Casa de Paradiso to reopen in Chico

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Casa de Paradiso to reopen in Chico

Casa de Paradiso to reopen in Chico

A restaurant staple in the town of Paradise will reopen in Chico after the Camp Fire.

To action news now.

A well known restaurant that burned down in the camp fire is reopening in chico.

Action news now reporter christina vitale shows us a new chapter for this business.

Manny: everything new makes me excited especially when we're thinking its going to be great for our family and great for my employees casa de paradiso was a staple in the town of paradise for 25 years.

Juan manuel tovalin is the owner of the restaurantã people know him as manny.

Many: most of my customers from paradise they were just awesome everyday i see them and recognize them by nameãi see their kids grow into new big people but yeah family oriented place it will be againãwe also have the lounge for big people.

Manny told action news now his family is relying on him to help support them.

Manny: if we open there then we don't have any people to serve right nowãwe wont survive right now so we're going to try and survive here first and then go over there and open standup: while there are some changes like the new building and the location many wanted to bring some familiarity to his customers so he brought back the menu design from before the camp fire.

Manny: the building fits right for mexican theme mexican food but we are replacing a lot of equipment a lot of cleaning and painting but that's about it manager, edie havle-brown has worked for casa deparadise for almost 10 years.

Brown lost everything in the camp fireãbut she never second guessed coming back to work.

Edi: it was definitely that feeling of this chapter can finally end and we can start this new amazing chapter.

Its not in paradise and we do wish it was but you know it's a little paradise down in chico so this is going to be a great thing brown says she hope things are slowly going back to normal.

Edie: paradise is here we're here for you here's a little bit of home while you're being displacedã that monday night at 6 o'clock couple that we're used to seeing you know& come back we're here that burrito is ready.

Manny hopes to have his restaurant opened by the end

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