kim perry, drs.

Jason and lea farese and dr. austin and angie poole.

A preliminary report by the federal government claimed pilot error.... the suit filed by the perry family seeks more than $24 million in damages from the u.s. department of transportation and the federal aviation administration.

... it's unclear if lawsuits are pending by the other two families.... in union county... the state fire marshal's office.

Says a fire that destroyed both a furniture store and a storage unit at another furniture plant was intentionally set.... the video you're seeing is all that's left of both buildings.

Supervisor mike ivy confirmed with wtva 9 news that both fires were declared arson.... the fires happened last month at the thomas wholesale furniture and master-bilt refrigeration solutions' storage unit on highway 15 north... both buildings were declared total losses.... a community is devastated by the deaths of this father and son after a weekend atv wreck... chickasaw county sheriff james meyers said the accident happened saturday night around 7 on county road 132... meyers said the two lost control of the atv and ran into a tree.... 41 year old cletus pannell died from his injuries at a local hospital.... his son, 7 year old aiden pannell, died on impact... funeral arrangements have not been set... and in lee county... storage units are not something you would think would be easy to break in to... but five people are behind bars after they were able to to break into forty of them... all across the u-s.

This past weekend, the shannon police department were urged to be on the look-out for people breaking into mini-storage units in the area.... assistant police chief tracey barnett said she spotted a van with a woman inside asleep parked behind the units on romey hill.... barnett, along with verona police, later arrested the woman and three other people who were inside a storage unit.... a fifth person was later arrested after investigations found a truck load of stolen goods in marietta.

At lee county deputies are telling people what they can do to prevent a homeless camp from showing up on an abandoned property like the camp the sheriff's department cleared out last week in the auburn area.

You may remember sheriff's deputies found approximately 25 people living on that property.... well, county supervisors passed in january what's called a property maintenance ordinance.... and the first step toward eliminating a problem like this is to come by the board of supervisors office and pick up a petition.... "get the petition signed by property owners that are adjacent to the blighted area that are over 18-years of age and are within 750 feet of it.

One they do that and get it back to us, we get it back to our hearing officer."

The hearing officer an attorney decides if the complaint falls under the ordinance... if so, the hearing officer orders a hearing... and if the property owner does not show up, the county can clean up the property and send the bill for the work to the property owner... a 4-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot in the head... an update on if there were any arrests made..

Next... a computer hacker compromises the data of millions of customers..

What the company is saying about the breach ... plus... a look at a new requirement for you child's teachers as they head back to school... and meteorologist joel young will have a look at your complete severe weather authority forecast... next... good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this remember you can always keep up with the forecast anytime using the wtva weather app... it gives you access to interactive radar..

Temperatures... and keeps you up to date with any watches or warnings... plus the latest video forecast... and you can submit your pictures to us.

The wtva weather app is free and available now for all apple and android smartphones and tablets in alabama, an update on a story we reported this week... one person is in custody, for the shooting of this 4-year-old girl... police say the shooting happened sunday night, when 4- year-old jurnee was struck by a stray bullet inside these east birmingham apartments... we have learned that the victim is the niece of an ole miss football player... and he is asking everyone to keep her and his family in your prayers... a hinds county man is still missing, and police still need your help... 52 year old atmon hackett junior was last seen friday, july 26th just before 3 a-m walking on north state street in hinds county... he's is five feet ten, weighing 185 pounds.

His family says he suffers from a medical condition that can impair his judgment.... if you have any information call police... in alabama, police have arrested a man for murder in a july 4th boating collision that killed two people... 41-year-old damien bruno, was charged with murder... after police say two boats collided at lake jordan, killing 26-year-old devin clay and 17- year-old travis lee house... bruno now faces 2 counts of murder, one count of assault in the first degree, and second degree, and boating under the influence of alcohol... contenders getting ready for round two... a look at who's set to take the stage tonight in detroit.... a recall is issued for taco seasoning sold at walmart... what possible contamination you could have in your cabinets... you could get more free candy this halloween... what one popular candy maker is promising... we're a week away from primary elections... a brand new poll out this morning takes a look at where the candidates stand ... president trump heads to historic jamestown today for a special commemoration... president trump heads to historic jamestown today for a special commemoration... the city is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first meeting of lawmakers in what would eventually become the united states ... but his remarks toward current lawmakers including attacks on elijah cummings and his baltimore area district will likely loom over the event ... the virginia legislative black caucus say they're boycotting the president's appearance following some of his recent tweets.... just last night,,, the president sending out this tweet,,, saying cummings should investigate himself ... investigators in california are now examining the social media activity of the young man who opened fire at a food festival sunday... his social media postings had racial overtones...but so far police aren't commenting on a possible motive... the gunman was shot and killed by police within a minute of them receiving reports of an active shooter... the community this morning looking for answers as they grieve the losses ... a vigil held last night for the victims,,, 6 year old stephen romero,,, 13 year old keyla salazar,,, and 25 year old trevor irby ... at least 12 other people were wounded during the shooting... the 9-11 victims compensation funding bill is now law ... appearing in the white house rose garden with more than 60 first responders,,, the president signed the bill... it extends funding for 9/11 victims and their families until the year 2092 ---essentially making it permanent... president trump recognized first responders... and their families... and renewed the nation's vow to never forget the september 11th attacks... / tuesday: showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 1pm.

The second democratic presidential debate will take place tonight in detroit, michigan... this is video from the first debate that aired right here on w-t-v-a... the first night of the second democratic presidential debate kicks off at the fox theatre in detroit tonight... the debate starts at seven... primary elections are one week from today,,, a brand new poll out this morning takes a close look at the governor's race ... and shows we could be heading for a run-off... looking at the numbers,,, lieutenant governor tate reeves leads former state supreme courtjustice bill waller by ten points... however, reeves is still currently short of the50% threshold he needs to avoid a run-off.... waller is running only slightly behind reeves among women andolder voters .... but reeves builds his lead as a result of his strongmargins among men and voters under 50... the state could restrict hunting due to recent flooding in mississippi... but they want to hear from you before a decision is made... plus... crews picking up debris in one local county after a recent tornado... where this is... and how much has already been cleared... at here are the top stories we're following... in columbus... one man is behind bars, another on the run following a fight over the weekend that led to a 14 year old being shot... police arrested a 29-year-old, but witnesses say a second person was there firing shots... if you have any information, contact police... and in tupelo... police and crimestoppers need your help finding an armed robber... they are looking for this man for threatening employees at a local gas station with a gun and stealing merchandise.... the crime happened on july 19th ... if you recognize him, call crime stoppers... a new lawsuit says air traffic controllers may have contributed to the crash that killed six oxford residents in 2016.... the suit - filed by two of the victims' family - seeks more than 24 million dollars in damages from the u.s. department of transportation and the federal aviation administration.

... thanks for joining us, i'm daranesha herron..... and i'm morgan burger.

Today is tuesday, july 30th... daranesha to reporter set / tuesday: showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 1pm.

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 87.

In monroe county... crews are working on the third round of debris removal after a tornado back in april -- and hopefully this will be the last... they started the removal yesterday monday ... already crews have moved more than 125-thousand cubic feet of trees, limbs, and home materials... if you have any debris, bring it to the edge of the road so it can be hauled away.... kids will soon head back to school... but for teachers in mississippi -- they are now required to attend a training course to better prepare for active shooter situations.... as of july 1st, a new law makes this mandatory -- an extra step to get ready for the upcoming school year.... houston schools superintendent, tony cook, says they have been preparing since march.... "we talk about things that we are doing well that we can do efficient and effective and things we aren't doing well to start planning out and address those."

First day of classes for the houston school district, as well as tupelo public schools, union county, new albany, and booneville school districts, will take place august 8th.... and speaking of heading back to school... the mississippi state department of health continues to make immunization easy for families.... county health departments across the state are holding special back-to-school clinics for children 10 to 17 years old... mississippi state law requires children to be immunized to enter public or private school, head start or daycare.... some of the clinics this week include... marshall and attala counties wednesday... union, itawamba, panola, oktibbeha and lowndes on thursday.... and on friday -- in prentiss, union, attala, itawamba, and oktibbeha.... parents should bring a copy of their child's immunization record... the mississippi state treasurer's office will be in tupelo today -- to help you search the state's unclaimed property list and get what's yours.

W-t-v-a's kayla thompson is live in tupelo with what you need to know and bring to get your money today... this afternoon the unclaimed property team will be in if you live in the keownville area of union county, listen up... the water association has issued a boil water notice for those on county roads 1-71, 1-21, and 1-27..

Be sure to boil your water for at least one minute before use.... meanwhile in lee county... the city point water system in plantersville will be flushing their system this week.... the flushing began yesterday monday and will last until tomorrow wednesday ... check your water before washing your clothes.... columbus wants to be more energy-efficient.... the city has a new charging station to help electric car owners charge their batteries... the charge-point charger is in front of the tennessee williams home and welcome center.... the station can handle any electric vehicle regardless of make and model.... at a cost of about 75 cents per hour.... and speaking of energy... one columbus family has earned the state's highest grade when it comes to energy efficiency.

The alford family got a perfect score of 10 in the e-score project.... the tennessee valley authority and 4-county electric sponsors the project... the goal - for homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient... in lafayette county... the us- department of transportation is giving some financial help to the ole miss- oxford airport... u-s senator roger wicker says the airport will get nearly 700-thousand dollars to make improvements.... the airport has a 56-hundred foot runway that averages about 180 operations every day.... the airport will use the money to improve the area where planes are loaded and unloaded -- along with parking and refueling.

Oxford law enforcement's pack the patrol car event is over... and police say citizens exceeded their expectations.... this is just some of the supplies donated during the event.... police wanted to gather enough school supplies for children across the county.... thanks to everyone's efforts, officers were able to fill 4 patrol cars and a special response vehicle from the sheriff's office.... an unusual addition to part of the border wall... why the artist says he's turned the barrier into a playground ... google releases a video, teasing it's upcoming pixel phone... what the video demonstrates... next... good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this morning.

Watch for areas of construction in spots as you head out the door.

Be safe as you head to work or school this morning.

Check your pantry... a recall this morning on taco seasoning sold at walmart due to possible salmonella contamination -- the one ounce great value brand mild seasoning mix... the affected seasoning has "best by" dates for july of 20-21 and contain cumin spice involved in a recall from the supplier... throw it away or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund... an update on a story we reported yesterday... you could get even more free candy this year for halloween... "mars incorporated" is promisin to give out one million free snickers bars on one condition -- if the date of halloween is changed to the last saturday of october.... the pledge gives support to a petition started by the halloween and costume association... the group believes the holiday should be celebrated during the day to keep children safe.... google is teasing its upcoming pixel 4 phone -- releasing this video on twitter behind you ... it demonstrates a user controlling the phone without touching it -- instead, using hand gestures.... and a feature called "motion sense" allows a user to skip songs in an app by swiping in air..... google is expected to release the new phone sometime in october.

Fans of the legendary sitcom "friends" will have a chance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the comedy's debut.... warner brothers is setting up a pop up entertainment experience in manhattan's soho district -- for about a month starting september 7th.... fans will be able to explore the show through set re-creations, props and costumes... it'll cost 29-fifty to visit....with advance ticket reservations required.... lazy rivers are about to get less lazy... the "go-boat" is revving up you old school pool float by making it motorized.... whether it's across a pool or a pond -- now you can go full speed ahead in your inner tube.... the company says it's perfect for fishing, going through shallow waters, and even playing bumper boats.... the "go-boat" is currently selling online for a little over three-hundred-dollars.... we now just days away from getting inside the new st jude dream home... crews will spend the week loading up the inside of the home... getting ready for saturday's first tour of the home... the three bedroom four- and-a-half bath home on thomas street is valued at over 475- thousand dollars.

The open house tours will begin on august third...and will continue saturdays and sundays through august 25th.... and bes sure and register for the 10-thousand dollar shopping spree from room to room furniture... then set your calendar for the big date august 29th...that's when we give the home on wtva.

Adlib yalobusha deputies are under fire, after a picture of a bloody man in custody is under fire, after a picture of a bloody man in custody is released... what his attorney and the sheriff has to say... capital one says the names and addresses of about 100 million people in the u-s and six million people in canada were taken by a hacker... the suspect - 33-year-old paige thompson has been arrested... thompson previously worked for a seattle technology company as a software engineer... officials say thompson posted information about the hack, which happened between march 12 and july 17, on the coding platform github... another user saw the post and notified capital one of the breach... the incident is expected to cost capital one between 100 million and 150 million in 2019,,, mostly because of customer notifications, credit monitoring and legal support... at the alert desk -- i'm emma packard... american rapper asap rocky is on trial today in sweden -- accused of attacking a man with two other people in stockholm last month... he pleaded not guilty to an assault charge today... the artist has been in custody since july third and said he acted in self-defense.... president trump tried to intervene by contacting sweden's prime minister to see if he could have the rapper released..

But the prime minister said he will not influence the case... the president then tweeted this -- saying sweden has let our african american community down... if convicted, asap rocky could spend two years in prison... a california architect's art installation is turning the u-s / mexico border wall into a playground... this portion of the wall is being called the 'teeter-totter wall.'... you can see the wall was turned into a fulcrum for a handful of see-saws... the artist hopes it helps remind people that children and adults on both sides of the border are connected in meaningful ways..... and that actions on one side of the border have a direct consequence on the other side... the lower mississippi river has finally dropped below flood stage in the delta..

At vicksburg,, the lower river levels ending more than 200 days above flood stage... it's been seven months since the water levels have been below that mark... but,,, state wildlife officials are still monitoring the impact of flooding in the south delta, and it's effect on the wildlife... the state department of wildlife fisheries and parks is trying to decide if hunting this season should be banned in some of the flood effected areas... if you go to the department website... you'll see at the top of the page...a survey... for hunters who frequent that area..

The results will influence the decision on how long that area should remain closed.

Tuesday: showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 1pm.

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 87.

((((( end of show at 06:59:52 ))))) push show clean up at exactly 06:59:52 that and more still to come as w-t-v-a nine news today continues ((((( end of show at 06:59:52 ))))) push show clean up at exactly 06:59:52 that and more still to come as w-t-v-a nine news today continues ... we'll be right back ((((( end of show at 06:59:52 ))))) push show clean up at exactly 06:59:52 ((((( end of show at 06:59:52 ))))) push show clean up at exactly 06:59:52 ahead on wlov, if you are a dog lover, disney has some exciting news for you!

Stick around and we'll tell you the company's new clothing line reveal... plus, mcdonald's is going international... find out what new items will be added to the menu... right here on wlov ahead on wlov, if you are a dog lover, disney has some exciting news for you!

Ahead on wlov, if you are a dog lover, disney has some exciting news for you!

Stick around and we'll tell you the company's new clothing line reveal... plus, mcdonald's is going international... find out what new items will be added to the menu... right here on wlov ((((( end of show at 06:59:52 )))))

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