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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Apartment Flip

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Apartment Flip
Apartment Flip

If you've ever lived in student housing or had a child who did, you know this time of year can be difficult.

If you've ever lived in student housing or had a child who did, you know this time of year can be difficult.

Most apartment complexes are going through what's known as "turn" whe units are made ready for new residents.

Our cash matlock gets an inside look at this process.

He joins us in the studio with more.

Aundrea, it's a busy time of year for those in the student housing business.

The folks at helix apartments in starkville say they're in the middle of fixing up 450 different bed spaces.

And they only have 2 weeks to do it... employees at the helix starkville student apartments are busy.

The end of july marks the beginning of turn-- a process each student housing complex must go through to prepare for new residents.

"student housing is a littl different from what we call conventional housing.

So we're going to have 450 people move out one day and 450 people move in within three days."

For the next two weeks, all 12 helix employees will be working day in and day out to make sure the units are ready for move-in day.

"once everyone moves out we'll have our maintenance team go and punch the units, which means they're doing the maintenance work on them.

They're fixing doors, little things around the apartments making sure things are ready."

"they're going to go in an paint, then clean, and then carpet clean."

"i actually helped wit inspections.

I get here at 8 o'clock, i usually check my emails, get with my partner mary, she helps me do the move-out inspections.

We go floor by floor.

We start on the fourth floor and have to make our way all the way to the first floor."

And on top of all of this, the office workers are still trying to get new leases.

"i still have to stop an approved leases like after i finish working and keys and stuff.

We still have to be functional because we want to get to a hundred percent.

We want to get as close to that as possible."

"it's just one big giant jugglin game, like she said, we've got to keep doing everyday stuff and then also add all of this craziness on top of it."

"it's a very calculated proces because we have to do it in such a small time frame."

Move-in day marks the official end of turn... and employees are finally able to get back to their normal schedule.

"it's a major relief.

It's a majo relief because usually we work anywhere from three to four weeks non-stop.

So, it's a relief to be at the finish line, to have everything done, to be welcoming our new tenants in.

Everybody is pretty much just getting settled."

"when it's all over and we ge to meet new students that come from different countries that move in.

That's my favorite part-- to meet the new kids."

"i know we love out jobs.

It ca definitely be stressful, but without our staff, you all the way around, everybody on board, we couldn't do it."


Teamwork make the dream work.

" take vo in monitor employees say they start preparing for turn as early as january.

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