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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 31, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 31, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - July 31, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, with diabetes rates up, a plant-based diet might be what the doctor ordered.

And a Capital One data breach may have exposed the private information of over 100 million clients.

And the New York Police Department becomes the first in the country to get brand new Hybrid Cruisers that will save a lot of money on gas.

Be sure to tune in to althare health care teams are working defend against the spread of a dangerous infection.

And, how could a breach at capital one affect you?

Plus, speading kindness--one step at a time.

Midmorning starts right now.

Thf-d-ha the f-d-a has recently approved a medical device that's giving patients with heart failure a second-chance.

Hilary lane shows us how a new york man got his life back.

When 72-year-old woody manzer moves around his house, he's tethered to a battery that sits on the floor of his livingroom.

This is his lifeline& it powers his heart.

Just 2 years ago manzer was in heart failure.

1:07 "i don' remember it but i guess i almost died.

They said my heart function was down to less than 25 percent."

He needed a heart transplant but his older age made him ineligible for one.

So his doctor, melana yuzefpolskaya from new york- presbyterian/col umbia recommended a medical device called an lvad.

The device is attached to the left ventricle and aorta of a patient's heart to help pump blood throughout the body.

The powercord for the pump snakes through the body and out a port in the belly.

8:33 "once yo reach advanced heart failure stages the survival rate is very poor.

Lvad has changed that completely.

What the trial showed is the survival is over 75% in 2 years and these patients otherwise would not have fared so well."

The fda has now approved the lvad for long- term use.

:50 we h 11:50 "we hav patients on the original pump for 8 years.

And over 50% of our patients make it beyond the 5- year mark."

Patients have to be extra careful of infection at the port site.

And when manzer leaves the house, he wears batteries weighing 7 pounds and carries an extra set just in case.

Manzer says it's all worth it .

9:13 how does it feel to be back doing your normal activities that you love?

Actually, just fabulous!"

It's definitely a second lease on life for me.

And i feel like i can go about 20, 25 years."

He's spent much of the last two years traveling with his family making every moment count.

Hilary lane, cbs news, buchanan, new york.

There is also an r-vad for failure of the right ventricle and sometimes patients need both.

30 million people in the u-s suffer from diabetes..up to 95% of them have type two.

Well, a plant- based diet could just be what the doctor ordered.

Britt conway explains the benefits.

A plant-based diet could help prevent type-2 diabetes, according to a new study in the journal jama internal medicine.

Researchers found that people who eat a plant based diet lowered their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 23-percent.

When sticking to the healthier items- like fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and legumes, while limiting beverages sweetened with sugar and refined carbs... they lowered their risk by another 30-percent.

The benefits of the plant- based diet are seen in conjuction with regular exercise and activity.

The results were true among all participants regardless of age or starting body mass index.

Researchers stressed that people don't need to be fully vegetarian to enjoy the benefits.

The mediterranean diet and the dash diet are both plant based, but include fish and poultry.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention, about one in every 10 people in the u.s. has diabetes, and up to 95-percent of those cases are type two, which is life-style related.

For today's health minute, i'm britt conway.

Infectious disease specialists at the c-d-c are calling for stronger measures to detect and prevent a highly contagious fungal infection.

The germ may not respond to medication, and could put hospital and nursing home patients at risk.

It's been detected on six continents since it was first identified a decade ago.

There have been 715 confirmed or suspected cases in the united states.

A recent study says it may be "the áfirst?

Example of a new fungal disease á áemergingá from climate change."

Meg oliver shows us how health care teams are stepping up to defend against the spread of infection that they say is inevitable.

Less than a year ago, stephanie spoor was celebrating the engagement of her son zachary.

Nicholas is zachary's brother.

Engagement photos of her son sot - nicholas spoor it was unfathomable she wouldn't make it to the wedding in june track: stephanie, who was 64 when she died, suffered from lupus.

Nicholas says the autoimmune disease was under control.

But when she started having breathing problems she was admitted to a chicago-area hospital.

Within weeks, she contracted candida auris.

Images of fungus in petri dish sot - nicholas spoor doctors asked for a family meeting it was / 4 or 5 of us and 13 doctors and that's when we knew it was bad, it was badááá/// track: instead of attending her son's june wedding, stephanie watched him take his vows in a sterile hospital room.

Sot - nicholas spoor that's the one time that she cried after she learned she wasn't going to make it was at the wedding& track: a few days later, stephanie spoor died.

Image of stephanie and husband track: candida is a yeast that can cause infection if it gets into parts of the body where it doesn't belong - like the bloodstream.

It's usually treated with antifungal medicine.

But widespread overuse of antibiotics and antifungals has bred this superbug species of candida known as auris.

Gfx highlights named body parts, then shows viz of a circulatory system.

Sot rupp: the trumpets have been sounding for some time that this is a real problem.

Track: dr. mark rupp, chief of infectious diseases at nebraska medicine, says the overuse of antibiotics and antifungals leaves fewer treatment options.

Sot - dr. rupp it has the very unfortunate capacity of being very very resistant to some of our antifungals, and it also has the capacity to contaminate the environment and persist in the environment.

So it's sort of the double whammy in the infection-control world.

Day 1: clip c0027 track: nebraska medicine is at the forefront of infection control and training.

Exteriors of med center biocontainment footage - day 2 - close-ups of med teams in protective suits nat sot: machines beeping track: it has one of only nine biocontainment units in the u.s., which has been used to treat patients quarantined with ebola.

Now, it's playing offense against candida auris and other highly contagious germs track: candida auris can quickly spread from room to room... on people, clothing and even lunch trays.

The medical center has enhanced infection control training and surveillance to keep it contained rooms / hallways footage uv spray sot - mark digilio: "we're using a step cleaning process" cleaning team day 1 footage nat sot housekeepers track when patients who have been treated for highly infectious illnesses are discharged, the human housekeepers are followed by a cleaning árobotá that zaps germs. footage of robot lighting up room clip c0069 sot: mark digilio meg: and what does the uv light do?

Mark digilio: there's a xenon pulse.

It's ultraviolet -c lite that pulsates and it removes microorganisms, bacteria off of surfaces.

Meg: should every hospital in america have one of these?

Mark digilio: they should.

They should have several.

Image of new york times article sot: dr. rupp meg when you read the headlines that this is a mysterious and a dangerous drug resistant fungus.

Should americans be alarmed?

Dr. rupp i think they should be aware; they should be concerned.

They should be engaged.

Track: for the spoor family, candida auris stole their chance to fully comfort stephanie in her last days: sot - nicholas spool i can't imagine what she was feeling at the time, like looking at everybody with gowns and rubber gloves.

The day she passed when they turned off the machines they said you can take your gloves off if you want to touch her.

It was nice to be able to do that.


Oliver tag: dr. rupp told me that families should ask the hospital about infection control protocols and, most importantly, keep their eyes open to make sure personnel wash hands each time they enter the room or touch objects that may be contaminated.

He also recommends a medicare website called "hospita compare" tha ranks hospital quality.

Stephanie's son nicholas told us the hospital that treated her did everything it could.

Meg oliver, cbs news, new york.

A way for new parents to make ends meet.

It could all come down to congress.

Mid morning will be right back.

Thcbs ye the cbs "eye o money" serie looks at financial issues affecting americans.

A bipartisan proposal out this week would give new parents access to a $5,000 advance.

The bill is one of a number of ideas aimed at helping the more than 100 million americans who don't have paid parental leave.

Congressional correspondent nancy cordes sat down with the senators.

Hi - hi angel.

For thirty year old morgan lyles, taking care of 5-month old twins while working full time is a family affair& tag one grandma in and one out... despite setting aside sick and vacation time at her job as a lawyer for the state of ohio...lyles' plans were derailed when her twins need to be delivered two months early...and her fiance chris weien health took a sudden turn for the worse... we didn't foresee having twins, we didn't foresee them being in the nicu for as long as they were and, really, his seizures have definitely gotten worse even since i was pregnant lyles exhausted all of her paid time off - to deliver and care for her twins.

And now she has little time off to take care of her fiance, who is now regularly hospitalized with seizures.

It's definitely something that is hard for me knowing tonight she's putting the girls to bed and i'm sitting here waiting on my hospital food.

Democratic senator krysten sinema and republican senator bill cassidy are introducing the first bipartisan proposal to help people like lyles.

The cassidy- sinema proposal would allow new parents to take a $5,000 advance on the child tax credit...reducing the $2,000 annual benefit to $1,500 for ten years after the birth or adoption of a child.

If they want to use it to buy diapers they can.

If they want to use it to pay for someone to care for their child if they have to return to work, they can.

Less than 1 in 5 american workers get paid leave through their employer...and while nearly 90 percent have access to ásomeá unpaid leave...millions have no leave at all.

Some families might ask how is this paid family leave...?

What senator cassidy and i were trying to do here is to provide something that helps families during those first twelve months of life in a way that doesn't increase taxes, doesn't increase the deficit or the debt and doesn't place burden on employers or the government.

Do you think there will ever come a point in this country where we will guarantee new parents a certain amount of time off and they can keep their jobs?

Some mothers, some fathers would rather not stay at home.

Lets just acknowledge.

What we're trying to do is empower families to make the bes decision for the family.

Under this policy, the $10,000 available to lyles and weien could've relieved some of the financial stress caused by the twins' lengthy stays in the neonatal intensive care unit.

I could only even begin to fathom what it cost to have two babies in the hospital for almost two months but lyles said this policy wouldn't address the future costs of being a parent...or the struggles her family is dealing with now that she has no paid time off to respond to unexpected problems. i don't think it actually resolves anything.

// " proposal that only makes someone borrow from their future self to get paid for leave still doesn't address the leave part of it."

It may look like a normal police car.

But looks can be deceiving.

That story ahead on mid morning.

Ifou he if you have a capital one credit card or have applied for one, your personal information may be compromised.

The company says a seattle woman stole the data of 100 million people in the us.

Lisa mateo reports.

Capital one says the data breach was discovered on july 19th and the system was immediately fixed - but not before a hacker stole personal data of tens of thousands of customers.

The f-b-i says former software engineer paige a.

Thompson is reponsible for the attack.

She is under arrest, accused of stealing... ...about 140,000 social security numbers in the u- s as well as 80,000 linked banked account numbers.

"it's not th first, it surely won't be the last.

Today it's capital one, last year it was marriott, the year before it was equifax."

The data breach involves about 100 million people in the u.s..

The bulk of the hacked data was from consumers and small businesses who applied for credit cards between 2005 and early 2019.

Capital one says it will be notifying affected individuals.

The company believes it is unlikely that the information was used for fraud, but it will offer free credit monitoring services to those affected.

Other steps consumers can take include : --checking credit scores annually --placing a credit freeze on your account, making it harder for someone to open a new account in your name.

-- filing taxes early before a scammer can.

"assume you information is out there.

There have been so many data breaches that if it's not out there yet it probably will be soon."

In addition, financial experts always advise consumers to frequently change online passwords.

Lisa mateo, cbs news, new york the news comes a week after the credit monitoring agency, equifax, agreed to pay up to 700 million dollars for a data breach that exposed the information of about 147 million americans.

Each year about 24 million americans fall victim to phone scams. an elaborate new con has people believing their bank is preventing a problem when in reality it's a criminal looking to steal money.

Marc liverman explains.

Track 1: candace terrell says it started with a simple text.

00:10 did you attempt 2,900 on your card?

Track 2: notifying her about potentially fraudulant activity on her bank card..

Then seconds later... nat phone ring 00:15 track 3: her phone rang and the person calling said he was with her bank.

"we're here t help.

We've caught this pretty quickly so let's go ahead and put a stop on this card, close it, freeze it out.

Track 4: he had her address and the last four digits of her card... even the number on her caller i-d matched her bank's number.

Candace didn't see any red flags it was a scam.

"he said i have t put you over to an automated line where you will be asked to put in your pin number."

Track 5: as soon as she did that, the con artist had access to her account and took out 23- hundred dollars.

326 they can actually spoof a number, make a number appear to make you pick up the phone.

Track 5: cyber security expert scott schober says scams are getting more sophisticated.

He showed us how easy it is to download a spoofing app..

And pose as my bank .

And it should make the phone call to your phone there and there it is.

And there it is.

And there's the number.


So it appears right now you think oo that's my bank, and it just spoofs you.

Track 7: which is why schober says the best thing you can do is question everything.

Know your bank and how it handles fraud alerts... 6:20 because if you're not familiar with that, you're going to follow through blindly on the scheme.

Track 8: candace's bank did reimburse her for the stolen cash.

Now she's schober says it's very difficult for police to catch these criminals because the crimes are almost always untraceable.

New york city's finest will soon be saving gas while chasing bad guys.

The n-y- p-d is among the first in the country to get brand new áhybridá cruisers -- built specifically as police cars.

Here's kris van cleave.

It sure sounds like your typical police car& and it drives like one too& but this ford fusion based police responder sedan could be a game changer& it's the first true hybrid built specifically to be a police car.

Ford estimates it'll save more than 15 hundred gallons of fuel per car per year& deputy commissioner robert martinez we're hoping to phase out all of our purely internal combustion engine vehicles that we have on the road today.

Over the next five years that will reduce emissions and cut fuel costs.

Right now the nypd spends about 15 million a year on gas for its 10 thousnd vehicles i'll just hold on&thanks glad to help helping us is long time nypd driving instructor detective paul cacioppo.

Wipping around the departments training track in brooklyn he showed us what this hybrid can do.

You guys drive a car a little bit harder than your average driver.

Paul: absolutely gonna be you're the standard car that mom and dad would pick up for a grocery-getter.

Its been modified.

Kvc: mom and dad don't drive like this to the grocery store?

I sure hope not.

Turning the black and white- or in new york the blue and white-green has taken a decade.

The nypd started testing hybrids in 2008.

They were civilan vehicles retrofitted to be a police car like this ford fusion.

They improved fuel economy by two thirds over a gas powered cruiser.

Kris van cleave: was that even on ford's radar that people would want a hybrid police car?

Robert martinez: no.

That was something that kinda me thinkin' outside the box so out of the box no automaker was thinking about it&until martinez pushed for it.

How long did it take you to sell ford on building you a hybrid police car?

It probably took-- two to three years before i really thought they took us serious.

And it took them probably-- four years to really develop it and-- and produce it.

Kris van cleave: you're persistent.

Robert martinez: yeah, we try.

Well, all of our best learnings come from our customers, right?

Stephen tyler is the marketing manager for ford's police business, he says the just- introduced hybrid police interceptor suv is faster and more fuel efficent than the gas powdered model its replacing.

"all the tail pip emissions are reduced because the engine is shutting off for extended periods of time.

It's going to give you fewer oil changes because your engine is not running as much the bulk of its fuel savings come during the five hours ford estimates a police car spends idling nearly during a typical eight hour shift&the electric motor on the hybrid allows the gas engine to turn off&saving more than 900 gallons a year per cruiser.

A new optional feature on the interceptor will alert the officers of someone come up from behind them.

It'lle windows, lock the doors, and warn the officers.

The nypd will get it first hybrid suvs this fall and plans to buy hundreds of the hybrid responder sedan.

Officer marcos rudon was one fo the first nypd officers to drive the new suvs& kvc: were cops skeptical a hybrid could everything they need it to do?

Mr: when they hear hybrid, they think a prius.

But this is not the case with this car.

Kvc: defintely doesn't drive like a prius& mr: definitely doesn't i was skeptical at first too until i actually got my hands on it.

And i was blown away.

When we come back, one pair of shoes changes everything.

That story next on mid morning.

Whattart what started as a simple trip to the store with her children has turned into something much bigger for an arkansas mom and her family.

Janet shamlian has the story.

Carrie jernigan what started as a simple trip to the store with her children has turned into something much bigger for an arkansas mom and her family.

Janet shamlian has the story.

Carrie jernigan was shoe shopping with her children..

When her 4th grade daughter made a request.

'she has the biggest heart and she said there is a boy in my class that loves avengers and his shoes are too small..

Could you buy him these and i was like, of course' then, the arkansas mom of three had a thought... 'as i was checking out, i just said how much for the rest of the shoes in the store - almost joking' her timing was perfect..

Payless was liquidating the store.

'i could see the clerks' face, her wheels start to turn and she finished checking me out.

She said, can i have your number' a manager called later..

If she really wanted to - she could buy out the store: 15 hundred pair.

'the next thing you know we are trying to figure out how to get almost 15- hundred shoes home with us that day' this is what the jernigan home looks like, for now..

Just ahead of school starting, they'll give every pair away to a child or adult in need.

It just reiterates to me that their hearts are in the right place..

And if its in the right place, they can do amazing things' the impact of kindness - from a child's heart..

To many soles.

Janet shamlian, cbs news, los angeles.

A new jersey couple had the same idea when they went into payless store near their home.

In june, susan cook and patrick riordan were shopping in the store that had signs indicating all shoes were 3- dollars.

After striking a deal with the managers and getting final approval from the company, the couple bought the remaing inventory of shoes for a price of 1-dollar per pair.

The couple was able to buy all kinds of shoes - kids sneakers, boots, and slippeers they donated it all to "womanspace" - shelter and rehabilitation program .

The charity says the donation will help hundreds of families in its programs. we'll be right back to wrap things up.

Th andor that and more on the next midmorning.

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