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Sunday, May 29, 2022


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C1 3 ?i saw the skyline just lit up and had a big cloud of smoke coming up like a big mushroom that's how one witness describes the scene following a deadly gas explosion in lincoln county.

Good morning, i'm erica bivens.

And we have been following that developing story for you out of lincoln county all morning.

That explosion happened around 1- 30.... the area hit hardest is the indian camp trailer park in the moreland community.

We know at least one person is dead... five others injured... and several others unaccounted for.

Abc 36's alexus larson joins us live in lincoln county... where officials just gave an update on the explosion.

Alexus... what did they have to say?

Officials say it is still a very active scene where this explosion happened.

Right now... firefighters are still trying to put out hot spots... so crews can go in and look for other potential victims of this explosion.

One person is confirmed dead... and at least 5 others injured.

Officials say the indian camp trailer park in the moreland community was the area hit hardest.

The explosion happened after a 30- inch gas line ruptured.

The gasline... and other utilities in the area have been shut off.

This blast was so powerful... emergency officials say debris was hitting cars a quarter mile away.

Flames shot 300 feet in the air and the fireball could be seen a c1 3 a wtvq >> the flames shot 300 fee in the air.

The fireball could be seen as far away as lexington.

The heat from the last also registered on weather radar.

Officials say they are dealing with very large the field us 127 is still and keep are being told to avoid the area.

The can also damage the railroad track nearby stopping all train traffic right now officials are trying to account for everyone who lived in the area so if you live there or you know someone who lived there.

Please let them know that your thing or your stuff is okay once the fire is completely cut out a will be able to go back in ther and it's not for everyone reporting live in more alexis larson ... like to thank for that nightly 75 people were evacuated after the explosion at a local church open it north to that as well as first responders and emergency shelter with open up at new hop baptist church in stanford to the church only to leave after hearing we 27 with back open out that was actually not a case and then went back and people said a lot everything and i explosion sls ... .

They barely made it out of c1 3 in a church that it will stay open for as long as the it will keep you up-to-date with everything right here on air an also online at wtvq the it will keep you up-to-date with everything right here on air an also ... everybody good morning talking about that type line explosion you connection the on our radar.

That's around one and and you can see it plume of smoke.

It was so hot that it did get picked up on weather radars and is in doubt to show you where the location was bit of a loop over again.

Again around 1 o'clock in the morning and it was so hot he could just look was moving east and so we had a little breeze out of the southwest.

I was just pushing that plume of smoke acidic and pushing it on east nuts.

But that was not the place in lincoln county again around 1 am i guys looks nice outside here this first day of august o the, inc.

You can downtown lexington right now is a few clouds out there.

Overall a beautiful start to the day temperatures right now at 75 in lexington 71 in mount sterling upper 60s up to the south, so w are off to warms our as well forecast this afternoon 860 for the high temperature it look nice that it is that you you scattered showers with cannot out the full forecast coming up over the next couple of days here with the morse sunshine as we head into the weekend.

Eric idle at the think it county sheriff's office is investigating after they pay a man and a dog were shot in a woman typically is halted night anything they were called to a home on berkeley road around 10 pm.

The man was airlifted to uk hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The woman refused treatment for her injuries.

Investigators a 17-year-old who lives in that home thought the email family member and shot th man and the family dog, a single woman ran next door were anothe family member led and was able to call 91 ... in whitley county.

A man is dea after a motorcycle crash last night.

According to the news journal.

The motorcycle went off the road at the top of the hill on town road at night.

Get clear what, that man to go on the road the corners as the crash happened around 930 in th man not wearing a helmet, his identity has not yet been released.

Any notification of his ... happening today at auction for the assets of bankrupt coal operator actual ll c the option is set to take place in nadi and bristol tennessee-based energy company offered 20 point millio dollars for the west virginia and wyoming mine week have been made in the fate of the kentucky and virginia mind depends on the outcome of the bidding process.

In the meantime, this is video from yesterday's protest in harlan county, take my a zero her husband chris worked for blackjoe in the clover like min in harlan.

She says most minors unfortunately have already overdrawn their bank account and to make things worse.

She said many cannot get him that according to a report in the herald leader knows minors paid the month and jewel posted bond to cover the cost of paycheck not posting a bond by the way, is a violation de la and let your county money donated to th out of work minors is being put into an account by the county on august 6 and seven that will help eligible minors paperwork in order to get their share of the donated money will be at the letcher county recreation under ...out of laurel county.

Abc 36s alex king spoke to the woman who says she was with the dog as it died... take alex duration:11 "quinn sizemore occasionally fed and connected with a local stray dog that she found near her house.

She then saw a disturbing social media post and was immediately concerned for the dogs safety."

Vo the laurel county sheriff's office is investigating the abuse and death of a stray dog.

The video that began it all shows a man punching the dog and hurting it.

Quinn sizemore says she had been feeding the dog for the last few days because he was skinny and did not have a collar.

She says when she saw the video she immediately went outside and started looking for him.

Sot duration:13 quinn sizemore, found the stray dog "he wasn't at my house but i have about 25 acres or so, so i started walking around the property and found him laying in the weeds and he had been stabbed several times and severally beaten.

" vo she says the dog was still breathing when she found him so she attempted to get him to a vet... he died in her car.

According to the sheriff's office, a 17-year-old has been charged with cruelty to animals and torture of a dog or cat and they are sill questioning the other man who could be involved.

Sizemore says she is praying the two men involved get the help they need.

In laurel county, alex king, abc 36 news.

C1 3 three teens were arrested yesterday in connection to a shooting in richmond ... that left one man seriously injured.

A neighbor tells us he heard hollering outside his home -- near north hill street early wednesday morning.

When he looked outside, he saw a man rolling around in his yard, visibly in pain... bleeding from the stomach.

Neighbor reverend virgil gardener recognized the man shot.

He describes him as a nice middle-aged man who lives in the neighborhood.

Assistant police chief rodney richardson says the man was taken to the hospital for treatment... he is stable but in critical condition.

"it was like watching cops ya know i mean.

But that's what it needs to be if somebody gets shot ya know it needs to be a big scene, a big presence ya know."

Police say they've arrested the three teens in connection to the shooting... and aren't looking for anyone else.

We're learning more about jason griffith... a long- time somerset police officer... who will appear before a grand jury... accused of shooting his own son.

Right now... no charges have been filed against him... but police say they will charge his son.

State police say... 24 year old devin griffith was assaulting his father... and officer jason griffith shot him in self defense.

That's according to a report in the commonwealth journal.

It happened monday at jason griffith's home in somerset.

Right now, he is on paid administrative leave while police continue to investigate.

Now turning to sports... we're getting a look at the upcoming u-k football season... coach mark stoops saying the cats "aren't done yet"... bryan kennedy tells us why in our solid blue report.

Speaker 2: dozens of solid blue fans got a sneak peek into what's in store for c1 3 kentucky football this season.

Over at kroger field, inside the woodford reserve room, the football cats held their annual uk football kickoff luncheon.

Solid blue fans got to hear from mark stoops and his staff.

One thing he wanted to stress, the cat's recent success is not a onetime thing.

They are not done yet.

Mark stoops: i'm not interested in just building one good team or having one good season.

We've been getting better every year.

I saw a statistic recently, i don't know how accurate is or not, but my first year we finished seventh in the sec.

Second year, sixth.

Third year, fifth, so on, you get the drift.

Third, second, and now you know what's next, tom, so we got to go finish it and finish first in the east and getting that sec championship.

And that's what we're interested in doing.

That's what our coaches are doing, and that's the what program that we're trying to build.

We know it's difficult.

We've known that all along.

There's challenges everywhere.

But, you have to embrace that, continue to build the program, control the things we can control, and intentionally work hard to develop our players in all areas of their life.

Bryan kennedy: a year ago, terry wilson was a gco transfer preparing for his first taste of starting at the d1 level.

On top of that, in the sec, fast forward to now.

He has 10 wins to his name and is gearing up for year two.

Here's offensive coordinator, eddie gran on what solid blue fans can expect.

Eddie gran: we'll go a little bit faster here at the beginning, and get everything put in in the first five or six practices.

You expect a huge jump from just how he has approached it from day one, after we finished this last season.

There's not a lot of time to really think about it.

We had some success, and he knows where he needs to improve.

He's worked on it, especially the technique and fundamentals at that position.

It is absolutely critical, and i think terry has taken it and taken the bull by the horns, and you can see the improvement in the spring.

And you're going to continue to see that here in the next 29 practices, also.

Bryan kennedy: and that's all we have for you in sports this morning.

Until later tonight.

I'm brian kennedy, abc 36 sports.

Have a great day, kentucky.

Now turning to national news: c1 3 the democratic candidates ganged up on former vice president joe biden during the second democratic presidential debate.

But the frontrunner didn't shy away from the fight.

Karin caifa has the highlights from detroit.

Diversity on full display as candidates take the stage andrew yang / -d- presidential candidate: "the opposite of donald trump is an asian man who likes math."

Former vice president joe biden -- standing front and center -- and feeling the heat mayor bill de blasio / -d- presidential candidate: "mr. vice president, you want to be president of the united states, you need to be able to answer the tough questions."

Especially from senator kamala harris -- with whom he clashed in the first debate.

Fmr. vice president joe biden / -d- presidential candidate: "go easy on me, kid" right off the bat -- harris and biden sparred on health care.

Fmr. vp joe biden / -d- presidential candidate: "the senator had several plans so far."

Fmr. vp joe biden / -d- presidential candidate: "you can't beat president trump with double talk on this plan."


Kamala harris / -d- presidential candidate: "unfortunately, vice president biden, you are just simply inaccurate."


Kamala harris / -d- presidential candidate: "for a democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone, i think it without excuse."

Senator cory booker attacking biden's record on criminal justice.


Cory booker / -d- presidential candidate: "you're dipping into the kool-aid and you don't even know the flavor."

Democrats also debated issues like climate change -- racial injustice -- and immigration fmr. secy.

Julián castro / -d- presidential candidate: "it looks like one of us has learned from the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't" already -- half of the candidates here have met at least one of the qualifications for participating in the next debate.

Those in the back of the pack -- making memorable moments -- that may boost their poll numbers and keep their campaigns afloat.


Kirsten gillibrand / - d- presidential candidate: "the first thing i'm going to do when i'm president is i'm going to clorox the office."

In detroit -- i'm karin caifa.

New footage has emerged of the fight between an associate of a-sap rocky and a member of the public.

The video was shown by swedish prosecutors on the first day of a three day trial.

The 30-year-old american rapper, whose real name is rakim mayers... has claimed the incident was in self-defense.

The trial continues today.

A navy fighter jet went down wednesday in california -- and rescue crews are trying to find out what happened to the pilot.

The f-a-18-e super hornet... crashed near naval air weapons station china lake.

A spokesperson says the cause of the crash is being investigated.

The inyo county sheriff's office helped contain the scene until military rescue crews arrived.

The naval station is about 125 miles north of los angeles.

Seven tourists from france on the ground... suffered minor injuries after getting hit with shrapnel from the crash.

The crash happened near an area known as "star wars canyon."

Still ahead: we've got a warning out for parents... to keep newborns safe... after a sleeper recall... and: equi-fax... now saying they don't have the money to pay off those impacted by their massive data breach.... but first... you have two more opportunities to win free tickets to the newport aquarium.

So grab your phones!

You have until september 8-th to go and see the giant sand sculptures there... all you have to do is call this number... 859-566-36-36.

Be the third call right now -- and win a family four pack of tickets to visit the aquarium.

Good luck!.... no read, do not us the sound adlib on full wx c1 3 counties have the lincoln count just after 1 am and the explosion was so high this vide loop.

I posted actually is in dousing the word is that around 1 am.

You can see what that showing is it was so hot that it is show up on our radar so plumas smoke.

You can see it coming out there 1 am and then little house west breeze, pushes that plumas mocha little further east circe that take place right there 1 am again in lincoln county pipeline explosion just after one and now he is occurring to loop under satalite radar, but we were looking at a zoomed in version right here from the overnight hours just after one again and everything looks nice and drive got a few clouds out there but otherwise a really nice start to the date of the first day of august, we are losing an hour and four minutes of daylight from start to initiative of this month.

So today we got 14 hours and six minutes and the september were losing over an hour and 10 minutes and time of the christmas countdown in turkey.

They all excess coming up.

I know it is still honest and clueless but doesn't let it be summary just right out summe but i only what about 53 days until fall so countdowns are are upon us working skyview cameras a few clouds out there, but overall looks really nice outside so we got a lot of sunshine on the map.

Visibility look for the better shot to the southeast were seeing reduced numbers here which are nine and 15 will preload zero impressions for excel these numbers are great but on the north side we've seen an improvement ris thursday, august 1 and temperatures are gonna be in th mid and upper 80s with the afternoon notice to the wins are pretty calm and afternoon time you have a chance for scattered showers of just a few isolated enters from the rental walk- through here in second 350 right now lexington.

We got a lot of mid 70s out there are very on the temperatures 600 and numbers.

That's a little bit of lower warm-up there and dewpoint temperature is there on the rise with atlas 70s and some locations can build the secure places like mounts, sterling and out to the south and corbin you were talking about with that sh is a showers coming up it's afternoon.

We do see a few spotty showers on selling radar coming up and i do decertified more east south eastern kentuck looks like the showers will be lighter, but there are some pocket that could be producing an isolated enters from so some locations could be little bit stronger, but there was also a lot of holes on the map where showing just clear skies and in dry conditions 860 for the afternoon high temperature we are going is the it makes sunshine cloudless afternoon with those showers behave by th weekend.

Things look a lot better with plenty of sunshine heading into the start ... i melissa think they're talking about rural health opportunities right here in the bluegrass thi morning that the holder is you that some united health care along with josh ball from store kentucky thank you for coming i today thinks they're just with you on tell us about doors mission and get you an overview of the work that they service subarus shaving her appalachian region were in 2000 in 2013 and then we work in all 54 appalachia designated counties in kentucky and we simply exist to not treat us a the of the region throughout decades we we were can wake up every day with the core mission of eradicating poverty and we we do that through a a regional print that involves healthy communities because we firmly believe that healthy economies have to be built by healthy community lately what is there maybe some of the barriers out there that you see you know really boils down opportunity know the end of the day people are looking for an opportunity to to be trained to find gainful employment, sustainable wage employment and and then we wake up every singl day of working our blueprint to bring new opportunities to the region and ... about is understanding the health disparities in the region is not just a problem but it is an off eternity for us to address that as we continue to create jobs and new opportunities for people to do things that never been done is really good when you look at died in partnership with either a front runner of the tell us more about that partnership is working together on well and healthcare is committed to porting the health needs of our members, both physical and mental i'm in rural kentucky.

There's is to be some some additional challenges you might be transportation to doctors appointments are social determines of health, such as insecurity, and those kind of things so we partner with community based organizations such as such as the war to assist them financially with their efforts to support the appalachia community lately and am looking forward are looking had would you say would be the from the about the right to they asked for has a summit coming u in september on economic summit that we are supporting that we've actually i given $2 million the state of kentucky's one 2019 support various efforts.

I'm so we appreciate community based organizations such as the war and helping the community and we are glad to commit to help that one will just summit is september 5 and six?

Serena: we we are so grateful to united healthcare their part of a partnership network of more than 200 organizations and people committed to the future folks like more information about the bargaining go to verizon rn uhc community about the length for you and what that is ... think you think ought a belt fight addiction to social media okay about a possible ban acros several for anna lynne later this hour, a woman who turns 100 anna lynne later this hour, a woman who turns 107 years old my reliving a long healthy life , atattotornrn gey genenalerala t put a a corecordrd n numumrt prpratedatorors s bebend.

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Go ahead, pinch yourself.

See, you are awake.

And all this premium lobster and tasty crab is a reality.

It's a crackin' summer celebration when the captain is callin'.

Captain d's.

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Anan bdy besesarhear f foro.

C1 3 the u-s consumer product safety commission has recalled certain inclined sleepers for infants due to safety concerns.

The recalls involve the eddie bauer slumber and soothe bassinet... and the disney baby doze and dream bassinet.

The sleepers were sold at: target, kmart, ross, marshall's, t-j maxx, and juvenile product stores -- nationwide -- between november 20-14 through february 20-17.

The group says no injuries have been reported, but similar products have resulted in infant deaths.

People who own the sleeper should stop using it and contact the manufacturer, dorel, for a refund.

In consumer news... the federal trade commission says so many people are asking for cash payments linked to the 20-17 equifax data breach... there may not be enough money for everyone.

As part of a 300- million dollar settlement announced last monday, those impacted were offered free credit monitoring or a check for up to $125 dollars.

But the fund dedicated to the cash payouts only has 31 million dollars... and the f- t-c says the response has been so overwhelming -- some people who are eligible may not get the full amount.

The f-t-c is suggesting people choose free credit monitoring rather than a $125 check.

A bill has been introduced in the senate that aims to fight social media addiction.

Republican josh hawley introduced the legislation -- called the "social media addiction reduction technology act" -- on tuesday.

It would ban practices frequently used by top social networking sites to keep users engaged ... like youtube's autoplay or snapchats snap- streaks.

The bill gives social media companies three months to end the practices.

It would also require the creation of features that would let users set limits on time.

The measure joins a string of bills introduced by hawley in recent months that target silicon valley.

Up next: the lyric theatre has a free event... just in time for 'back to school'... plus: we're getting another update on that deadly gas explosion this morning in lincoln county... we'll take you back out to the scene in about 10 minutes.

No read, do not us the sound welcome back!!

Intro goes here.

C1 3 a free event coming up -- just in time for the kiddo's as they get ready for the start of school.

Trebecca henderson is here with us... along with vivian moore... from the williams wells brown neighborhood association.

Welcome to the show!


What event are you here to talk about?


What other organizations are you partnering with for this free community event?

C1 3 3.

Are there any other events happening at the lyric this month?


How does the lyric plan on engaging the community with c1 3 events like these?


Where can our viewers go to find more information?

C1 3 co and it is free.

Just to come on out when that pre-the rate of 11 acres of course i had a similar information magnified may only find more information on our web site or you can find on social media and lyric on what grampian you about the company and talk about the is initiated the latest on the this morning demographic lotion in lincoln county.

As we learn more about what emergency officials are dealing with ... their ... eating panera for dinner just got even more dinner-y.

Because we've just made an all new menu specifically for -you guessed it- dinner.

With new dinner bowls.... new dinner flatbreads and even new dinner sides for dinner that's crafted and 100% clean.

So tonight, why not ha?


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Clclelevelanancld clininicic,e dedervservesesor worldld-c-c.

C1 3 welcome as we continue to follo developing story out of lincoln county as we learn more about that deadly gas lotion early this morning around one around 130 residents in the indian camp trailer park in the morlan community were hit the hardest.

We know at least one person in that in mind others injured as well as several others worth you unaccounted for anything 36 is alexis larson have been following is worth enjoy the life ... is a very busy morning and officials are still calling is very active from where the explosion happened right now firefighters are still out ther trying to put out hotspot by chris king going to look for other potential victim.

I one person is confirmed that at least five others injured.

Officials say the indian camp trailer park in the morlan community with the area hit hardest.

The explosion happened after a 30 inch gas line ruptured a gas line and other utilities in the area have been shut off.

This blast was so powerful.

Emergency officials say debris within cards quarter mile away flame shot 300 feet i the air in the fireball could b seen as early as lexington.

The heat from the blast also registered on weather radars.

Officials say they are dealing with the very large debris field, now us 127 remains closed and people are being told to avoid the area fixed also damaged railroad tracks nearby shopping all train traffic officials right now are trying to account for everyone who lives in the area so you live there or you know the one who lives there.

Please contact and let them know you are saying.

Once all the fire is out.

Crews will go back and they say they hope to have resident back to their home sometime this afternoon.

Reporting live in lincoln county alexis larson 8336 news like to think through that again.

That shelter that that new hope baptist church that off highway 1190 work together with the very latest right here and on air allie 75 people were evacuated after that lotion a local church open its doors to them as well as first responders will have c1 3 adlib on full wx thanks alyssa!!

Intro goes here.

:10 - :20 guest welcome to the show!


Pet plan a is a 2 year old female miniature c1 3 thanks alyssa!!

Beth oleson is here from the woodford humane society with c1 3 full wx thanks alyssa!!

Beth oleson is here from the woodford humane society with a cute kitten named rhysand and she is c1 3 nicely said 72 point temperatures.

These are pretty high the were back into the low and even them, limit 70s and it's can be a little bit more o this inside coming at okay now here's look on her futurecast.

We do have can't scattered showers popping up this afternoon.

Also notice tommy sections it is that state to right so that looks good as well but we could see some pockets o some heavier showers can associate with an isolated thunderstorm.

I think most of i can be typical regular rain showers we could see some lightning out of somebody's little spots here like weight they're off to the southeast looks like to be associated with the lighting and the undersigned, so a lot of people stay dry today 86 for the high temperature early thought again this morning so we've been having some lingering thought issues with the system without the other visibility maps for tonight 650 for the low and we are going to see partly cloudy skies he showers and then heading into the weekend we see morse sunshine for saturday sunday monday and tuesday of rain chances below aircraft will is the bank will (that's really what britannica made the idea brought a cute little lien for is there all he is all over the is a little and didn't totally understand legally enough working told him one of many kittens right now is that it is even for kitten unfolded and we also have to run kitten option you okay you want to kill your theorizing for one right now and he is very sociable.

He have a her.

He does love attention more than anything the world to be perfect family with kids or someone who just looking for in a kitten.

This one guy want to snuggle the force that had very bogle daisy allen has more like to be ignored to the i know there is a dark brown a little with her hazel eyes is amazing how much variety as you know anyone around having that everyone's little bit sweet right now me money cannot an event coming up as well.

You either working hard on the triple crown and try again unti this is our brand-new 5k race be out of ashford side which is most people here will now is th home of america parent justify honestly on august 24 and runners will be able to enjoy a chip time roadways course the father entirely inside the arms urine is trying like around the loop entirely inside the farm should be really exciting experience for everybody and runners locker as long as absolutely we don't care how long it takes you to finish we just want you have good culture because you are getting at to her when you absolutely the a lot of the farm of course is no is not a farm tour to.

We do ask orson everyone respect to the farm is working farmhands and for wander off you know dogs on the farm but you get to see a lot of the sites of the farm yo see the following barn is dying and altered the things in between.

It is run to the yearling paddocks know the horses in the field next to running alongside you you really exciting day at the fine okay if folks interested in the deliver here happening the i find it more police on the you may not work with come and visit were open tuesday through sunday again and as far as the run walk to i did find out it was for you may not artist links) o page or go straight to crown trot registration is open through noon on august 22 we hope will be i'm live and let me know you a runner and lady.

I bet they said virginia will come out the halloween is on the first ... adult okay about you take ... the deer ... they would like to adjudicate c1 3 about the fuel injection service for your vehicle.

Reasons you may need a fuel injection service regardless of the miles that you have on your vehicle, is one, if you notice a decreased gas mileage from your vehicle.

Two, if your vehicle is stalling or sputtering, especially sitting at a light, the throttle plate may be dirty and not opening or closing fully, causing an issue.

Three, if you hear a little pinging in the engine, this can be an indication that the injectors aren't spraying the fuel like they need to.

If this is the case, or the situation, bring it into s&s tire and let us perform a fuel injection service.

When we do that, that's a three step process.

It usually takes under an hour, but the first step is we actually take the throttle body apart, we expose the plate, we clean it up of all the carbon deposits on there that maybe cause it to get stuck, or not opening or closing all the way.

That would increase, or that would cause a problem with the fuel mileage.

Two, we actually use the engine's natural vacuum to pull in the chemical cleaner into the intake to clear the interior of the carbon deposits, which will create and issue.

And the third step, we actually put a cleaner into the fuel tank and let it run through the entire system, through the lines to the injectors, to the plugs, to help clean that up and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

As of course, we always recommend a fuel injector service with every tune up, so check your manufacturer specs for your tune up.

I'm james with s&s tire brannon crossing, and that's your tip of the day.

Speaker 2: now at s&s tire, buy four continental or general tires and get four free oil changes.

(roosevelt) i always thought that cigarette smoking just messed up your lungs.

I never thought that at only 45 it would give me a heart attack.

My tip is; that at only 45 it would give me a heart attack.

Do your heart a favor, and quit now.

(announcer) you can quit.

For free help, call 1-800-quit-now.

C1 3 your not hungry will be once you see the show.

Cowboy brazilian steakhouse is in the studio and yes, they brought some of their huge selection of meats.

Learn all about their summer special.

All that and more on midday kentucky.

C1 3 a woman in new york who turned 107 years old on wednesday -- and her secret to a long life might surprise you.

Upwards of 100 people attended a party to celebrate louise signore's birthday.

She says she's maintained a healthy diet all her life... and also continues to exercise, including dancing.

But she also said something about longevity that may have surprised a few people.

Louise signore: "i think the secret of 107: i never got married.

I think that's the secret.

My sister says i wish i never got married."

It seems longevity may run in the family signore's sister is 102.

Skittles is offering customers a trick hiding in their treats this hallows' eve.

Mars incorporated is introducing "zombie skittles" this fall.

Th limited edition candy will be marketed to those looking for some halloween fun.

Each package includes a mix of six flavors.

Five of them are your standard fruity flavors with halloween-themed names like 'boogeyman blackberry' and 'blood red berry.'

But the sixth flavor is called "rotten zombie."

The candy maker describes it as an "utterly disgusting taste experience."

Customers will not be able to tell which candy is "rotten zombie" flavor because it will be hidden with the other flavors.

The company promises the taste will-- quote-- "elicit strong reactions from anyone and everyone daring enough to try it."

You'd be forgiven for not having explicit plans for national mustard day -- but french's wants to make sure you know it's on saturday.

That's why america's largest mustard manufacturer made this.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you -- that's mustard flavored ice cream!

The company teamed up with ice cream company coolhaus to create the bizarre flavor.

Some of the staff at "people" magazine got a sneak preview and report it's not as dreadful as you might think.

They describe tasting cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream... before the mustard flavor hits you.


French's must know it's not going to have mass appeal because the yellow goo is only going to be available for a few days in los angeles and new york.

A new make-up line is going viral -- and none of its products cost more than five bucks.

Video bloggers have generated buzz around the "believe beauty" line of cosmetics.

It's a private-label line of lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and other beauty products that you can only get at dollar general stores.

Beauty bloggers are talking about the brand on places like youtube and instagram.

Those reviews have racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Experts say "believe beauty" is likely to take market share away from similar brands available at discount and drug stores.

A laundromat in maine is breaking new ground... offering c1 3 kids a new distraction while their parents wash, dry, and fold.

The washtub in lewiston is the first laundromat in the state to open a library inside of its place of business.

Owner david beaudette says he got a call from the director of 'walking book library' about possibly installing the library.

Beaudette says it's a big success... "they're so hungry for knowledge, they really are.

I find that to be so true in the community because when children come here, when they would rather look at books and read books, they talk and laugh.

You can hear them in there laughing and talking.

They're having fun, and the tv is off."

Beaudette says there is a large immigrant population in lewiston, and the books help some of the children learn english.

There are now laundromat libraries in more than 20 states across the country.

The winner of today's newport aquarium family four pack is c1 3 your help and can learn right and you chores for seven and making help out, to help area o washington, iowa today by the winners of today's newport where he and emily are will drumroll and read okay congratulation to you and smile for the final giveaway we've been doing, and the amount think it's relaxing playing clarion everything i think with the lottery jackpot for you and millions that is worth $50 million in saturday's powerball jackpot growth the 100 to and final check on the weather forecast tag and i want to show you here just sneak this and if you haven't seen it already and showing the but that the gas pipeline explosion that would actually catch on radar that just happened around 1 am this morning and lincoln county and is in out the video to show you where was it there goes again that's just the plumas smoker was so hot actually radar picked up because radar you pic up precipitation so there you go she's cousin crazy crazy.

Even then in pretty pretty odd to be able to see that something on radar that in the rain ... snow coming like that we can for we cannot great like the sun coming up his father will have more

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