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WCBI News at Ten - Sunday August 4th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Sunday August 4th, 2019WCBI News at Ten - Sunday August 4th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Sunday August 4th, 2019

Good evening and thank you for joing us tonight, i'm cash matlock.

A columbus driver was taken to the hospital this afternoon after a two vehicle crash on main street.

The wreck happened across from the salvation army around 3 pm.

Officers with the columbus police department say one driver simply didn't see the other when pulling out.

Columbus pd and columbus fire and rescue responded to the scene.

Everyone involved in the crash is expected to be ok.

Another two-car accident in oktibbeha county sends two people to the hospital.

Oktibbeha co.

Fire coordinator kirk rosenhan sent wcbi these images.

The crash happened at the intersection of hwy 25 and longview road.

Rosenhan says the driver of the car was headed south and the driver of the pickup truck was headed west when they collided.

You can see paramedics attempting to get both the driver and the passenger of the pickup truck out of the vehicle.

Those two people were transported to och for examination.

Mississippi highway patrol responded to the scene.

A starkville man was transported to north mississippi medical center in tupelo after being hit by a vehicle late friday night.

Corporal brandon lovelady with starkville police department says the incident happened on hwy 12 near south montgomery street around 10:30 pm.

The condition of the victim is not known at this time.

No arrest has been made in relation to the incident.

Lovelady says the issue is still under investigation.

Take a look at this photo sent in by deputy dillion cates with the webster county sheriff's department.

He says a truck driver for dollar general was attempting to back the truck into the mathiston location parking lot, when he accidentally drove the trailer into a ditch.

Cates says no one was injured during the accident and there was no property damage.

A wrecker was called to the scene to help get the rig out of the ditch.

National night out on crime is celebrated annually by millions of people and communities across the united states.

Our stephanie poole found out how beneficial is it to get to know the folks in your community.

Bringing everyone closer, for a safer community.

On saturday, hundreds of people gathered for first national night out on crime in west point.

Event coordinator sherell drake says west point decided to participate to bring back a true sense of community.

" our purpose is to let th children know what agencies are available to them in the event that something happens in our communities."

West point police and sheriff department helped fund the event along with donations from state representative karl gibbs and progressive foundation of clay county.

Through those efforts, night out on crime provided families with knowledge of officers and resources available in west point.

" this is an opportunity fo them to have a one-on-one conversations with our law enforcement provider,speaking to them directly rather than passing them on the streets."

Captain virginia rich of west point police says it's events like these that guide people to community awareness.

" citizens get to come out an get to know their neighbors.

This is how we want them to be able to take back their neighborhoods and this is how you do it, this is how you combat crime.

" drake says through local donations, families received backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming school year.

" there's so many children tha don't have the necessities like book-bags,paper,and pencils.

We had over 800 book-bags and as you can see they're all gone so it's definitely an impact.

No child should in west point should start school without a book-bag this year."

Drake says her city will continue to push forward reporting in clay county, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

People gathered for first national night out on crime in west point.

Event coordinator sherell drake says west point decided to participate to bring back a true sense of community.

" our purpose is to let th children know what agencies are available to them in the event that something happens in our communities."

West point police and sheriff department helped fund the event along with donations from state representative karl gibbs and progressive foundation of clay county.

Through those efforts, night drake says the next national night out on crime in west point will take place on the first or second week in august 20.

First look sunday night: there is a 30% chance to see showers and storms mainly before 11 pm.

Then the rain will fade leaving us with partly cloudy skies and a low in the low 70s.

Wind will be out of the se around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.

Next week: the investigators are releasing new details into this weekend's violent attacks that killed nearly 30 people.

In el paso, texas-- 21-year old suspected shooter "patric crusius" is no facing state capital murder charges.

And the shooting is now being investigated as domestic terrorism and possible hate crime.

Meanwhile in dayton, ohio-- authorities have identified the man accused of killing 9 people including his own sister... as 24-year old "connor betts.

Melisa raney has the latest on the two investigations.

Two communities... in mourning.

Following a pair of violent attacks this weekend that killed nearly 30 people.

"shots fired, shots fired!

In dayton, ohio... an overnight attack at a popular nightclub killed 9 people and injured 27 others.

Mos: "people just starte running... they started to push us out the back door into the alley out the back.."

The mayor says authorities responded quickly and killed the 24-year old gunman less than a minute after he began firing.

Mayor nan whaley/ dayton: "h had additional magazines and he was wearing body armor."

13 hours earlier... and 16- hundred miles away in el paso... a community already reeling with a tragedy of their own.

A 21-year old suspect gunned down shoppers at a walmart... killing 20 and injuring more than two dozen others.

Dr. stephen flaherty, medical director of trauma: "th injuries that we saw here were very very significant injuries."

Authorities are looking into a racist and anti-immigrant document posted online that's believed to be written by the shooter.

Prosecutors say the massacre is being treated as domestic terrorism.

Jaime esparza, el paso district attorney: "the state charge i capital murder.

So, he is eligible for the death penalty.

We will seek the death penalty" i'm melisa raney reporting.

Back on the local side of things... there's a new superintendent in the okolona school disctict, tonight, the community came together to welcome him.

Our tyler hull has more on the story.... the okolona school district has high expectations for this school year those expectations were set by their new superintendent "this time nex year we should be an a or b district and i believe that with my heart, soul, and mind.

We have the people here, we have certified teachers in every classroom we have great people in the district office staff.

I feel that as a partnership with the community we should be an a or b district."

Chad spence who has seen success in the past as a principal says that a major key is getting parents involved "parenta involvement is very important we're going to find ways for parents to come out for pto meetings.

If it it means staying late or having functions on saturdays.

Spence also wants parents to know that students are safe when at school "safety is th number one focus for this school year.

We're going to make sure that our schools are safe from 7 to 7 from 7 until everyday.

They need to feel that while they're at school they're safe" tyler hull wcbi news.

The okolona school district has open house on monday august 5th it's almost time to get back in your regular school day morning routine.

Coming up, some tips on how to make the start to your day a little bit easier.

Stay with us.

School is right around the corner and that means no more sleeping in.

It's time to get back to that morning routine... here's this week's mom to mom.

Sarah: today on mom to mom, we're getting the kids and you ready for that back to school routine.

Sarah: as you all know, summer kills the routines in the house.

So the first thing i do is i try to get them to bed on time like i would on a school night as well as wake up on time like they would on a school morning and trying to get them back into that breakfast routine of eating when they wake up on the go.

And then it's also important to start a week before to make sure all your paperwork is completed.

You've got your backpack, you've got your school supplies and everything that's need for that first day of school.

Sarah: the night before those back to school and nerves are in full gear.

So you want to make sure you have the backpacks organized, you packed your lunches, you picked out your first day of school outfits.

And more importantly, the thing that i'm always afraid i'm going to forget is to set the alarm.

One thing that's so important are those back to school pics.

So you want to make sure your phone is charged for all those bright pictures you're going to take.

Sarah: now that the backpacks are packed, the alarms are set, the cameras are charged.

It's the first day of school.

We want to make sure that we wake up on time so that we're not rushing around like i always have to do and we have fun.

That's the most important thing.

Let's make this school year fun and let's send them off with a bang on the first day.

So moms, i would love to see your all's first day back to school pics.

So go to my mom to mom facebook page and post those pictures for me.

Good luck on your first day.

I'll see y'all next week.

Dwayne johnson and jason statham hit theaters this weekend in a "fast an furious" franchise spinoff.

Rick damigella tells us how "hobb and shaw" did a the box office.

"just put him in the wardrobe alright, what's it going to hurt?

And if you need him, you got him, alright?"

Quentin tarantino's "once upo a time in hollywood" droppe to third place this weekend on ticket sales of just over twenty million dollars.

"oh no!

It's a little lion.

"that is not a lion.

"well then check it out what i it?!"

"that is not lion it's a furr bird."

"it's looks like a lion.

"the lion king" abdicated i throne, falling into second place with 38-point-two million dollars, bringing it's three week reign at the domestic box office to over 430-million.

Worldwide, "the lion king" h grossed one-point-two billion dollars.

"you want to tel me just what in the fresh turkey hell we're dealing with here?"

"hobbs and shaw raced to a first place finish.

The spinoff of the "fast an furious" franchise scored a sixty- point-eight million dollar domestic debut.

The movie pulled in an additional 120 million at the international box office, giving "hobbs and shaw a global bow of over 180-million dollars.

In hollywood, i'm rick damigella.

"hobbs an shaw's" debut i less than the previous movie in the franchise, "the fate of th furious," whic opened to 98 million dollars in 20-17.

Maddie tosses to break sunday night: there is a 30% chance to see showers and storms mainly before 11 pm.

Then the rain will fade leaving us with partly cloudy skies and a low in the low 70s.

Wind will be out of the se around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.

Next week: the overall weather pattern isn't changing much and that means seasonably warm days with highs near 90 and lows in the low 70s.

Pop-up showers and storms are possible each and every day on a scattered basis.

Heat index values will be in the upper 90s each day so make sure to stay hydrated if you are spending any extended period of time outdoors.

Next weekend: we will bump the rain chances up a little bit to around 40% for friday-sunday.

Highs will be in the low 90s and lows each night will be in the low 70s.

Despite the rain chances, we will still see quite a bit of sunshine with partly cloudy skies expected.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, and instagram sunday night: the high school football tour rolls on with the east webster wolverines...see the preview next in sports our next stop on the high school football tour stops in with east webster the wolverines have been hard at work to build up an experienced group over the past year this year, specifically their focusing on the little things to help find consistent success east webster is stop #42 on our 60 in 60 marathon ááábillboardááá step into the weight room at east webster and easily found is a group of wolverines stressing the fundamentals.

East webster finished the 2018 season with a 6-7 record.

A solid finish for a group of younger wolverines.

Head coach ron price says the slow start last season was necessary and now he's ready to pick up the pace.

Ron price: "we're still fairl young as a football team, but i feel like we're going to be more experienced in the key areas.

We have our quarterback returning, we have our running back returning, our top receivers returning.

When you have those guys in place already and you're just trying to get the other pieces in the right spot, hopefully we can come out with a little more energy and a little more fire this year at the beginning of the season."

For 2019, price has been drilling the one-game at a time mentality into his players minds.

He feels not looking so far ahead plays a key role in friday night success.

Price: "if you start lookin down the road at division games i think you overlook opponents.

We never want to do that.

We want to be prepared every friday night.

We want our kids to be in the right position.

We want our kids to be able to make plays."

Isaac jones, senior ol/lb: "yo have to focus on every game, weekly.

You can't look ahead and overlook an opponent.

You don't want to lose games that you shouldn't."

That idea is what the wolverines are holding onto hoping that it can help them make a deeper playoff push than the year prior.

Caleb massey, senior ol: "we'r just trying to have a good season, win as many games as we can and go out there and hit somebody in the mouth.

We've got a good offensive line this year.

Everyone on the offensive and defensive line is doing what they need to do and getting stronger and getting faster."

Jones: "every year we com out here to prove ourselves, our toughness and how competitive we are."

East webster gets the season started against south pontotoc on august 23rd.

With the wolverines on the hsft, courtney robb wcbi sports.

ááábillboardááá fourty-two stops down and eighteen more to go on the high school football tour our week kicks off on monday with the eupora eagles for stop #43 then on tuesday we check in with north pontotoc for stops #44 wednesday features the pontotoc warriors for stop #45 and then on thursday we check in with the cougars of south pontotoc for stop #46 if you've missed any stops you can check them out on our website at one local golfer's journey hits close to home in many ways at the u.s. women's amateur...more on that after the break monday, the 119th u.s. women's amateur is set to begin at the old waverly golf club in west point not only is it just a great event for the city, but for local golfers as well for one local, the event brings her life full circle starkville native and current ole miss women's golf junior conner beth ball is set to compete in the tournament ball gets the chance to compete on the green that she grew up on she is set to tee off at 7:15 on monday...and her second round tee time is 12:15 on tuesday we will have more from the tournament coming up monday on wcbi the chicago cubs hosting the milwaukee brewers this afternoon brewers take an early 1st...christian yelich with a solo homer to left center field...that's one way to set the tone for a ball game milwaukee up by one chicago wastes no time getting back in the game..jason heyward leads off with a solo homer to center...first pitch...first hit...first run..

It's all tied up at one, folks.

Bottom 2nd...the cubs kick it up a notch heyward with an r-b-i triple to right...david bo- te comes home to gets chicago the leading run then nicholas castellanos with the r-b-i infield single scores heyward and cubs leading 3-1 after two innings bottom 5th...the cubs tack on another kyle schwarber....hom e runs are his middle's another to right field... cubs leading 4-1... bottom 7th...cubs able to tack on two caps it off with an rbi single to right field to bring schwarber home makes it 7-1 for chicago 8th inning...the brewers manage one run in the 8th...trent frisham with a solo homer to center...his first career m-l-b home run last chance for the brewers in the 9th...but keston hiura pops out to first...and that's the game!

Heyward finishes the day 2 for 5 with 3 r-b-i and chicago gets the win 7-2 over milwaukee cubs get the series sweep at up, they play oakland on monday and speaking of oakland...the cardinals taking on the athletics on the road..

The cardinals unable to come up with a win...they fall to the a's 4-2..

Cards lose the two game series and play the dodgers on monday whereas atlanta, trying to defend their home field...the braves fall victim to a 3- run homer by the reds cincinatti takes the win 6-4 in extras atlanta loses the series and heads to minnesota monday we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

Sunday night: there is a 30% chance to see showers and storms mainly before 11 pm.

Then the rain will fade leaving

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